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T3 uptake high
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T3 uptake high

I am confused with these lab results
my T3 uptake is 40 flagged as high
my T4(thyroxine) 5.1
free T4 index (T7) 2.0  
T4, free 1.0
tsh third generation 1.73 what does this mean?
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The main thing it means to me is that your doctor is running numerous thyroid tests that are somewhat outdated and not nearly as revealing as would be tests for the biologically active thyroid hormones Free T3 and Free T4.  You would know much more if you had just been tested for FT3 and FT4, along with TSH.

For what reason were you given these thyroid related tests?   Was it based on symptoms?  If so, please tell us about those symptoms, as they are very important indicators in diagnosing potential thyroid problems.  

Third generation TSH relates to it being the latest and more sensitive version of the TSH test.   You should be aware though that TSH is a pituitary hormone that is affected by so many variables that it is inadequate as a sold diagnostic for thyroid.  At best it is an indicator, to be considered along with more important indicators such as symptoms and also levels of FT3 and FT4.  
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