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Swallowing issues?
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Swallowing issues?

For those who also suffer the anxieties associated with thyroid disorders. Do you ever have an issue swallowing. I am freaking out a bit. Sometimes when I go to swallow I can't. It doesn't feel like I have any thing lodged, but I do feel sometimes a tightness in my throat. Sometimes it hurts a bit when I am just sitting around. I do not have a goiter.  The best way to describe it however is like I just suddenly forgot how to swallow. When it happens I have to force my self to relax and swallow.

How do you know when to differentiate panic or physical issues. I am so scared everyday and my anxiety is so bad I think I am dieing.  I hate this. I won't be able to see my dr till weds again. I went the other day and I was told I would just have to wait things out for now. They are suspecting this is post partum. I want to be normal again. What kinds of medications can be used for hyper?  Is there anything safe for nursing.

What do you do about the axiety you face? Anyone else experience a disconnected feel from reality. I often feel as though I am here but everything is behind a glass window. I can see and hear but it is like I am just looking in.

I just need to hear from others I am not alone with all these symptoms. Also do you get headaches too. Sorry for the novel. Just frightened. Thanks  
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    I would just like to say, i have had some really bad issues with my swallowing.Have you had an ultrasound scan, or do you have a nodule?
I have graves disease which is over active thyroid, you say your thyroid is hyper? have you been tested for graves?
When my swallowing was bad i used to eat easily digested food, just so i didnt choke.
But you should tell your doctor its affecting your swallowing, as i feel when you have swallowing difficulties, it does cause you to feel anxious,so just take your time when eating,
I was on carbimazole, thyroid med, and half-inderal, beta-blocker.
But im in england , and i dont know if they use different drugs in different countries.
I also have the foggy feeling you are describing, were you feel youre not with it,
I hope this is off some help.
Post you bloods?TSH, FT3. FT4.
and maybe have a anti-bodies test for graves disease.
Also i would ask for a ultra-sound on the thyroid, especially if your having swallowing difficulties,
good luck and keep me posted
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Thankyou for replying. I get all my bloodwork tomorrow.I will know results on weds. I have an ultrasound shcedied bur canrt get
in till Jan 20. :(. I am sure something is off because of the pressure type feeling I get. I am so upset by all this I am ready to just ask for my thyroid to be removed. They are hoping this is post partum thyroiditus but I have been reading how pregnancy can trigger graves. Also right before this started I was sick and I have heard that having a flu could attack your thyroid so who knows. I just know I go to bed every night crying and begging fo God to just heal my body so I can be
normal again. I have never been so scared in my life.  I have terrible anxieties that I am going to die and leave my children. I hate this.  

Thank you again for replying. No on around me understands how and what this feels like
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Can i ask are you on any treatment for your hyper thyroid? and if so what is it?
Are you in england?
And make sure you get a good endocrinologist, as some dont know how to deal with thyroid very good, as they are diabetic specialist,
I only say this as i suffered unduly to a doctor who thought  he understood, and kept fobbing me off, telling me i was ok, and i got very sick,
I have two thyroid surgeries, for graves, and a nodule which was causing me swallowing difficulties,
How long have you been suffering with this now?
Have they given you anything for the anxiety? as graves, hyper can make you feel very anxious, yu may need a beta-blocker. or a lil something else just to help you get over this period.

When i had my last child, i went in a very hyper state, and my graves came back with a bang, maybe its to do with all the hormones floating around the body.
Try not to get to anxious, as stress and anxiety makes graves much worse,
I know its so hard when youve got babies and you feel like s--t, ive been there,its hell when your not well, concentrate on getting better, the pressure feeling your getting is maybe the thyroid swelling,i used to get that, like youve got a snake around your throat.
I  hope this is off some help, dont feel alone,and sad,
my to do list, bloods tsh,ft3,ft4,anti-bodies for graves
thyroid ultrasound, and a good endo, who is good with thyroid,
and maybe we can get on the road to feeling better.
keep me posted, as i really inderstand how you feel,because ive been there,
Hugs, thyroidian.
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The symptom of anxiety with hypothyroidism is - for many - is devastating.  Anti-anxiety medication usually doesn't solve the issues entirely and with just cause - they thyroid levels are the issues of anxiety and the meds for anxiety does nothing to balance them.

As levels drop with thyroid - the anxiety can get worse. Insomnia - acid reflex and others can contribute to the anxiety issues too.

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I know exactly what you are talking about with the whole problems with swallowing.  I have Grave's Disease, diagnosed in 2001, after years of trying to figure out why I was so sick.  I was sent immediately for radiation therapy due to the severity of my disease and my thyroid being so toxic my body started shutting down.  Since, 2001, I have been seen by several endocrinologists and internists, and opthalmalogists, treated with every medicine imagineable for a list of problems and ailments that wouldn;t even fit on this page.  Now 9 years later, my thyroid levels are still not stabilized, and fluctuating back and forth from hyper to hypo, to the extremes with both.  I have had 3 bilateral eye decompression surgeries, and told that I need atleast 2-5 more  procedures, and that the prior surgeries were non-productive due to the fact my grave's disease has never stabilized.  I take 200mcg of synthroid daily.  I have no thyroid due to radiation therapy, but I still get hyperthyroid, and I have problems swallowing as if my thyroid were still there.  Right, now i'm kind of jaded, and believe I will never feel better, no doctor can help me, I can't be fixed, and I am forced to live my life with the problems and symptoms assoicated with both Grave's and Hashimoto's, and Grave's Eye Disease, as well as the mental problems'issues associated with both and with any chronic illness, and now for about a year now, live with severe pain and swelling and redness, and stiffness in my hands and feet, when those used to be the only places I didn't have pain.  Sometimes I can't even make a fist, or walk.  And also live with the discomfort of not being able to swallow sometimes, to where i think i'm going crazy cause i just cant manage to swallow anything and i have to focus so hard as if i'm performing heart surgery.  And live with the guilt that I wish sometimes that someone I knew would get Grave's. just so someone i know could actually relate to the hell i've been through, and maybe that person would stop saying , "oh just be positive, stop being negative, and have faith.... Don't you know the way you think can actually cause your disease"... I just wanna scream, "i tried being positive, until i realized my disease was not capable of being stabilized.  I was positive when i had my eyeballs taken out 3 times, yet i still have the bulging, the pain, and now constant double vision that limits everything I do.  I didn't cause my disease through negativity, my disease caused my negative thinking.  I'm a victim of genetics, with both sides of family having thyroid diseases."  And the thing that bothers me the most, is that I am a new mother, well she will be 2 in january.  It wasn't a planned pregnancy, as I was told I couldn't have children.  But she is the one positive thing that I have in my life, and I worry every day that she will get my disease, I worry that my depression will affect her, i feel guilty that she has to have a sick mom, although I love her very much and let her know that and feel that every waking minute, I can't help but worry that my disease will shorten my life span, and she will be here without her mommy...  I do know she lengthened my life, saved my life, because I had given up before I had her, she is my reason to live...  
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