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So Scared, Weird feeling in my head
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So Scared, Weird feeling in my head

Has anyone else had this feeling in their heads.....only way I can think of to describe it is...God I don`t  know
like I have iron balaclava on my head, heavy, kinda numb with pins and needles kinda feelings going into my
face. My heart is racing like  an express train, I`m outwardly shaking whereas b4 shaking was inside me??

I`ve been told I have T3 Toxicosis with elevated antibodies (1893)?  Doc has had me pushed up waiting list for endo after being again admitted to hospital where they thought I having a stroke (I had hyperventilated so much after getting palpitations my hand and face cramped/fell)
I`m not on any thyroid meds yet but seeeing Endo on Thurs, I am feeling like I am losing it mentally
only time I go outside now is to see doc!

I`m not ME anymore, crying everyday, will write more later sorry bloody crying again!!

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Hello and welcome to our community. It's a bit slow cause of the Easter holiday but I wanted to say hellow.  What was your TSH?  Could you be extraordinally hyper?  I am so sorry you are suffering like this.   Others, I'm sure will stop by your post.

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Thanks, God I never even said Happy Easter everyone.
My TSH was 0.01 but now its 0.003 (I`m sure that what doc showed me I know it
was lower than it was) I have so many aches and pains I can hardly move, I
honestly think my family are thinking I`m a hypocondriac (sp?) they`re
telling me to pull myself together, it`s because I`m sitting in house all the time
but I swear...irrational as it sounds...I can`t go outside...I just totally panic even
at the thought of it.
I`m sweating so much it looks as if I`ve just stepped out of shower, my
brother actually asked me if I was on some form of drugs!!!
I was really outgoing and confident before this, it feels like I`ve been taken
over by aliens or something.
I was kinda coping but these feelings in my head are totally freaking me out.
My total T3 was up as well from 2.8 to 3.5 range=0.9-2.4
free T4 still same at 2.9 range=0.9-2.4.
Thanks in advance for any input.

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Your not alone on this one.
Anyone who has suffered with hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease sympathises with you.
Havent you been put on a beta blocker and an anti-thyroid med to bring that T3 down?
To start with, the beta blocker (most probably Inderal ) will help the T3 from rising any higher. Not sure how it works but it does also helps the heartbeat thats jumping out of your chest, along with the symptoms of helplessness and the hot sweats and massive anxiety.
An anti-thyroid med such as Carbimazole, Methimazole or PTU shouldve been prescribed straight away. Get the Endo to put you on it straight away.
Usually you are put on the anti-thyroid med and my best advice is to split the dose over 3 times a day then you wont get the 'hyper spikes'.
Also a beta blocker helps slow down the heart rate and also brings the T3 down a bit.
You are not alone in all of many have been through this and come out the other side (me included).
Google T3 toxycosis and hyperthyroidism and it will give you many answers to the questions you have.
We are all also here to support you through this.
Take Care :)
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I was Agoraphobic for 26 years and conquered it as soon as I started treatment for the hyperthyroidism and Graves.I couldnt go further than 10 minutes from I go anywhere and stay out overnight which I didnt do for many years.
I dont know how long I have had Graves Disease or suffered with Hyperthyroidism but I do know I wasted many years.
Through all of this, it made me stronger and I wanted my life back....and even though there were tough days and times, I got my 'quality of life ' back.
Keep your chin will see the light at the end of the tunnel. :)
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Thanks so much for that,it helps when someone else has been through it. I was told I would get beta blockers then doc said Endo wanted see me first.
I lost a lot of weight couple of yrs ago and was kinda hyper then....put it down to
shift work, now I`m wondering?
I`ve actually put weight on this time and had hypo symptoms with hyper results until
few wks ago and all this started. Is the antibodies thing relevant, I see Endo on Thurs
and I`ll probably forget/don`t know what to ask him.
I`ll go and try google :-) Im crying again lol.

