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Ultrasound Reports & Their Meaning
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Ultrasound Reports & Their Meaning

My thyroid ultrasound reports read as follows:
Right lobe of the thyroid gland measures 5cm by 2 cm.
Isthmus of the thyroid gland measures 5mm in depth.
Left lobe of the thyroid gland measures 5.3cm by 1.4 cm.
Right lobe nodule measures 6mm by 6mm by 6mm.
Isthmus lesion measures 3 mm by 2mm by 4mm.
Left lobe nodule measures 4mm by 2mm by 3mm.
The study is otherwise unremarkable.  
Impression:  Thyroid gland measurements as described above.

Three separate relatively subtle thyrod nodules as described above.

Can anyone please tell me what all this means.  I understand that I have nodules, but I also believe the overall size of the right and left lobes are enlarged.  My doctor is sending me for nuclear testing now, but I have no idea what I could be facing.  Please help.
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Sorry you didn't get an answer to your question, which is most likely because we don't know, or, due to so many repeat questions, perhaps it was answered in another post.  If you haven't already, you might go to the Doctor Thyroid Forum and ask Dr. Lupo at      OR
at left of page almost top, under "Thyroid Disorders" in red click on "thyroid" it will take you to the forum.

If you have posted more than one post per the sites rules for doctors forums, you probably won't get in.  Or if the forum is full and not taking any more questions for the day, you can try another day.

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I would like to understand  the ultrasound thryoid test  Report

"several small hypoechoic nodules are noted bilaterally"

"On the right ,there are two nodules.
"One measures  1.4 x 0.8
"and the other 1.2 x 1.1 cm   (Just how big/small is this ? )
"These are well demarcated ( What does this mean?)

"On the left , three smaller nonspecific nodules are identified "
"One contains a coarse calcification" (  What does this mean ?)

It would be  my guess these nodules are cyst
If  ( just if) this would be correct  , would they grow in time?

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If you meant to post to the doctor, go to the Ask an Expert forum.

Are they doing a Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) of the nodules. My endo does a FNA when they are >1cm.

Multiple nodules is usually a good sing (ie, not cancer).

They can grow over time, which is why they need to be followed up. Mine were just under 1 cn, and they will do a repeat ultrasound in 1 year.

I don't know about the calcification. This link is from Thyroid Manager about ultrasound:

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I just received the results of an ultrasound that I had done. At the bottom of the Ultrasound reading it says that the impression is: Hepatic steatosis and mild prominence.A 1.2 cm right renal interpole hy[oechoic lesion, most likely complicated cyst.

Can someone please explain all this to me?

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