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   I am scheduled for RAI the week of Feb 23rd. I have a Toxic Multi Nodular Goiter. I think my scheduled dose is 30 mci's. I am not sure if that was the final decision. When you are given the treatment do you have an observation period before you are released? Or do you go home immediately after taking the dose? Who determines if you stay? How long do you have to stay on the LID after the treatment? How soon after this RAI ablation therapy do they start a thyroid supplement to keep you from going from Hyper to Hypo? I have two dogs and I wanted to know how much interaction I can have with them after the does? How soon is it safe to sleep in the same bed with my husband? As you can tell I am slightly apprehensive. I am sorry for all of the questions.  Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time in advance.
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I had RAI due to hot nodule.

No diet beforehand no nothing. I learned of the side effects from this website. Some of the  side effects were given from the endo dr, but not in full detail as this site did.  I was in isolation for a week at home.

Before you get the treatment. Go to the store and purchase:

1) Lots of water.  You will need lots of water to flush the radiation out.
2) purchase some magazines or book/puzzles that you won't mind throwing out when finished.
3) Buy some plastic to cover your mattress.
4) put your remote(s) in plastic zip lock bags ( cover before treatment)
5) buy some lemon drops to help with the salivary glands
6) buy paper plates, forks,  spoons and cups (do not use household utensils)
7) wash your clothes separate from everyone else.
8) buy  some liquid soap for your bathroom and only  you  to use.  throw it away after insolation period.
9) when in isolation, please flush the toilet 2-3 times after each use
10) stay away from babies and pregnant women.
11) bring a couple of trash bags in your room

After you collect your items.  bring everything in the room in which you will be isolated before the treatment.  This way you will not have to come into contact with anyone.

I don’t know how many millicurie of RAI you will get and how long they will want you in isolation, but I received 18 millicurie and the put me on 7 days isolation and an extra 3 days away from pregnant women and babies

I hope this helps.

Take care

Hot nodules 9/07
RAI 12/07
Synthroid meds 03/08
new nodules 01/09

I had RAI for a toxic nodule on 12/18/08.  28.7 mCi was the actual dose of the 30 mCi ordered.  I think that this is the standard one size fits all dosage for a toxic nodule.
This is 1/5 of what they use for thyroid cancer.
I think this is the scariest thing I have ever done in my life!  But it was like Y2K, nothing happened.
Your Dr. should give you written instructions for the pre and post procedures and precautions.  And so will the nuclear medicine department.
Your specific instructions may be different than mine were.  This might give you an idea.
10 days pre-RAI - stop ATDs, no seafood.  Resumed 2 days after RAI.
2 days pre-RAI - mandatory pregnancy blood test, mine was positive!  Don't melt down if it happens.  Keep repeating every few days until you get a negative.  That was actually the worst part of the whole thing.
RAI - It took 5 people 1.5 hours to give me one stinking little pill!  No they didn't hold me down and rub my throat like the dog.  It just took that long to get through all of the paperwork.  Went home immediately after.  The tech escourted us through the underground catacombs to the parking garage.  It was a short cut, but I think they also do this to minimize exposure to others in the hospital.
At home, I went downstairs for 4 days. Had lots of water, food on paper plates and plastic forks, my own bathroom, computer, TV, etc.  It was not TOTAL isolation.  You can visit with family for less than an hour.  You cannot contaminate where you sit or what you touch.  After 4 days, I double washed bedding and PJs in hot water and scrubbed the bathroom.

Do not cuddle your dogs on your neck.  Do not give them a bite of your food!

I'm 8 weeks post RAI and still hyper but improving.  This is a slow process and hyper makes you anxious.  I guess it is better to have slow hormone changes than an abrupt shock to your system.

RAI is one of those things that I will look back on and say, Why was I so worried?

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