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TSH and FreeT4 Levels -- what is the "real" "normal"...
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TSH and FreeT4 Levels -- what is the "real" "normal" range?

For the past two months I have had the following symptoms:
-dry hair/losing hair
-tingling in arms/feet
-sensitivity to cold

All of which I have learned are are symptoms of hypothyroidism.  I have also learned that both my father and his mother have hypothyroidism.

I had blood tests done and my TSH level was 6.06, which the doctor said was just "slightly elevated" and my Free T4 level was 1.0, which he said was "completely normal."

After researching what the "normal" levels are, it seems he is off on the TSH, which I have read anything above 2.0 is indicative of hypothyroidism.  I can't find as much info on the Free T4 levels.

Also, if it was just a standard blood test with no symptoms I feel that would be one thing, but the fact that I am truly not myself (I ran a marathon last year, and now running 2 miles requires a nap afterwards) and honestly just want to stay in bed all day.  Through blood tests they ruled out anemia and mono (and pregnancy).

Can anyone shed light on credible research on the "normal" blood levels?  I am going back tomorrow for follow-up blood tests, and if my PCP doesn't see an issue, I am going to make an appointment with an endocronologist.  It is just all very frustrating and overwhelming.
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I agree with you that you should pursue this with an endocrinologist, especially since the blood work results are accompanied by classic hypothyroid symptoms.  To get more information on thyroid function tests, I suggest two web sites: -- good basic yet thorough info on the menaing of hundreds of different lab tests.  This site also has an "Ask Us" feature where you can send your results to a Lab Scientist (usually not an MD) who can help you to decipher the meanign of your particular results. -- this one mentions that what is a "normal" level for some may not be normal for others. It also mentions the importance of finding an endocrinologist who will pay close attention to your symptoms and not jsut lab results alone.
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