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Require Next Steps for My Thyroid tests
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Require Next Steps for My Thyroid tests

TSH levels was at 26.4 in fall last year and thyronome-25mg intake brought it down to 2.2 in December 2009.

Latest test report (May 15 2010) is below. I would appreciate your help to guide me how to work forward on this.

If the thyroid function is affected by the antibodies, is there a way where the antibodies could be treated ?

TSH : 12.59 mcIU/ml

T3 : 3.99 ng/dl
T4 : 6.95 mcg/dl

Free T3 : 4.64 pmol/l
Free T4 : 13.44 pmol/l

Anti Thyroid antibodies : negative
Anti microsomal antibody : positive
Anti thyro-peroxidase antibody : 430.8 IU/ml

thank you ! in advance
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antibodies can't be directly treated.

Your results indicate that you need an increase in meds.

Your doc doesn't need to test T3 and T4, they are not useful.  However the FT3, FT4 and TSH are important.

Please post the reference ranges next time, it helps us see where your results actually are.  fT3 and FT4 should be in the middle to upper half of the reference range.

Hope this helps.
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