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Just my luck. with my neck :(
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Just my luck. with my neck :(

For anyone who has encouraged me to get that Ultra Sound on my neck I did call the doctor. I even went beyond just getting the reference and called the Radiology Department that the doctor's office said they faxed the order to. Asked about getting the appointment ASAP. Of coarse the Radiology dept claims they did not recieve the order yet - but would schedule me for the thyroid and neck scan to secure me a time to get in. The CSR I was speaking with was really helpful and said HE would call my doctor and get the process moving so my appointment today at 1:00 would get done. Of course, if the order is not in their hands before my appointment - they can not do the scan. :(

Not only am I worked up about that but I had 12" of snow dup last night here. I live walking distance from LAke Michigan and I feel like when this kind of clipper hits us - we near the lake suffer the worst.  "Kitty here is the fluffy stuff you so deperately seek!!!!)

I am completely snowed in and IF my appointment does pan out - I may not even be able to get there. The school is closed again today - so I am off work again paid. Twice this week!

I need a Humer today. I feel like my throat is paralized since last night and very sore.

Any words to help me cope. - or even suggestions on this throat thing again.
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213044 tn?1236531060
Good for you for keeping on top of it.
Make them get that paperwork pushed around.

I hope the snow doesn't mess up your appointment.
Let us know how it goes. You probably won't know anything for a few days, but let us know about the appointment, anyway.

That way we won't have to worry about sending a search and rescue team out to find you. LOL!!

Hoping for the best for you. :)
314892 tn?1264627503
I would love to take your snow so you can get to the appointment!
We only got heavy rain here, but schools are on a 2 hr delay due to some icing somewhere else in our county!

I hope the paperwork gets put through and you can make it there for the US.

Keep us posted.
377600 tn?1225167036
I really hate snow.

I'm glad you are getting your ultrasound.  My thyroid used to swell and hurt-I had several ultrasouds and on was when it was swollent--it will read as being larger than usual--so maybe it is better to wait until the possible swelling isn't distorting anything.

If you do have it done--make sure you tell the ultrasoud tech to note you are having pain and it could be swollen.  The reason is that they will schedule another one when the swelling is down to get a more accurate measurement....
393685 tn?1425816122
I don't think I have "swollen" I hope as AR said there is just "a junk pile" in there since RAI and it is pressing on something ---esoph.

Really having trouble today though . gagging. no blood though.

Due to the snow - I got to move the appointment to 5pm today - that may make it easier for me. and Scott can maybe take me depending on what time we gets home. He is a truck driver.

I'm a nervous Nikki today.
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