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Thyroid and OCD-Anxiety

The last couple of days that every rough on me, my OCD-anxiety has been through the roof but only at certain times of the day.  I do take medications for my panic attack and anxiety but I'm plagued more with the anxiety.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism; to me it seemed to come on immediately.
But looking back I can say three weeks before I had any true signs of hypothyroidism my memory was slipping and a very typical time remembering things and I would do a lot of word search.

That one day I started to have cognitive issues any of you who have had experienced this will understand, I wasn't so much pain it was affecting everything muscles on my head, not to mention the overwhelming feeling of fear.

I went to the emergency room and that is when the Dr. told me that my thyroid levels were very low,
The Dr. Did not give me anything for my hypothyroidism at that time.

I had to wait two weeks before I could see an endocrinologist I was placed on Levothyroxine 200 mcg.

Things seem to go well but a year and six months ago, my panic attacks turned into severe anxiety attacks and now the Dr. has it listed as OCD-anxiety.

When the OCD-anxiety behaves, my world is great but I've been monitoring it I see that there's an increase almost weekly in my anxiety level.

So I briefly looked through symptoms of hypothyroidism and found Graves disease and Horimoto disease.

I was wondering if this was something that I had because of the thyroid I mean I've never heard of just having a bad thyroid something causes it right?

So I called my endo and asked her secretary to look into whether I had Graves ’ disease or Horimoto disease, because that would explain the increases in the anxiety and hormonal imbalances.

I received a call not from the Dr. But the secretary telling me that I have plain old hypothyroidism!

Call me ignorant for not knowing more about my thyroid issue, I do have many other things going on with me, that I am up to date on I have just neglected to learn about my thyroid issues.

Is there anyone other going through similar issues?

Is this something that can be prevented, if it is the thyroid that has increased the anxiety?
Is there a way to stop it?
How do I find out if my Endo is wrong?

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676032 tn?1315677663
Me, Im going through the exact same!

In a few months get tested again, cause the first time I got tested my antibodies were normal! Next time TGab were elevated..... So I have hashimotos!!!

***** thought, i want to be normal!
Avatar m tn
Hello ,
your post is too long !
it's not the right thing to start with initial dose of 200 mcg/week !!
I have hashimoto and have many OCD like symptoms !
I am not sure whether it will stop ,the only way to know is to see if they persist while your numbers show normal thyroid functioning !!

feel well !
Avatar n tn
I have been hypothyroid for ten years and had it under control until June when my whole world turned upside down. My TSH levels were high and the doctors changed my dosage of synthroid. Its only been two weeks on the new meds but my anxiety levels are at an all time high. So, I can sympathize with you. Are you taking any thyroid meds? Talk to your doctor about having a thyroid panel done and adressing those issues first. I truly believe that once your thyroid has been resolved that some of the anxiety will be relieved. At least thats what I'm trying to believe. I'm right there with you and will be happy to communicate if it helps. Hang in there.  Tracy
Avatar f tn
what did you mean by the muscles in your head?
Avatar f tn
thanks for answering me back,  but when you say pain can you describe what the pain felt like? or was it just a pain?
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