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Low free testosterone high Estrogen
I'm a 29 yr old male. I just had a blood test for free T, total T and Estradiol. The results are
                                                         Result                                                 Reference Interval for males
                                                        -----------                                               --------------------------
Estradiol                                        27.50 pg/ml                                              7.63 - 42.6 pg/ml

Free Testosterone                         11.18 pg/ml                                              8.90 - 42.50 pg/ml

Testosterone                                  496.28 Ng/dl                                            241 - 827 Ng/dl

The free T is just at the low end and estradiol is quite high. Is this a confirmed case of excess aromatization of testosterone into estrogen?  
I went for this lab test after reading from reliable sources on the internet (including medical journals) that low free testosterone due to aromatization causes
* Baldness
* Gynecomastia (man boobs)
* Low sex drive
* High insulin
* Abdominal Obesity
* Low muscle mass.

I have all of the above. Although I have removed the gynecomastia by surgery 5 years ago. Even back then I had first gone to an Endo, but he had said my male and female hormone levels were normal. As always doctors call anything as normal that falls in the "possible" range. Unfortunately I don't have the numbers of 5 years ago, I had just trusted what he said and went to the plastic surgeon he referred me to.

I also have an ultra-stubborn potbelly that hasn't shrunk 1 cm even after 5 years of rigorous cardio every day. I never put on shoulder or chest muscles either despite lifting weights.

What should be the treatment I should be taking up?
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