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Skin problems
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Skin problems

Does anyone else get really itchy skin and is this from this condition.  My skin has changed dramatically and I don't know if its from the medication correcting a condition which apparently I've had for a couple of years before being diagnosed. Especially on my back, sometimes I can scratch the skin right off. My TSH was 26 when diagnosed 1 year ago and do now have it under control somewhat at 3.50 and I am taking .112  levothyroxine.  The itching and wrinkles and age spots seem to be appearing more so now than ever before.  I'm not 100 years old I'm in my early fifties.  Thanks for any reassurance or ideas you may have.

Thanks all,


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Have you had your thyroid antibodies tested?  While skin problems seem to be common in folks with hypoT, the severe itching seems to be much more prevalent in folks with Hashi's.   Also, your TSH is still kinda high.  While the official ranges vary, most people seem to feel better when it's closer to 1.
I haven't noticed any itching yet, but two years ago I noticed two spots on my upper lip that are darker than my normal skin.  They're about the size of a fingerprint on each side.  At first I thought it was hair, so I waxed.  It was then that I found that it was the skin!  It's awful, and I'm very self conscious of it.  I try to cover it with makeup, but sometimes it makes it worse.  I asked my endo about it, and she didn't think it had anything to do with my thyroid problems.  Deep down, I really think that it does.  I was just recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and will be getting the whole thing removed.  I'll be curious to see what happens with these spots once that happens.  If indeed it's not the thyroid, I'll be making a trip to the dermatologist to try and get them taken care of.  

Maybe you should talk to your doctor about it and see what they have to say.  

Good luck!!!
various skin problems are possible side effects of thyroid problems. . . it's true. . . just talk to your doctor / dermatologist and see what they suggest. . .  I have dry skin and just moistorizers help me but that may not be the case in your situation. . .
Along with thyroid, Hashimotos issues often comes with (especailly in your 50s) hormonal changes. There is a lot you can do to avoid wrinkles... Balanced diet, natural treatments, lots of water, fruits and veggies. For the itching.. sounds like an allergic reaction... Have you visited an allergist to see what you could be allergic to? Have you tested your other hormones and see if you are in menapause? Replacing progesterone in your body with the creams you can buy in natural health food stores will make you feel and look younger too - especially helps the skin. Try seeing a dermatologist and allergist for your itch - can be thyroid related but it sounds something else. Like Excema???? Good luck to you!
I'm am 45 years old and due to my thyroid problems my skin, hair and nails are horrible.  So I came up with a home remedy to help me feel better.  It also relieves the itchy scaly skin problem.  My doctor advised that this was fine for me to use...I am also a Cosmetology student...

I make a sugar scrub:
1/4 cup solid cocoa butter
1/4 cup Canola oil (for very dry skin)
   if you prefer virgin olive oil or mineral oil that is fine too
1 cup sugar
2 tbls Glycerin
2 tbls Vitamin E Oil

If you prefer a mixture that is has a little soapy texture then use moisturizing bath or body wash in the mix about 1/4 cup.

Wash your body with very warm water (opens the pores) then use a small amount of this mixture all over your very careful using on your face!  Rub very Gently!  Once you rub all over your body rinse off in very warm water then rise again with cold cold as you can stand it (closes the pores).  Pat your body with a big fluffy towel...because it feels good!

Hope this helps...I also have a Dead sea salt scrub recipe for your feet if you want it.
I have Graves and have had very itchy arms and legs and patches of dry skin on my neck and legs. I also had unexplained hives for a couple weeks. These super itchy hives would appear in one spot then disappear and move to another spot. Doc gave me prednisone and said if it didn't work, I should be checked for Lupus. But it did work. I feel all it's all thyroid related but that's just my feeling.
I would like the Dead sea salt scrub recipe...Kathy
Dead Sea Salt scrub

1/2 cup oil
1 cup Sea Salt
1/4 cup of Epsom salt (has a therapeutic quality)
5-10 drops of Essential Oils like Lavender, mint or any other scents *
1/4 cup of liquid soap

You can play with this recipe as well as the sugar scrub by adding more or less salts or more or less oil depending on how you like it.

Oils (Canola for very dry skin, virgin olive oil, mineral oil, or even baby oil if you prefer a lighter feeling oil) Avacado Oil and JoJoba Oil are really good but pricier.

*YOU CAN USE 5-10 DROPS OF ESSENTIAL OILS ADDED FOR SCENT BUT I PREFER THE EFFECTS I GET FROM USING GLYCERIN AND VITAMIN E OIL.  I add about a tbls of each.  I also perfer to get my Vitamin E Oil from Walmart Spring Valley Brand because it has coconut and Soybean Oil as well...and it is cheaper.  I get my Glycerin from Rite Aid Brand. It helps prevent and protects dry, chafed or chapped skin and lips. (I also mix up equal part of Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E Oil and Glycerin melt them together and pour into small pots to use as lip balm or on body parts susceptible to stretch marks)

Don't use scrubs on legs after shaving or hair removal.     I also prefer NOT to use salt scrubs on my body because it can sometimes burn if you have extremely dry or cracked skin.  So I use sugar scrub on my body and Salt scrub on my feet.
Hope this helps!
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