Methimazole ... what side effects have you noticed from this?
by kidsnchicks, Sep 25, 2009
I've been on Methimazole for about 4 months now.  I'm curious if others have experienced similar side effects as I have.  Please share your experience with me.  Have you experienced changes in mood, sleep, temperature tolerance, bowels, hair loss/growth, or anything else?  Thanks for sharing.
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by noni2009, Sep 25, 2009
Hi. I'm taking Methimazole as well. I just started almost two weeks ago and I really don't feel symptoms from the medicine only the thyroid condition. I do remember though about a year ago when I took it, I felt tired all the time. And I was itching like crazy all over.
I take it that you have hyperthyroidism as I do? I really like coming across someone with my condition because it lets me know that I'm not alone in my struggles with this condition.

If you have the time, could you read my post about my struggles with this? Maybe we could help each other relax when stressed out over these crazy symptoms. I really need the support.
by noni2009, Sep 25, 2009

I am 26yo and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 3yrs ago. That was a very dark period in my life because I had been going through all kinds of moodswings and irritability. I was in and out of hospitals and doctor offices, only to be told that I had anxiety. At first I thought I did because I was very stressed out but the way I was acting, I knew that it wasn't my normal self. I really wish that I could explain how hopeless and clueless and sad I felt. Life seemed really cold and dark to me, I became deeply depressed. It seemed like I had no one to turn to.
I remember one day I was sitting down at home on the computer and all of a sudden, my heart started beating so fast. I immediately called 911 because I thought that I was having a heart attack (I didn't know at the time that your heart stops beating if it's a heart attack because I was clueless about what it was) I was scared out of my mind. Anyway, I was taken to the ER and to make a long story short, they was so interested in me taking drugs tests instead of trying to help calm my nerves and fears. From what I remember, my heart beats were about 160. As I now am aware, that's kinda high, but I remember a nurse telling me that day that at my age I could handle it. I remember pulling off those chest stickers and walked out.
If only I had known better, I would have stayed and let them (if they would have) run some thorough tests to see what the problem was, I would probably have saved myself more suffering and feel better today.
So, to fast forward to today. I eventually ended up receiving a RAI 131 scan to confirm hyperthyroid. The results said that after 24 hours, I had an uptake of 83%, which confirmed Graves diseases. I was put on Methimazole, which made me itch all over and become more irritated. I then started taking Benadryl, which made me so tired. My life was a mess. I couldn't function for school or work. I'm telling you, this disease had (and still do)me on some kind of bodily roller coaster.
The doctor that I have been seeing for this condition is not an endocrinologist and had little knowledge of this condition. It's unfortunate that I had no way to see an endocrinologist because my insurance don't cover "specialty" care. However, I'm at the point that I'm willing to go into debt because of my health. Right now, I'm really interested in a natural approach to stopping this dis-ease.
I really hope someone has taken the time to read what I wrote up to this point but if not, I will not stop trying to get to the bottom of what's causing my condition. I know that it doesn't run in my family and so, it had to be something wrong I did internally. I've read that stress could trigger this condition, and it makes me wonder if it's the reason as I was robbed not even a year before my symptoms surfaced. I have also had a root canal done, which have been giving me problems since.
Some info about what medications I taking now is Methamizole 10mg about 4 times a day. My TSH is 0.05, T4 is 8.5, T3 is 0.93--I try to limit meals with too much sodium and drink plenty of water. Oh, and eat more fruits and veggies. I really don't know what else to do besides this.
Someone please give me some kind of advice about what to do, or referrals to holistic, natural doctors that have expertise with this condition. Please!

Bob, I am humbly grateful for your time and consideration while responding to me, it means a lot. You gave great insight- exactly what I was looking for.
You mentioned that you had a period of hyperthyroidism, coupled with bipolar disorder. I, too, feel that I have bipolar disorder as my moods change so frequently, although I believe it to be caused by my thyroid. Also, how did you manage it?
I appreciate you confirming my thoughts about the link between a root canal and a thyroid disorder as well, it makes much sense. However, I wasn't aware of root canals containing mercuy. I did however, read an article stating that a root canal could be the cause of a chronic health condition.
Much debate I have about the removal of my root canal tooth because I'm not totally sure
it's the right decision. I'm now contemplating my steps towards finding that out.
Considering my determination to find the culprit of my distress, I would like to take a natural approach. Contained within the article I previously spoke of, mentioned acupuncture and meridian points in determining the cause of a health problem. And like you, I don't always adhere to the diagnoses of doctors; I was incorrectly diagnosed the first time.
I went to the ER a few days ago, actually I went two days in a row this past weekend because my primary care office was closed. The reason I went was due to my fast hearbeat.
There's a bit information I left out in my original post because it was lengthy enough. What I never said was about in April of this year after regularly taking my thyroid meds, I began feeling better. I foolishly thought my body had worked itself out (which shows how frustrated I was for having a medical problem in the first place and determined I was to overcome it). I had ever stopped going to my doctor to get my regular labs done. I went back to bad eating habits and smoking cigarettes (school stress).
A couple of weeks ago is when all the old problems resurfaced, naturally, I guess considering how foolish I was. So I'm now on Methimazole again (was taking PTU) but not Atenolol (for rapid heartbeat) or benadryl, at least for now I'll cross my fingers.
Here are some of my lab results up to this point:
9-24-2007 TSH ~0.01 (Sadly, my first primary care doctor never told me about an abnormal reading when I was tested prior to this one. She said because of my age, she thought I'd work itself out)
12-27-2007 TSH~0.05, Free T4~1.35
9-04-2009 TSH~0.05, T4~ 8.0, T3~0.93, WBC~ 9.86, RBC~ 5.55, HGB~ 15.1, PLATELET COUNT 252
9-20-2009 TSH~ 0.05, T3~PENDING, T4~ 8.5, GLUCOSE 78

