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TGIF @ The Thyroid Pub - Our social thread open to all ... Our Topic is...
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TGIF @ The Thyroid Pub - Our social thread open to all ... Our Topic is BRAIN FOG: What is your most embarassing or most memorable moment?

Go for it .. share your brain fog story here ... I'm sure most of us at one point or another in our quest to adjust to meds, or cure our autoimmune disease has experienced brain fog which is that lack of concentration, inability to easily recall words and/or thoughts, and just a spaced out feeling coupled with anxiety and/or heart palps!

So share with us .. your most memorable memory ...

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Today for a total of 20 minutes --- while talking to my boss about prenumps and "reimbursement" claims for community funds used on enhancement of separate property (remember, I live in Louisiana)... I COULD NOT find the word reimbursement to save my life.  I actually looked at him and said, "you know, man I can't think of the word, but you know, to give back a portion."  I have been a paralegal for 11 years so that was VERY embarassing!!!  OMG.  LOL - he thought I was joking with him b/c it is not our office's practice area and I came to work for him 3 years ago from another guy that did this sort of thing. hid the fact that brain fog got the best of me!  At least for today anyway!  
At sub way they asked me what type of cheese I wanted on my sub. I just stared at her with a dumb look. I couldnt for the life of me remember any cheese names. ROTFLMAO
My best brain fog moment came b4 medication stablization.  I was invited to a friend's summer home.  My husband had to work, so it was just my daughter and I.  I packed up the kid and all the "stuff" on a Monday and headed out for a 6 hour drive to our destination.  The intention was a nice long revitalizing stay and to return home for my daughter's t-ball game on Saturday.  When it came time, I packed up my things to go home.  I thanked my host & hostess (who of course asked if I couldn't stay another day...)  I said, no, thank you, I do need to get home for that t-ball game.  

I got home, kissed my husband and proceeded to "live life".

That night, just a few minutes after midnight, I got a text asking me why I'd come home a day early if I wanted to go to the t-ball game on "Saturday" and it was only Thursday after all!...  I seriously thought she was joking.  Why would she want to do that to someone she knew was having "issues" with thyroid meds!!!  She couldn't be serious could she???  I looked at my calendar and it said it was Friday!  So I knew she had to be joking...  But then something told me, just to make sure, to check the time.  It was after midnight...  Meaning Friday had JUST arrived....  I HAD indeed left on Thursday!  A whole day early!!!  UGH!!!  

I SERIOUSLY thought I was loosing my mind!!!!

Afterwards, I asked everyone why they didn't speak up at the time and say "Hey, why are you leaving today and not tomorrow?"  Even my husband said, "I just thought you might have been bored over there..."  NO ONE said a thing until that text!

I was, and still am to this very day, totally embarrased about that.  (and I changed my meds as soon as I could!)
Man, I had some really good ones but I've completely forgotten them now.

What was the question????

Seriously - I can't even remember my kids names have the time - and I only have two!!  I bumble over simple words (like "door")  constantly.  Someone who has worked with me for a few months was actually *shocked* that I have a Master's degree when they saw it hanging on my office wall.  My Master's is in politics and I can't even help my son with his high school political science homework.   I've had to ask my daughter at least a dozen times what her and her fiance' are going to name the baby (I've had to write it down).  I call someone on the phone then call them the next day and can't remember what I called them about the day before and ask them why I called them.  I forget what the "green" light is for when driving and slow down (and, yeah, sometimes stop) until I remember.

Yeah, this $uck$!!!!!
My most recent ones have involved misplacing things ... silly things. The one that i can remember specifically was a week ago when I was frantically searching for a missing plate. We only have 5 plates, so it's not like it's easy to lose a plate in this little place! I was quite nearly in tears, wondering where the heck it could be when my husband (bless him) calmly started looking around the kitchen in every cupboard & shelf... even in the fridge. Finally, he asked me if maybe it was on the balcony. Lo & behold, yeah... I had put some herbs out to dry..... on the plate... on the balcony.

