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This patient support community is for discussions relating to thyroid issues, goiter, Graves disease, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, metabolism, parathyroid, pituitary gland, thyroiditis, and thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH).

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WELCOME to the Thyroid Disorders Community ...

Welcome to the Thyroid Disorders Community!

If you or a loved one has experienced thyroid concerns of any kind that has affected your life, you've found the right place.

If you just found out you have a nodule and need a biopsy (FNA), here is a great FAQ Article which will answer many of your ?'s

You'll find we are a very supportive and caring group of people who, are just like you, and understand how your thyroid can affect every aspect your life. We understand you may be shy to make that first post's ok we all were there once, too!  But keep in mind that no question is to big or small, we are eager to help.

*  8/5/10:  All treatment options may be discussed on our community, keeping in mind that Complementary Medicine is a "sister" community where you an also talk about thyroid treatment.

Please feel free to look around the forum and get to know the options you have on your personal profile.

There is an option to view the 'community archives' located next to the green 'post a question' button. In it you will find the forum’s past questions and posts regarding thyroid disorders and some of the possible treatments you may have had or would like to learn more about. If you have suffered from thyroid issues, check out the 'health pages' option in the upper right corner of the forum. You will find some great, resourceful information on symptoms and the different options available to treat your pain as well as research, testimonials, and guides to reading your lab work!

You have many options on your personal profile. You can change your My MedHelp theme, add a 'Baby Page',  'add' friends, send 'private messages' and post 'notes' to the other members of MedHelp, as well as add Trackers.  

Please make sure you look at our Thyroid Tracker! It's a wonderful way to track your symptoms & medicines, all at a glance with graphic charts and area for journals!  Using the Thyroid Tracker gives you the ability to e-mail it to your doctor as a point-of-reference before or during your appointment so he/she can see the direct correlation between symptoms and medicine and/or dosing, change of meds, etc.  Take a look at it -- I guarantee you, you will start using it!

Thyroid HormonesTracker:

You'll also find you have a 'Journal' on your profile. You can write anything you like in your journal and chose to make it public for any other MedHelp member to see, allow only your friends to view it or keep it private for only you.   You may also want to fill out a little bit of information about yourself on your personal profile so we can all get to know more about you as you post and comment in the community.

We're so glad you have found us here and really look forward to getting to know you better, as we learn how your condition has affected you and your quality of life.

We want to make sure this community stays as helpful and supportive as can be. So, If you ever have any ideas or comments on how this forum can offer even more help and support, or have any concerns or issues, please feel free to private message your Community Leaders, Stella5349, Laura1967 or ChitChatNine.  


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168348 tn?1379360675
I have been a member of this fabulous board since Nov. 2006 when I first found out I had 2 thyroid nodules.  Since that very first posting, I cannot begin to tell you all how much this board has helped me with my thyroid issues from detection to surgery to medication to acceptance!  This is something I will always hold dear to my heart.

I view our Thyroid Community as a fence .. the fence we build is built post by post and until every post is answered our job will not be done.  Through the sincere efforts of everybody in this community we WILL BUILD THAT FENCE and as we do .. WE WILL HELP EACH OTHER and when we are having a good day maybe give support/lend a hand, tell a joke --  and when we are having a bad day, perhaps, reach out for support & know we will get support from our friends.  

It is the uniquue dynamics of our own Community we see on this board day in and day out that sets us apart .. reminds us WE ARE NOT ALONE and makes us a true, solid community dedicated to helping each other.  To me, that is something very special and very proud to be a part of .. and, I think you may feel the same way, too!

So to all of us on the Community ... pat ourselves on the back for a job well done .. a job in process .. lending a hand ..helping each other, and in the process maybe having some fun!

As your Co-Community Leader my door is always open .. I check my messages and the board many times a day .. any question, suggestion or concern is never too big or too small .. If I don't know the answer, I will try my best to find the answer for you and/or pass it along to MedHelp directly.

We all have one thing in common -- Our Community has thyroid concerns.  This is what brings us together and will keep us together ..... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!  


393685 tn?1425816122
I am here to share what I know and offer support.

I also appreciate getting feedback and support back when I call on it too.

Also - I am here now to continue giving AR a hard time!!! LOL

(just joking people)  He is my rock of information.
440728 tn?1234648902
Don't ever leave! This place could never be the same without you. I'm not being a creep I'm just telling it as it is. You guys saved me at the beginning when I was new and youn still save me now on bad days!
213044 tn?1236531060
I'm here to be Stella's punching bag. It's good therapy for her, and I get a buck a punch, so...I'm getting rich! LOL!!

