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Latest results, seem to look good. Also a question on ADD/hypo connecti...
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Latest results, seem to look good. Also a question on ADD/hypo connection.

Here are my latest labs, prior to these I only had my TSH checked.

Free Thyroxine Index FTI: 2.96 (Range: 1.65 - 3.89)
T4: 8.8 (Range: 5.5 - 11.0)
T3 Uptake: 33.6 (Range: 23.5 - 40.5)
T3 Free: 3.8 (Range: 2.8 - 5.3)
TSH: 1.45 (Range: 0.47 - 4.68)

My levels all (to me, and according to the lab ranges... not sure what the general community considers optimal) look good. I do still have symptoms of general concentration and brain fog. All my life I have had the underlying suspicion that I have ADD, but when I tested hypo I figured that had to be the cause. Just wondering if anyone has hypo and ADD, or if anyone takes meds for ADD to alleviate some of the symptoms. Also, how do the labs look?
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Normal ranges are insufficent to determine if YOU are still Hypo.

We have found that most people can and are still Hypo while within so called "normal" ranges.

Symptom relief for most people seem to occur when their Free T4 is mid range or slightly above AND their Free T3 are in the UPPER 1/3 of the range.

Your tests show you to be slightly above mid range on your Free T4 (Free Thyroxine index).  However your Free T3 shows you to be well short of being in the upper 1/3 of the range.  You are testing a 3.8 and the upper 1/3 starts at about 4.5.

Since the body ONLY uses the free T3 hormone, it is likely that you are still Hypo.  Since your Free T4 is at or above mid range, it would suggest that you have a problem converting the free T4 into usable T3.  This would thus suggest that it may make sense to add a T3 medication to your dosage.  

When adding a T3 medication your Dr may lower your T4 medication.  Typically the T4 med is dropped 20 mcg for every 5 mcg of T3 med added.

As you know "brain fog" is a common symptom of being Hypo.  You are showing signs of being Hypo and as your FT3 being low would suggest that raising that level to the upper part of the range may alleviate this brain fog situation.

Maybe not.  But it is worth a try.

Just be aware that it may be very difficult to get your Dr to believe that you need thyroid med change.  just ask your Dr what thyroid hormone molecule does your body ACTUALLY use.  If he says anything other than free T3 then you may as well go find another Dr.  If he does correctly answer, then ask him to give you a T3 med addition and see if it helps.  Every person is different and you need to find out the levels YOU need to feel well.
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