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    Iam 32Years old(male),when i was 14 Years old doctor diagnosed a gioter,after treatment there is no goiter anymore..past 6 years to till i feel Anxiety and depression...recently i went for thyroid test.and the result is.
Free T4                         14.7 pmol/L       (Ref Range 9.0-25.0)
TSH                              2.53 ulU/mL      (Ref Range 0.40-4.70)
Thyroid Microsomal Ab   *>1:6400           (Ref Range <1:100)
Thyroglobulin Ab             <1:100             (ref Range <1:100)
           Thyroglobulin Ab and Thyroid Microsomal Ab has been repeated.
According to test my Microsomal Ab is a high.i would like to know that if there is any thyroid problem with this matter what should i do?
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Are you on thyroid medication? The + antibody indicates Hashimoto's, especially with the history of goiter. I personally had anxiety occur as my TSH rose and antibodies tested positive. Before this, I didn't have psychological symptoms. Some people will say it is not related, but many others will say it is based on experience. A psychiatrist is more willing to link them, as did mine.
Have you been to an endocrinologist?
Iam not taking any medicine regarding thyroid....i already have been consulted psychiatrist but according to him there is no psychological problem with me..a lot of thing i cant eat,because after that my symptoms become more any energetic drink or food after i feel sole burning constipation and a lot of other these days iam taking treatment from Endocrinologist...first day i show him my thyroid test,according to him Antibodies are not dangerous.he suggested other blood tests,that was all normal,he was suspecting may be my Testosterone level is low,but was normal,he tried to boost testosterone level through injection,after injection about 14Hrs i feel that iam a healthy.after that same symptoms..yesterday he took blood for Thyroid Test due to palpitation......
Glad you are getting follow up care. Keep an eye on results and post back if you can.
Did the psych give you anything for the anxiety/depression?
Your levels suggest normal thyroid.

Thyroid levels are the prevailing diagnose for treatment and antibodies just confirm what levels already relate.
Antibodies with normal levels relates that you are not active autoimmune thyroid yet, but might become active  in the future via levels.
Antibodies are not curable nor treatable - there is nothing that can be done about them. Antibodies  are present in  people with other autoimmune disorders such as Sjögren syndrome, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis,  pernicious anemia and in people who show no evidence of disease.
Thyroid antibodies may remain positive for years, and do not provide an indication of whether the person has normal or abnormal thyroid function. Furthermore, some patients with Hashimoto's disease may have negative levels of circulating antibodies, and conversely, patients with positive levels of thyroid antibodies may never develop thyroid disease during their lifetime. mythyroid.

Energy drinks can cause thyroid like symptoms....hype up, make nervous, etc.  Or you might be allergic or have an intolerance to drinks and/or certain foods.
Thyroid symptoms are so non-specific.  In other words, a lot of other health conditions have the same symptoms as thyroid, it is very difficult to distinguish where the symptoms are coming from or which health conditions are the cause.  Any doctor worth his/hers long expensive education, should eliminated each symptom through their appropriate test before making any type of diagnose and this includes thyroid. This is a long a tedious process but will worth it in the end when you find out the causes and get properly treated.  And I am sure you want the correct diagnose its treatment.
AACE list three symptoms for Subclinical hypothyroidism.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays  

My information is from reading material gathered from reputable sources, my 20 years of personal experience and as a thyroid patient.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your levels.

This may help put it in perspective:

from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2005:

Indeed, the new NACB guidelines (10) state that "greater than 95% of healthy, euthyroid subjects have a serum TSH concentration between 0.4 and 2.5 mU/liter." They go on to state that "ambulatory patients with a serum TSH >2.5 mU/liter, when confirmed by repeat TSH measurement made after 3–4 wk, may be in the early stages of thyroid failure, especially if TPOAb is detected." Logically it would seem that the exclusion of TPOAb-positive individuals from populations employed to establish a normal TSH reference range constitutes recognition that this TPOAb-positive population has Hashimoto’s disease and is vulnerable to progression to overt hypothyroidism.

Of course other sources argue this, but we need to look at both sides of the debate.
We can't say that you are not in the beginning stages of thyroid disease, or that your levels suggest normal thyroid function.

Hope this helps.
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