It probably wouldn't have been quite so bad, but the day before, I had "lost" a pot lid & the same frantic search ensued! I'm going to have to start taking pictures of the room so i can remember where stuff is! :P
Oh Cheryl Aren't you such a love to start this thread! I thought I was the only freak with this thing the other day! You are a gem.
Well if any of you read my post the other day, you'll see that this fog thing has only just started going real bad for me this last month, but the worst thing that's happened to me so far is this.
Went out to a bar with my sister to enjoy a quiet drink out in the country. Needed the loo so in I went, but as I got inside I came face to face literally, with this guy who had such a look of shock on his face I turned and ran out. And ran into the other loos next door mortified with myself, only to find myself with even more men in there! I turned and ran back out thinking I'd really lost the plot, trying to remember if I'd checked the door signs and trying to focus on what each of the doors had on them, only to find the first guy waiting outside. Sorry  he said, it was my fault, I was in the ladies, did you have a nice time in the gents?
Brain fogged on a Friday night!!

If you think about it - it is quite a wonderful thing. ?!?!?!?!

What a wonderful way to end the week - Having the fog and mixing it with a couple of drinks to kick off the weekend -

You then  - can "blame"  the few to many beverages not the fog--- ( Yeah I'm wasted... yeah that's it!)

Instead of the other days being sober and going DAHHHHHHHHHHH..... what's the question.

It's acceptable on a Friday nite binge at the clubs or taverns.

This way - half looped - you have public acceptance for the twisted mind cr@p that takes place and no one ( tipsie ) is looking at you like your half way to Mars!

Also - the "normal thryroid" cocktail  goers that over endulge - seem to fit right into our realm of forgetfullness after they had a "few" themselves and the more they drink - the more a relation of conversation takes place .... Ahhhhhh what?

They seem to hang on the notion we are having meaningful conversation when all it really is - is

Ahhhhh what did you say?

All of a sudden lightbubs are busting out the sockets and they think we have the answers to the worlds problems!

They seem to understand our jibberish quite well all of a sudden.

Secretly we get to silently laugh at them because we know how the whole process works even being sober. :)

Ahhhhhhhh  the power we have on Friday nights!!!

It's a wonderful thing.
I've had many brain fog episodes over the past 6 months but recently I'm finding I'm just losing my mind.  I walk into rooms and can't for the life of me remember what I'm doing there. And sometimes I'll find myself just staring at things and pondering.  Or I'll be driving and sitting at a light and I'll stare off into space and be perfectly content just to sit there and stare into space until people are honking at me.  I thought maybe I was going hyper but I think I'm just losing my mind.
Mine happened at a football game for my son. I was outside talking to another Mom and forgot the most simple words coming out of mouth . .it was then I spoke up to my Endo and said NO WAY .. reduce the dose~!

The rest ..... is history.  I'm fine on the right dose! Scary and my heart would palp adrenalin as I got scared I couldn't capture the word!

I have a TON of my brain fog stories, but alas! Time and space here allow me but to tell you of just a couple....the other day I was at the pool with my darling I have been going to this pool every day for at least 3 weeks....we got out and chatted away as we walked to the change rooms, where I proceeded to follow him into the men's change room..never even occurred to me that all those dingle dangle thingies were out of the ordinary...My man turns to me, puts his hand on my shoulder, turns me about and pushes me gently on the butt...I look puzzled..he points to the sign with the classic shadow man on it...Oooooops....
   Then the other day..trying to learn the salsa, after one hour of a really good teacher giving me all the help I need, I break into the East Coast Swing....I got some rather odd looks I can tell you.....I'm saying, "What? Did I miss the back step?" The man I was dancing with said, "No, you missed the whole damn shebang!" My face was redder than Rudolph's nose....needless to say I tearfully said to my darling man in the car on the way home.."Just put me in an old people's home.. I think I'm getting Alzheimer's again!" just hope I don't forget tomorrow that it is LAX that has the plane to take me home and start wandering the streets looking for my home.
I am still puzzling out what :Brain Fog Is" I will read these posts again, I think its forgetfullness.?

I LOVE the fog crossing sign !!!  = )
Hmmm lets see. So many to choose from, so little space to type them all out.
My most recent was when I quit smoking. I did great all day the first day at work and later when I got home Iwas ransacking the kitchen for food I could eat.
I got some string cheese out of the fridge and while I was putting stuff away I finnally noticed I was "smoking" the string cheese. LOL  When I laughed out loud at myself my hubby thought I was over the edge ( again)
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