LowTSH 0.01,normal T4, Low Potassium 2.7
by Annekeg, Apr 23, 2009
Hi Every one,

I got the results back from my bloodwork and somehow my results confuse me:
Low TSH 0.01,normal T4, Low Potassium 2.7
The docter started treating the low potassium with Slow K.
However ignored the low TSH because of the normal T4.
However I have a lot of Thyroid related problems:
- fast irregular hart beat
- sweating
- extreme tired
- shaking hands feeling weak on my legs
- moody

I was wondering if any one recognizes this?

Thanks for helping.

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by goolarra, Apr 23, 2009
I don't now anything about potassium, so I'm just commenting on the thyroid labs.

You should get your exact numbers for free T4 and free T3 and their reference ranges.  It's quite difficult to comment without those.

You don't say whether you are on thyroid meds or not.  If you aren't, your symptoms indicate hyperthyroid.  If you are on thyroid meds, your symptoms indicate that you are overmedicated.

With that many symptoms of hyperthyroidism, you ought to be being sounds very uncomfortable.  Your TSH is also extremely low.

If FT3 hasn't been done, it should be as soon as possible.  If you'd like, when you get results, you can post them here and someone will help interpret them.

Beat your doctor up and impress your symptoms on him.
by Annekeg, Apr 24, 2009
Thanks for your response.
I did not get the exact results from my T4 and T3, I think they tested the FT3 as well.The nurse told me by phone that these were all normal/mid range. I am not treated for thyroid.
I will see the doc in 2 weeks and hope to get some more answers out of him, I will beat my doctor up :).
I will keep you posted.

Thanks again.