PS. My fingernails are falling out/off is this another symptom?
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Yep..afraid it is.
Also losing hair is another.
Antibodies will most probably show Graves Disease.
My count was over 4000 which meant that I was at severe risk of thyroid storm which I experienced and also meant that 'remission' was not something that would happen.
The Endo may suggest RAI or TT.
Start researching all you can on RAI and TT as this is something you may have to decide to do.
I had RAI first and wouldnt have done it any differently.
I got my life back after RAI.
Yes it was hard work.
Yes it was scary.
Yes it took a while to get levels right.
And YES.....I got my life back when at the time before RAI, I felt that if this was life, I didnt want it.
So as you can imagine, I went to hell and back but am still here (as many are) and still smiling :) :) :)
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Well been googling on and off all day and looking like you are spot on with the
Graves thingy, the more I read the more sense it makes right down to problems
I been having with my eyes (I think).
Doc had to give me drops for eyes as they were dry and scratchy/gritty and
sometimes was waking up with bloodshot kinda thing as if someone had hit my eye!

Thank you so much I`m feeling a wee bit more positive after ur posts and just
hoping Endo will definately give me tablets, guess I`m a bit sceptical though
never seen Endo b4 my own doc kept telling me it was depression/anxiety
and gave me prozac.
I`m think I might even sleep tonight lol, had bout 4 hrs since Friday, body
shattered but head 5mph.
I`ll have a look at RAI  AND TT tomorrow, do you think thats where I`m heading?
I was meant to be getting cortisone injections tomorrow for my carpal tunnel
and tendonitis in shoulders and elbows but my doc told me to leave this till
I see Endo......does that sound right?

Goodnight,God Bless and thank you from bottom of my heart. x
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If you are having problems of any sort with your eyes, you need to see an Opthamologist and rule out TED (thyroid eye disease.) although my guess is the antibodies are causing the eye problems.
None the less...get them checked.
Not by your Doctor or Endo or Optomitrist but an OPTHAMOLOGIST.
If it turns out the Graves has caused TED then do not have RAI as can accelarate the TED.
I have known some to have RAI and be suffering with TED and it takes a long time for the eyes to settle down.
I too had itchy, scratchy eyes but was more like a 'hayfever' redness in the eyes in the morning and within an hour of waking, the redness disappeared.

Read all you can and make out a list of questions for your Endo as they are all usually 5 minute consultations and before you open yr mouth, you will find you have been given the bill and out in the carpark lol.

Dont be railroaded into something you are unsure about...there is no rush, you wont die.
But you do need ATDS to get those levels down.
The first thing that will come up is RAI.......think it over before you do anything.
The Endo may send you for a radioactive iodine uptake (RAIU) to see how hungry the thyroid is and also to check if there is anything going on there that shouldnt be.
I didnt have the RAIU until I had the ultrasound.
Ultrasound can pick up any nodules or goiter just as good as RAIU and you know you have Graves disease so it may be better to suggest an ultrasound instead.
Cortisone injections may aggravate the thyroid. Your Doctor is right.
Although the Endo can put you on Prednisolone if the eyes are really troublesome.

With the level of antibodies that you have, you do need a permanant treatment as you are at risk of thyroid storm if left untreated.
Yes I do think you are headed for RAI or TT.
But a lot here have had it done (me included) and 10 months down the track, I am doing great and back at fulltime work and studying.
Let me know whow you go with the Endo.
Take care :)

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Thyroid Storm is nothing to fool around with. I got to the hospital just in time. My T3 and T4 levels were way off. I was there for 7 days to get mt levels down from a 7 to a 2.5. I had hot flashes, anxiety, crying, and an over all feeling like I was sitting in a rocking chair on the edge of a cliff. I had 3 bowel movements a day. I would throw up a few times a day. I was really sick
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You are right Sal..thyroid storm is no joke and very dangerous.
I had 3 episodes in 2 weeks, the 3rd one they put paddles on to regulate the heart back into rythmn.
Dont mess around with Graves and Hyperhtyroidism.
if the heart rate is over 120..get to a hospital fast.
Better to be safe than sorry.

Ive been good and no heart issues since RAI and TT in June 2008 and wouldnt wish Graves and Hyperhtyroidism on my worst enemy.
It is very debilitating.
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