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Tired of my endo's office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I n...
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Tired of my endo's office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to Vent

I'm am so tired (especially of the nurse at my endo's office) ...okay off Xanax for two and a half days, don't handle that med well (I was addicted bad to it in 1995) Thought i could handle a low dose for 6 weeks, apparantly not. Two weeks ago I started a Beta Blocker Nadolol (generic Corgard). And Off my Synthroid for a week. Yesterday I got a rash on top of my left  thigh that burned not itched. So I called to see if it could be from the Nadolol, she says doctor don't think so but we're changing your Beta Blocker to atenolol... I've had a lot of mental stuff going that started from Meds (cipro) at the end of March...Some of The warnings for Atenolol is do not give with an overactive thyroid, or untreated thyroid growth!!! And report and mood/mental changes immediately, FOR cRying out loud, for having Hashitoxosis, swinging into hyper states daily, how would I know if I had anymore Mood changes/ Mental Changes. Also since being on the Beta Blocker, I think my Blood sugar Levels are going nuts!  Can't I just take the Nadolol If I need it, why daily? I'm exteremly sensitive to meds, if there's a possible side effect I get it. On the phone or in the office they act like more than thirty seconds of questions is going tobankrupt them!! When He told me I needed RAI, I started to ask some questions and he said there's nothing else to explain this is what you have and this is how we're going to treat it. Only testing besides bloodwork I've had is RAU scan. No ultrasound, no FNA, nothing. My right lobe is quite enlarged but he seems unconconered. I have limited insurance and the only other ENDO I could see is in the same office as him. My RAI is scheduled for May 10th, did anyone have this and get worse hyo symptoms!!  Also did anyone only take a Beta Blocker as needed? Did anyone have awful anxiety and tremors, night sweats going off there synthroid?
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   I can't answer your questions- sorry.

   Just wanted to let you know someone is here listening.

~ prayers for you~

Can't answer any of your medical questions, but can certainly sympathize about the dr's office.  

You'd think making copies of test results in a file would be an easy task.  But noooooooo!  Took them 3 tries to get copies of the test results I'd asked for AND they lost the CT report so I had to get another copy from the imaging center.

As for drs themselves, don't even get me started.  

I currently deal with Dr Doofette, my GP.  She's good for referrals, ordering tests and writing prescriptions.  Nothing else.  Don't ask her to actually diagnose or treat anything when test or imaging results show something "abnormal".

Next is Dr Doofus.  This is the ENT I was referred to when Dr Doofette was called on to dx my enlarged thyroid.  Not only did he completely disregard my lymph nodes and the right lobe of my thyroid, he didn't even bother to order antibodies tests.  And he wanted to do a lobectomy based on a non-diagnostic FNA (that he did)!    

The third dr doesn't have a nickname yet.  I'm thinking maybe Dr Dollar would work.  She's the endo I went to for a 2nd opinion regarding my test results.  She spent more time on my insurance info than she did on the physical exam.  She completely disregarded the fact that I've had hypo symptoms since puberty.  AND because I do research, ask questions, bring paperwork/test results/internet printouts to the appointments, and investigate alternative treatments, she called me a "nervous patient".  No kidding.  She actually said that.  She was so patronizing, I almost expected her to pat me on the head and give me a lollypop.

Guess I did get started, didn't I? *grin*
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