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Hyperthyroidism/Enlarged Spleen?
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Hyperthyroidism/Enlarged Spleen?

Can anyone give me any information about enlarged spleen?

I hear this is more likely to occur with hyperthyroidism. I have a mild enough case of hyperthyroidism that my doctors say there is no need for treatment though I do recognize that I'm not the same person as before developing my nodules, hormones and being female being what they are.

When I get sick, which is actually pretty rare though I get really unusual illnesses, I end up with a fairly strong ache in my upper left abdomen, just behind and beneath my rib cage. I had an odd virus last winter that lasted for weeks, but this ache stayed with me for about three months after, at it's worst when I was sick and tapering off very slowly after. I thought the illness and the ache were related.

But I just finished up antibiotics for a bacterial infection a couple weeks ago and my ache returned and has been with me ever since. It is a fairly constant ache though it will occasionally be a little sharper. it doesn't seem to be related to eating or drinking either. My other most major symptom is a burning sensation in the lymph nodes under my arms so I'm guessing that my immune system is still fighting off something.

I was just wondering if anyone else out there had experienced an enlarged spleen as a result of their hyperthyroidism. Are there any tell-tale signs that would distinguish an enlarged spleen from heart or digestive problems? When the spleen does enlarge, how long would it take to go back to normal after an illness? Does it ever go back to normal size or is it always enlarged?

What have you experienced? What advice can you share? Any other medical conditions I should look into?

I'm having difficulty getting doctors to even consider the possibility of anything more serious than gas or costochondritis, both of which I'm sure it is not.

Thanks in advance.
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I have had GI disorders associated with my hyper/hypo Dx. I found not found great success getting the dotors to put them together but I believe and was recently backed up by my OB that they can be closely related.

If you were on a steroid - or antibiotic for a long period I would consider a probotic to put your digestive system at bay. They do help and I would consider doing that right after you finish taking the meds. Your pain on your left side sound more colon related. That is why I suggest a yogurt treat or even more productive an acidophillus pill.

What lab results do you have at this time for thyroid? Maybe share that when you can.

As for the speen - it can enlarge - but that could be connected with your illness you had also. Even though it is an organ that can be removed - I would consider having your doctor keep an eye on that.

Good Luck

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I have the exact same symptoms you have!  And I also struggle to get the docs to look into it.  All I get from them is a "wait and see" and an Rx for antibiotics.

It all started about three weeks ago when my axillary region (armpits) got really sensitive to the touch, achey (achy), and a burning sensation.  I thought it was from deoderant so I stopped using deoderant, but it never got beter.

Eventually other symptoms appeared - taken together they sounded a lot like Mono to me. So I called my doctor and explained everything to them, and they ordered a monospot, white blood cell count, a strep test, and a full metabolic panel.  Everything came back normal except the white blood cell count was high.  So she put me on a Z pack (antibiotics) and gave me an albuteral (SP?) inhaler because I was having difficulty breathing.  The thing is - I'm not stuffed up at all - I don't have any congestion.  Just muscle aches and pains, slight fever that comes and goes, and swollen lymph glands which actually have subsided since I started taking the antibiotics.  

But I'm still short of breath and the inhaler does nothing for me.  There is a dull ache in my left hypogastric/illiac region that gets worse if I take a brisk walk or try to do anything even remotely more enthusiastic than lay in bed and stare at the ceiling.

I feel like the doc is blowing me off.  I call in and I only get an assistant, who doesn't call me back for hours - and when she does - usually it's just to say, "call back tomorrow if you're not better."  So I call back the next day and it's the same story.

Why is it so difficult to get a doctor to take you seriously?

And what the hell kind of infection starts in your arm pits and causes your spleen to swell up like a ballon? (it has to be my spleen - what else could it be - it's right there!).
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It could be many things. Thyroid patients experience many issues in their body and most express left side pains.

CAn you explain your thyroid Dx first?
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Hi ,

I have the same symptoms you have.

I Had muscle and bone pains two months ago and noticed I was getting tired and breathless during exercise.

I had back pain three weeks ago, presented at the emergency department and  a junior doctor decided o give me iodine contrast intravenously to have a CT scan and check my kidneys.

The CT scan revealed  an enlarged spleen and liver.

However the day after having the scan I started feeling very unwell, extremelly tired and decided to ask the doctor for a thyroid check and liver check.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, doctors have attributed the illness to the contrast dye  given in the CT scan which was very unfortunate as my thyroid was sensitive at the time.

I have not found an endocrinologist that can help me with my problems yet.

I am getting pains in the left side of the abdomen which started two days ago, there is a continous ache that sometimes is sharp.

Reading articles in the internet showed a strong correlation between hyperthyroidism and liver disease and enlarged spleens.

You need to see a Hematologist, a gynecologist and endocrinologist to investigate the problems further.
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