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High t4 t3 normal tsh - no response to previous question

i posted a question before but have had no reply -

My daughter 21 had a baby 19 months ago - normal pregnancy and delviery - baby seems fine.
After baby has struggled to loose weight - although I think she has not tried over a sustained period.
Went to doc to complain about weight - he said takes time.
Finally he agreed to do thyroid test - this is where it all began.
Test came back very high t4 and t3 (free) and very high autoimune peroxidaise antibodies.
TSH low end of normal 0.5
He decided to repeat test straight away - v similar results.
Ref. to endocrine specalist.
In meantime had general mri of head - no enhancement - negative results.
Specalist could not see why mri had been ordered and said weight nothing to do with results - said woud see again in 6 months.
Saw specalist at the 6 month check - re-ordered blood test and continued to say that weight irrelevant.
These blood test showed fall in free t4 now only one mark above normal - tsh remaining normal - t3 slightly reduced but remaining high.
Ordered /SHBG test (I think that is how you indicate it) came back lower end of normal.
Ordered a subunit x 2 - not back yet
Ordered enhanced mri - not back yet
Was questioning tshoma   mentioned resistance to thyroid -
What is the likelyhood of the above 2 disorders and what is their prognosis?  If it is not either of the above 2 disorders, what else could it be?
Results came from test - tsh still normal
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