That's a joke. Stella's a sweety. ;-)

I came here in May '07, with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of anger. I'd like to think the balance has shifted between the two. I'm still not happy with my situation, but thanks to the members here I feel like I am part of a group that understands and actually cares.

I've learned a lot, and I still have much to learn. This board, of the many I have investigated, perused, or joined, is by far the best I have found.

There are experienced members who collectively have been through just about every type of experience a thyroid problem can bring into your life. The traffic is brisk enough that most questions get several responses, which is nice. With all the brain fog floating around, the more heads involved, the better. LOL!

Plus, I get to tell lame jokes all day long. :o)

Once in a while a question gets missed, often because the member with the answer hasn't seen it. We all have different areas of knowledge and varying experiences. If your question does not get answered in a day, find it on page two and bump it back to the top of page one so it can be seen again. Just say "bump", or, "anybody got a thought on this?".

It's not that you're being ignored. It's just that the person with the answer didn't see it the first time around.
Avatar f tn
I still check in with this forum to see if I can help others who suffer from the rare side effect of low calcium after a total thyroidectomy.  I had a TT in July 2006, and my parathyroids are finally starting to work normally!  

Through a correspondent I met on the forum, I was inspired to ask my doctor about cutting down the meds that were helping me absorb more calcium but inhibiting my parathyroids' ability to function on their own (thanks Deb).

It's great to feel that one is not alone on this journey.

487969 tn?1249316891
I am so thankful for this community.  It has given the only insight into my crazy thyroid mess.  THANK YOU THYROID COMMUNITY!
155701 tn?1230050701
I, too, am so very thankful for this forum.  I live alone and have no one to help me through what has become a very difficult time in my life, but this forum and the people on it have been wonderful.  They've answered my questions and made me feel not so quite alone in this.  It's great to have someone to talk to and a "shoulder to cry on".  THANK YOU!
219241 tn?1413541365
I seriously do not know how I would have coped without my fellow thyroidians help.The way they understand, and accept and know what I go through, because they go through it too, has been unbelievable. I am so glad that turned up near the top search when I googled Thyroid Forums. I have learnt so much about my own condition and am making it my goal to help those who feel confused and uncertain in their new diagnosis.
   I remember feeling uncertain. I really am a private person and don't like 'forums' as such. This one has become my new home and the family I have here now, know me better than my own family.
  So rock on in and join us...we really are a very kind and warm bunch of endocrine challenged people!
393685 tn?1425816122
I am glad I went back to view the posts.

AR - "You want to go??"  - (just kidding my Hashi/Graves dude)

479581 tn?1317761088
Cheryl and Stella,
This community has helped me in lots of ways since I was lucky enough to find it.  I can ask a question and much count on getting an answer, opinion or someone might just say "hi".  I feel like the people in the community have become friends.  I visit daily and keep up with what's going on and worry when a member is facing a tough situation or isn't feeling well.  The most important thing I've gained is the knowledge that when my time comes to face bigger thyroid challenges, the community here wil be there for me.

Thanks for all you do.


369861 tn?1306279286
To the Thryroid Community....
I want to thank all of you for all the help that you gave to me.
I feel lucky to have found this site.  I came on for a few days and just read what everyone esle posted.  Then I got brave enough to post my own question.

I am not as knowlegable as some of the others on this board, but I try to have input where I have a little knowlege.  I enjoy trying to help others, knowing that others have helped me.

This thyriod community is great for anyone who needs the great thyroidians assitance.

Take care Cheryl and Stella, The piece was well written and to the point.

536009 tn?1293194381
Glad I found this board............never realized how complex it all is..........

It is good to have such a wonderful place to come to for information and support.

Avatar n tn
To All

I am so very grateful that I have found this forum.  Since finding 2 nodules  through ultrasound, I have been frightened and stressed out.. BUT finding this forum has given me a great deal of information and support that I feel empowered with knowledge.  I too never realized how complex it all is..the human body is an amazing!
458072 tn?1291418786
This community has been a God send to me. I do so appreciate the support and knowledge I have gained from the members.

I have received more support, emotionally speaking, than I have from my own family.

Words can't describe what it means to have people understand what you are going through, and can totally relate. It validates the illness, and makes you feel less "crazy."

This disease can do that just that to you, and having someone to help you through it, give you some words to help you be able to make it through another day....

Also to be able to lift someone else's spirit and help them carry their load, is a wonderful thing too.

