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Undiagnosed low grade fever, heart palpitations
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Undiagnosed low grade fever, heart palpitations

I am a 26 year old female, 5 foot 3, and weigh around 95 pounds. People say I'm thin. I am not losing any weight - I have been around 95 pounds since I was 20. My work (I am a developer and systems analyst) involves sitting in front of my laptop for hours (sometimes more than 10), lots of mental work. Sometimes I do not sleep till early morning, and then get up in the afternoons. Sleep comes very easily to me. I always have a slight constipation. I cannot stand cold temperatures - I bathe with lukewarm water even in hot weather. My blood pressure is almost always at the lower side (90 systolic, 60 diastolic).

Here is my problem:

For the past one year or so, I have had low-grade fever (98.8 - 99.5 F) which occurs ONLY in the evenings - after sunset till midnight. This is accompanied with a slight burning of the eyes - that is how I know the fever has started. Sometimes I feel cramps and body discomfort. I cannot work or do anything during that time. I get palpitations when I lie down. This is started to increase lately.

1. My doctor had a chest x-ray taken, which came out to be normal. She was looking for any signs of tuberclosis (latent?). She said I was anaemic and gave me some iron and multivitamins.

2. She also had a blood ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) test taken. I had 2 tests taken from different labs, with a month in between. The values were 5 mm/hr (0-20 normal) the first time, and 13mm/1st hour (0-15 normal).

3. Had an ultrasound of the stomach and the pelvic area, which also came up fine.

4. The doctor also recommended a thyroid test. Here were the values:

TSH: 1.25 mU/L [0.4 - 4.5]
Free T3: 182 pg/dL [230 - 420 pg/dL]
Free T4: 1.25 ng/dL [0.8 - 1.5 ng/dL]

As you can see, my FT3 is way below normal.

The doctor says all is well and that such a light fever is nothing to worry about. But I feel SICK. And that's a problem for me.

After a lot of reading all over the Internet, I think I might have HYPOthyroidism. But I have no hint of weight gain. In fact, I can eat as much as I want and I never gain anything. I'm really confused and just want to get rid of this fever and palpitations. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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Normal temp is considered between 97.6 to 99.6.  Temp is always higher in the PMs and can change for different reason throughout the day. BB is not unusal for you age and weight.

Did doctor check for MVP, it shares a lot of thyroid symptoms, as well as other health conditions.

Your TSH does not suggest either hypothyroidism nor hyperthyroidism.
I would expect eye issues with being on the computer as much as you are as well as you sleep habits i.e. working late hours.
Palpations could be from your  intense work.

Your FT-3 could be health related not necessarily thyroid.  Retest in 6 months see how it stands then. Something could have interfered with the present levels...not unheard of.

FT-3 is low during acute and chronic calorie restriction (diet).  Also FT-3 is low during acute illness and starvation, and effected by several medications including Inderal, steroids, and amiodarone.  There is an increased risk of arrhythmias.   T3 is considered to be the regulation of the rhythm of the kidneys.

In 6 months if FT-3 is still real low, I would suspect conversion due to suspicion of above.   I would suggest you going to an Endo. who deals with many thyroid patients per year. Most deal with or specialize in, diabetes.

If you are inclined, go sooner.

Just my personal opinion as a thyroid patient.

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Your bloodwork doesn't suggest a thyroid problem but I am not a doctor.
My T3 and T4 were"normal" but TSH was not. I wish I had your TSH.
I had ultrasound for goiter and it showed diffuse heterogeneous thyroid and nodules, so am now on meds.

My aunt was thin, had a heart attack at 30 and her autopsy revealed a goiter that had grown so large it had invaded her chest  wall. It's not so unusual.  Sources say gaining weight from the actual underactive thyroid problem is a less frequent symptom than other symptoms.

My chief symptom was the very common fatigue.

Dehydration can cause your heart to speed up, as can stress... or deconditioning, you said you sit a lot at work?
Hope you find some answers.
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Hi GravesLady and kitcurious,

Thank you both for responding, it has really helped hearing your opinions and comments. GravesLady, thanks for explaining the function of T3 in layman's terms - it makes a lot more sense now. I will do what you've suggested and repeat the test after a few months. In the meanwhile, I am going to take greater care of my diet (start eating 3 meals a day!) and drinking a lot more water. I also intend to start sleeping when most people do (in the nights :o)). Thanks again for both your comments.
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