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Recent Thyroid blood test
         am 58 year old male. 8 years ago had Thryoid prob after taking Amiodarone for my Atrial Fibrillation. Amiodarone was stopped and TSH went over 80 and I lost 15kgs and felt terible until the blood test. Was given carbimozole for 6 months and TSH returned to normal. All symptoms disappeared and weight was put back on!!!!!

        As a result of that I have had annual blood tests done to keep an eye out.

        Over the last 6 months I have noticed a few Hypo symptons creeping in, like

       loosing body hair, skin is a bit dry, constipation on and off, worse one is constantly feeling tired, and usually have a sleep in the afternoon.
       Seem to be OK after an hour sleep.

        My weight seems stuck at about 10kgs overweight, despite not over eating.

        So I was intersted in my recent results:  TSH     4.30
                                                                            FT3      3.36
                                                                            FT4      1.26

         I am aware of the recent reduction in TSH down to 3 by the FDA.
         But other results look OK.

        Can anyone comment on what might be going on. Or am i just paranoid.
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