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Silent Thyroiditis

My labs results for the past 5 years are as follows:

TSH 0.06  (below normal)   Note: 2 labs out of my 6 did show a very low, but slightly normal TSH.

T3: Always on the high-end of the normal range, but in normal range.
T4: Always nomal

Up-Take Scan: Results Interpreted by radiologist HYPOthroidism.  Low Uptake.   How can this be with
normal-high T3 and hardly functioning TSH?

Test for Hashimoto's: Negative  

MRI of pituitary gland:  Negative

My endo said that my dx was silent thyroiditis, and that the best course of action is "not to treat"
and that it should be "self-relenting.   What I have researched on silent thyroiditis is that it lasts for about
6mo, and the patient recovers (normal labs).  My labs have been the same for the last 5 years.

Thanks for any input you can provide.

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Have you had antibody testing for Graves *test is called TSI (...blood test)?
Also the T3 and T4 tests you have had done are outdated and you should be having the FREE T3 and FREE T4 tests done....not the regulalr T's.
Maybe ask your Doc to do these tests next time you go along with a Cortisol test.
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Thanks for your feedback.  I --think- I have had the TSI; all I know is my doc ran a test
for hashimoto's and it was neg.

I have had Free t3 and t4  and all normal.

Again, presentation is:

VERY low TSH, notmal t3 (bordernline high)  t4 (normal, borderline low)  both free normal
UPTAKE:  Low  Radiologist said HYPO...which makes no sense considering the values
stated above.

Thank you so very much for your input...if you have any other thoughts at all, I would
be most interested.  Thanks.
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