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Synthroid Eyes?
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Synthroid Eyes?

I recently underwent radioactive iodine treament and have now been toying with various thyroid medicines.  I have tried the generic levothyroxine and now i am on the brand synthroid.  my eyes seem to be swelling in a circle around my actual eye ball and i am curious if this is an allergic reaction to the synthetics in the medicines. if so what should i do?? thanks.
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Bumping up for Smilerdeb to answer as she has had the RAI too. I think if you were to have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the medicines you would have more symptoms.
you may be having hypo symptoms still, anything else going on, or just swollen eyes?
Avatar_f_tn start with , dont toy around with any meds....allow each med to get into your system (around 3 months) and take it from there.
What were your last lot of elevsl and how long since RAI?

The swelling around the eyeball is NOT from RAI or from the meds.

It's also fairly common for your eyes to exhibit mild signs of a condition known as Graves' ophthalmopathy. In Graves' ophthalmopathy, your eyeball bulges out past its protective orbit (exophthalmos). This occurs as tissue and muscles behind your eyes, swell and cause the eyeball to move forward. Because your eye is so far forward, the front surface of your eye can become dry. Cigarette smokers with Graves' disease are more likely to have eye problems.
Graves' ophthalmopathy may cause these mild signs and symptoms:

Excess tearing and sensation of grit or sand in either or both eyes
Reddened or inflamed eyes
Widening of the space between your eyelids
Swelling of the lids and tissues around the eyes
Light sensitivity

Less often, Graves' ophthalmopathy can produce these signs and symptoms:
Ulcers on the cornea
Double vision
Limited eye movements
Blurred or reduced vision

I would say you have a mild case of TED (thyroid eye disease) and need prednisolone for the swelling to go down. Did you suffer any eye problem before RAI?
Get to the Doc, get a prescription for Prednisolone and if possible, wear sunglasses as much as possible to take the stress and pressure off the eyes.
It isnt safe to experiment with thyroid meds either.
Each one has a different filler and can affect the thyroid levels so that you never become Euthroid.(symptom free, and stable levels)

Its hard to say anything more as I dont know your levels or when you had RAI but you do need to get your eyes checked by an Opthamologist (not an Optomestrist) and be assessed.
Sometimes after RAI, before going Hyper...the thyroid tries to 'fire up ' one last time and this can cause eye problems for a few days and is treated with Prednisolone.
Left untreated the fluid behind the eyes will build up even more pressure and full blown TED will set in.

Please dont 'toy' with thyroid meds as it can make you very sick and possible make you severely hyper or hypo and cause myexedema coma or thyroid storm.
Also a T4 med goes to your organs through your bloodstream....dont mess with someone unless you know what you're doing.
The eye problem is NOT from the meds.

Hope that helps.
oopps supposed to read..........
What were your last lot of levels and how long since RAI?  (damn dislexia lol)
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