by cbread, Sep 25, 2009
I am on methimazole and have been for 2 1/2 years.  My TSH has gone all over the place and 'weaning' off the meds never work for me so in November I will have a TT. I have thyroid eye disease, so no RAI for me.  My biggest complaint on methimazole is the itching as well...can't wait to have normal skin.  I also wonder if it makes all normal 'itchy' triggers worse- like mosquito bites. I swear I itched them raw this summer.   My family noticed my 'mood swings' as well but never said anything until just recently. And I thought I was handling it so well...anyway, methimazole did work for me but it does take awhile for your body to stabilize.  I think it was about six months in before i really felt close to normal.
by noni2009, Sep 25, 2009
Thanks for responding, Cbread.
Are you sure that you need to have TT? I really hope that you've thought about it and weighed your options.
As far as the moodswings, they're terrible and really can be life altering in the way you handle life's stresses and situations. Because someone may think you're being an a$$ when really you have a medical condition that makes you irritated and very moody.
As for the itching, I was put on Benadryl in the past but it made me so tired that I was not able to do anything. So I just rub cortizone all over and it really helps.
Chamomile tea helps relax me as well and Nighty Night tea.
But yea, confirm that you need a TT because you know, what gave me more hope was reading someone's post that said she had hyperthyroid for about ten years and then it somehow worked itself out.
I wish you much comfort :)
by kidsnchicks, Sep 25, 2009
I too have Graves.  I haven't experienced the itching you two have mentioned.  The differences I have noticed are that I can better tolerate the heat and am sleeping better.  I actually felt better when I was taking 30mg/day.  They've cut me back to 15mg/day.  I'm not sure that is the right thing since I am feeling some of the hyper symptoms again.  Normal?  Who knows what normal is anymore.

Did anybody notice anything else?  Do you think the methimazole bould be making me so sleepy?  
by cbread, Sep 25, 2009
KNC- Weaning is hard and its important to do it slowly....your body will take some adjustment, but keep getting your bloodwork done. I started on a very high dose, but am now on a pretty low dose of 25mg per week.   Every time I weaned, I felt agitated the first few weeks then leveled out again.

Noni- For me the TT is the best option at this point and I have looked into it. In most foreign countries people stay on methimazole happily for years. I am an unusual Graves patient as I have both antibodies and was hypo for about 9 months before turning hyper almost three years ago.  It's been a wild ride, but at this point I would rather have it out and done with because stress can cause huge flare ups and there is no way to lead a stress free life. Even air travel can put me off balance.  Believe me, not excited about surgery but happy to get this thing out of me and move on!  

Good luck to you both.
by kidsnchicks, Sep 25, 2009
Do I understand you to say that you have both Graves and Hashimotos?  If that is the case, what symptoms were you having between the two?  I ask because I have been having some issues with being terribly sleepy and with my bowels.  I've wondered if I might have both types of antibodies or if it is just adjustment to the methimazole &/or beta blocker.  Just curious.
by noni2009, Sep 26, 2009
Ok. I'm so happy for you that you have looked into this and found it to really be the best option for you because having hyper symptoms are really hell to deal with.

I heard you saying something about anti-bodies. What are those? I haven't had mine checked, on TSH, T4 and T3.
What could testing the anti-bodies determine about a thyroid condition?

Also, is there a test to take that will confirm Graves disease or just hyperthyroid, or what the cause is?

Best to you!! And much comfort to all!!!
by kidsnchicks, Sep 28, 2009
Noni, you need to have your antibodies tested to confirm whether or not you have Graves' Disease or Hashimoto's if you are hypo.  Its a simple blood test.  Ask your doctor for it.