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TSH 5.0

I posted on here before because my primary care doctor wanted me to stay on thyroid meds from 10 years ago since I had started rejecting it.  He tried me on Armour too and I rejected that also.  Went hyperthyroid from meds instead.

I went to an endocrinologist for expert advice.  She told me I never should have taken any thyroid meds by looking at my blood work from ten years ago and from 6 weeks ago.  So I have been taking this Levothyroxine for 10 years not really needing any.  She assured me that it doesn't hurt you to take extra and that primary doctors always prescribe thyroid meds when your TSH is over 4.  She said your thyroid just doesn't make as much TSH if your taking too much med. She said it can be up to TSH 10 and still be within normal ranges.

Being on this medicine has caused me much grief.  Just recently I spent all kinds of money at ERs because I thought I was having heart troubles, really too much thyroid meds.  Also all the years of calcium depletion I didn't have to suffer.  

Why can't doctors agree on what is normal TSH?
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A TSH of upto 10, were is youre endocrinologist coming from, another planet by the sound off things, anything over 5 is supposed to be hypo,
Upto 10 is not normal range at all,
Im sure some real thyroid experts will back me up on this.
My advice is get a new endo who knows the range.

What are your ranges ?
hope you get your problem sorted out.
Good luck
My advice is to run from that endo very fast.  If she is only going by TSH, she is not doing you any favors.

TSH is a pituitary hormone and is not a good indicator of actual thyroid function.  You need to be looking at both Free T3 and Free T4, which are the actual thyroid hormones, with Free T3 being the active hormone that the body actually uses.  

The AACE recommended several years ago that the reference range for TSH be changed to 0.3-3.0; however, a lot of labs and doctors are still using old ranges.  Although there are some people who may be comfortable with TSH at 10, provided the actual thyroid hormones are at a good level, most people will be hypo at that level (again depending on actual thyroid levels), so if she's letting you get that high, you might want to prepare for even more problems ahead.  

I'm not sure what you mean by "rejecting" the med - are you referring to going hyper?  That wouldn't necessarily be rejecting, that would simply be over medicated.  It would seem that maybe rather than getting completely off the med, you only needed a decrease in dosage or a different brand.  

I'm also not sure what you mean by your reference to calcium depletion.  From my research, I find this is a controversial subject, but some studies have shown that calcium loss (osteopenia/osteoporosis) should only be a problem if your Free T3 is too high and since you don't list any test results besides TSH, I can't respond on that.  

If you have test results for Free T3 and Free T4, please post them, along with the lab's reference range.  It would also be helpful if you could post results from your original diagnosis. In addition, if you've had any antibody testing to confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroid issues, please post those results as well.  If you've not had antibody testing done, I'd suggest that you do so.  
Where in the world is your endo coming from? A TSH of 10 is normal? Not quite. According to the new AACE guidelines that came out in 2002, the new range is 0.3-3.0. Anything over 3.0 is suggestive of possible hypothyroidism. Since you are in the 5.0 range, I would definately say Hypo, and you should continue the Synthyroid you are taking.

Next advice, as others have stated, find yourself an endo that isn't living in the dark ages, and knows the correct ranges.
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