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Precautions after !131 ablation
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Precautions after !131 ablation

I just received my I-131 yesterday (102 mCu or whatever they are called).
I understand the basic rules, bathroom rules, separate dishes, cooking, towels, linens, etc. but I'm not sure about a few things.,.,can I touch things? Like to use this computer, do I have to wear rubber gloves or anything? How about touching doorknobs, etc.

I am a very lucky woman. In the course of the prep for the radiation I had very few problems. the I 131 has not yet left any metallic taste or sore throat....a bit tired is all.
Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers.
Good luck to all.

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Unfortunately, you should be using something when you touch things that other people will touch. The radiation will transfer through body liquid. Saliva, perspiration, etc. Good luck and hang on.
Suck on sour candies!!

They say you can wash the radiation off with soap and water.

Sort of like they cleaned Chernobyl up with wetwipes...
I couldnt suck on the sour candies because of the huge lump in my throat, I felt like I was choking..think that was nerves though too after reading the horrific things about RAI on the net that just DIDNT happen! lol.
So I went for the next best thing....Fresh Lemons.
I found them great for keeping the saliva going.
Although after 3 days I felt like a beached whale..from drinking all the water.
Dont forget to keep flushing huncher and Good Luck.
Before you get the treatment. Go to the store and purchase:

1) Lots of water.  You will need lots of water to flush the radiation out.
2) purchase some magazines or book/puzzles that you won't mind throwing out when finished.
3) Buy some plastic to cover your mattress.
4) put your remote(s) in plastic zip lock bags ( cover before treatment)
5) buy some lemon drops to help with the salivary glands
6) buy paper plates, forks,  spoons and cups (do not use household utensils)
7) wash your clothes separate from everyone else.
8) buy  some liquid soap for your bathroom and only  you  to use.  throw it away after insolation period.
9) when in isolation, please flush the toilet 2-3 times after each use
10) stay away from babies and pregnant women.
11) bring a couple of trash bags in your room

After you collect your items.  bring everything in the room in which you will be isolated before the treatment.  This way you will not have to come into contact with anyone.
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