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Normal results....same symptoms.
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Normal results....same symptoms.

Hi everyone. I'v been having a bunch of thyroid symptoms the past few weeks and some of them were so bad i felt as if i couldnt stand it anymore. I got my thyroid tested and they said it looked normal. Yet i still feel life **** and am having symptoms of thyroid problems. I have no clue what all they tested nore what the levels were. They just told me it looked normal and they are reffering me to a heart specialist. My heart has been checked and checked again by both them and the ER and they said its good and strong. everything comes back normal. They want to send me to him because my heart acts funky and my systolic BP seems to be high all the time. But everytime i have my heart checked out its normal. What can i do? I have just about all the symptoms of thyroid problems down to the dry hair that comes out easy.
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Hi -  The one thing I have found out is that you need to get a copy of all blood work you have done and all tests.  You can look at them yourself and will have a record when you go to another doctor.  Keep trying until you get one that you feel better with.  I have heard GravesLady say many times that not all symptoms are from the thyroid. Have you had a good check up lately.  Also you could be even the normal range too high or too low for you personally.  ARe you taking medicine now and what doseage.  Maybe it needs to be adjusted.  There are many factors here but first start with asking for copies of your blood tests and other tests.  You have a right to them.  Keep on trying until you succeed.    praying for you in Md.   Linda
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Have you had an echocardiogram to rule out MVP.  MVP shares some of thyroid symptoms.

Major Symptoms of MVP include:

Pounding, fast heartbeat
tire easily
Low tolerance for exercise
Chest pain
Panic attacks
Headaches, migraines
Dizziness, fainting
Intestinal problems
Chronically cold hands and feet
Numbness or tingling of the arms or legs.
Shortness of breath

MVP symptoms will become more intense during emotional stress, when overtired, after unaccustomed physical activities, during menopause, or during menstruation. And, it's not unusual for the symptoms to disappear spontaneously for months--even years and reappear again. The following are some specific factors that can increase the intensity or frequency of MVP Syndrome symptoms:
Emotional stress
Excessive fatigue
Unaccustomed physical activity
Being anxious or nervous
Medicines with stimulants
Being in a hot, dry environment  Dehydration
Flu, cold, or other illnesses
Lack of sleep
Skipping meals
Rushing around
Having a menstrual period

Just a thouhgt.
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