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Pituitary tumor?
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Pituitary tumor?

I have been trying to get some answers to how I feel now for a very long time.
A bit of history on me:
I have had Hypothyroidism for 15 years. No major complains, kept under control and taking 0.2 mg of Synthroid daily.
In Feb of this year, I developed a  lung infection and in turn was given a full blood work up. So I I know at that time my thyroid levels were stable. TSH - 0.09 (range .35-5.0)   T3- 3.6 (range 2.6-5.7)  and T4- 14 9 ( Range 10-20)
Mid May, I had my last period and suddenly my life took a total turn. I developed some serious hot flashes (never again will I make fun of anyone who complains of them) They were terrible. Every 20 minutes or so 24 hours a day. I thought I was going through menopause. But I am only 31 years old!
I gave it a week or so and went to the family doctor thinking something is wrong as I have never had this before. Usually I am the cold one in the office.
She did some blood work on June 23rd and my thyroid levels were off. TSH - 28.26 (range .35-5.0)   T3- 3.1 (range 2.6-5.7)  and T4- 10.0 ( Range 10-20)  Estrogen was off as well. She redid the test a week later, July 2nd and my TSH - 92.99 (range .35-5.0)   T3- 2.7 (range 2.6-5.7)  and T4- 7.0 ( Range 10-20).

She gave me birth control pills to relieve the hot flashes (thank god, they are working) and referred me to a endocrinologist as she says something is not right. She talked about how the pituitary works and said I should she the specialist right away. Well, I got an appointment within a week and in the meantime was doing some of my own research. I was looking at the symptoms for the pituitary tumor's and my heart dropped. All the symptoms fit me to a tee. All except the weight loss. (the one I would have liked) Over the past month, I have gained 10 pounds, my eyesight is screwed - double vision, blurriness, almost drunk like feeling (and I don't drink), hot flashes, I have had no period since May, just to name a few.
So yesterday I went to see this specialist and all she said was to redo my blood work as the lab may have screwed up and get a new prescription on thyroid pills as they could have been no good and come back in Sept. When asked about my vision, she said to see a eye specialist.  That's it, no more tests, nothing. I at least expected maybe a MRI, CT scan, something to ease my worry.
So I am at my wits end,  I am moody, gaining weight, can't see normally and so bloody tired as I am still not sleeping properly.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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My mother-in-law had a tumor on her pituitary gland and it caused problems with her vision and her menstrual cycle.  I am not sure if she had weight loss, I think she caught it early before this happened. She had it removed and it turned out not to be cancerous.  She is fine now. She just has to have periodic check-ups.  Most tumors on these glands are not cancerous.
If you have all these symptoms which are making you worry, it should be enough for your doctor to order a MRI of your brain to look at your pituitary gland or isn't there a blood test to look at pituitary function?
In regards to the estrogen being off, was it too high or too low?  Did you have your other hormones tested? Just curious because I have hormone problems and I am only 33.  In my case I am deficient in progesterone, thus dominant in estrogen which effects the thyroid. Sometimes physical stress like an illness or emotional stress can throw everything off.  It may not be your pituitary gland, but I think it is worth checking out.
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Did your doctor happen to run any TPOab testing. Your HypoT may be moving into Hashimoto autoimmune disease.

This will also cause you problems with the symptoms you mention - especially heavy weight gain suddenly.

HAshi is a known factor to bounce TSH levels the way your are moving.

any doctor can run a TPO test. You may not have to wait to seethis endo if this is your problem

If it is a pitutary problem and MRI will tell too. I think to speed up the process get  your doctor to run both MRI amd a Blood count fot TPO. Then you will be able to take the tests to the endo for further evaluation. The endo will have to order these too - so have them already for them!

Good Luck
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