Hypothyroid and Dizziness?
by godsown, May 23, 2008
I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I delivered my third child in August of 2007 and my body was not returning to "normal".  I was not able to loose weight, I was EXTREMELY tired and fatigued, extreme moods swings, body aches, and so on...I had ALL the text book symptoms.  I went to see my doctor this last February and had some blood work done.  I got a call that my TSH level was 45.  They put my on Levothyroxine immediately and have increased my dose from 25 mcg to 75 mcg.  My recent blood work showed that my TSH levels have come down to 4.6, but my T4 level is at 1.1.  My doctor said that she will be increasing my dose again to 100 mcg.  I mentioned to my Dr. that although I was feeling better, I was still struggling with my symptoms.  She stated that it will take time as my medication tries to get things back in order.  When I shared that I have times when I feel an extreme pressure on my forehead and feel dizzy and that I might pass out, she said that if I were to read the text book symptoms of hypothyroidism, it probably lists it as a symptom, but that it is probabley allergies.  Allergies??? I don't have allergies.  I was wondering if anyone else has this symptom.  I am new at this and would love to have your input/experiences.

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by CarleneWebber, May 23, 2008
I also struggle with dizziness and faintness! I am not sure if it is a symptom of hypothyroid but I also have allergies. I have never had dizziness or feelings of passing out
with allergies. I have had allergies all my life and these have not been a symptoms. Head pressure is an allergy symptom. I am 27 and have had hypothyroid for 8 years of my life and I have been dizzy all 8 years! So I am not positive it is a symptom but through process of elimination it seems likely! I hope this helps,
by kitty9309, May 23, 2008
I have the same problem.
Treatment for the hypo has helped somewhat. We are still trying to get my TSH below a 1 to see if that helps.
My endo is also looking into Dysautonomia and/or POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). My tachycardia has improved on meds, but i still have trouble with it at times.
The med we are considering for that is call fludrocortisone. It pumps up your blood volume so you don't get the weak and dizzy feeling.
by mich207, Jun 11, 2008
I have recently been diagnosed with hypo. And started my med a week ago.  I have had boughts of tachycardia for about 2 years and  a lot  dizziness for 2 weeks.  They think my dizziness  and tachycardia are related to my thyroid.  I have an event monitor  for a month to check my heart though.  I do have allergies and sinus trouble , but usually do not have all of this dizziness.  I hope my dizziness doesn't last for  8 years like Carly.  I don't like being on a lot of meds.  I am 33 and have never had to take any med regulary.  
by kitty9309, Jun 11, 2008
Let us know how the meds go, especially if the dizziness and tachy subsides.

Feel better soon.
by Cindy40, Jun 13, 2008
I also had dizziness and nausea.  When I went to Dr. they said it was a symptom of thyroid and tested me.  TSH was high.  I think the dizziness happened when my TSH fluctuated.  
by kitty9309, Jun 13, 2008
Has the dizziness gone away with treatment?
by MKlacza, Jun 13, 2008
I was just in the ER Monday due to severe Vertigo... TSH was 13. The ER Dr said he didnt think it was related, but then again this DUMBA$$ didnt even know what Armour Thyroid was or T3!!!! Emergency Medicine........ my patuna!!!!!!!!!!! I upped my dose of the Armour and the vertigo is gone. BUT after my first baby in 2005, I had bouts of Vertigo before all this thyroid mess and was told I had BPPV! Did not therapy for it and it hadnt returned until this past Monday... Not sure what the cause was, but it was terrifying to say the least regardless of the reason!
by Smb2321, Jul 17, 2009
Yes, I believe that dizzines is related to thryoid.  Allergies? I don't really think so.
by shigirl99, Dec 02, 2009
I am 28 and had hypothyroid in 2001 and then my levels went back to normal and the doctors took me off my medication and just had my daughter in april then appendix out in june and after that i suffer from chronic diarrhea x 5 months had my thyroid tested 4 months ago and was fine then did test again 2wks ago it ended up being 13.04 then 10 days later tested again and it is now 34.26 and i am now on thyroid meds but i feel so bad fatigue diarrhea dizzy and headaches in the front of my head like im gonna pass out chest pains just all together i feel like crap so hopefully i start feeling better shigirl99