This place is a blessing to me....and each of you here, are as well.
480320 tn?1218499945
I am glad that even after a busy few weeks of moving kiddos from place to place, I can still come back and read up on the forum.  I am always learning new things about Hashi's as it relates to me and my life and I want to thank you all for making it easy to keep up.  Even if I don't make a post for a long time, I still come back from time to time to just read.  Thanks!!
200220 tn?1361955154
Just checking back in as I have been away for a month with no computer.  This forum has been a life saver for me and you two especially.  I am glad you have taken the responsibility that you have as you are good and expend a lot of energy for all of us to draw upon.  Thank you for that.  This seems to be a longer recovery that I expected it to be.  I am waiting for the results of my blood tests taken Tues.  I have had Vit. D therapy and also am waiting for those results.  Things are better, I was able to go away and that is a big step so not complaining but seem to be still recovering from the thyroid gone wild and subsequent steps to quiet it down.  Thanks for all you both do and all the rest who take the time to post.  love linda
185634 tn?1257074739
A lot of you won't know who I am, as I haven't posted here in quite some time.  Most of the reason is because I feel really good now, and don't come to the forum much.  However, I just had my one year anniversary of my TT on August 6th, and it made me stop and think of where I was a year ago.

My journey was very scary.  First of all, I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma in late June.  This was a huge shock to me.  The only thing I knew about the thyroid gland before that, was that it controlled metabolism.  Oh boy, did I find out that it does much more than that thanks to some research and many of the wonderful people here on the forum.

Then came my surgery in August.  I had never had surgery before, so imagine my anxiety!  I was assured that the surgery was fairly easy and recovery was fast.  My surgery lasted 4 hours and when I came to, I found that I couldn't swallow anything liquid without choking.  After a visit to the ENT doc, they found that neither vocal cord was moving - hence my issues.  I had a hard time talking, breathing and swallowing.  This lasted for a month, and was absolutely horrible and scary!

Notice my of my dear friends here on the forum gave me that, as I found that if I took some water into my mouth, then bent at the waist - I could actually swallow with minimal choking.  Hence the drinking bird.  The humor definitely helped me, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to get rid of my picture because of it!

Six weeks later came the LID and RAI.  Thank God my vocal cords were a bit better, because I quickly found that I didn't like being hypo.  I don't think I've ever felt as bad as I did those few weeks!  My TSH had climbed to 154 by the time I had my treatment dose.  It took about a week on the meds to feel halfway human again.

I pretty much lived on the forum at that time, and there are SO many people that supported me and got me through a very difficult time.  I wanted to let you know that I appreciate each and every one of you!  It would have been a lot harder going through it without you all.

I'm happy to report that thyroid wise, I'm feeling great.  In fact, sometimes I forget that I don't have one!  My levels are right where the doctors want them for cancer suppression, although not so hyper that I feel bad.  I got my energy back, and I'm amazed at how my hair is growing back!  (this after having to clean the drain at least twice during my shower).  I know I still have a long road ahead of me, but at least it's less bumpy.  For now.  My last visit to the ENT, I was told that one vocal cord is at 100%, the other is about 85%.  The only time I notice it is when I sing and try to hit a high note.  I'm sure there are several people that are thankful for that!!  ;-)

I go back in October for my yearly WBS, and luckily my insurance has approved the thyrogen shots.  I'm so very thankful for that!  I hope and pray that nothing is found, but know that I still have a few years to go after that.  It sure helps knowing that if I have any questions, or just need emotional support - this forum is here.

Again, thanks to all who helped me through a rough time.  I'm really going to try to be on the forum more, and post when I can be of some help.  I know how much it meant to me, and I can only hope to help others the same way.  This forum is wonderful and the people here are great.  Thanks so much!!!

Avatar f tn
I just found this board last night and I am so thankful!  Reading some of the past posts has made me feel a bit better that I am not completely alone!
158939 tn?1274918797
Welcome new friends (and big {{{{WAVE}}}}} to the "old" ones)

This forum has been such a wonderful place to chat, vent, and support.  There is a lot of great info out here.

Between work, all my other physical problems, and "life" I'm not on the board as much as possible *BUT* if anyone has any questions about thyroid cancer, please, please, PLEASE send me a note or a PM.

Here's a little bit of my story:

Had an unrelated CT scan in 2003.  They found a small nodule on my thyroid and encouraged followup.  My wonderful internal medicine specialist (I MISS YOU "DOOGIE"!!) ordered a thyroid ultrasound and labs.  Labs were normal but the nodule in the right lobe was complex.  I was able to see the ultrasound and could see that, although it was small (5mm) it was irregular and made of solid and fluid.  After some research and talking to "Doogie" (not his real name - he's in good doctor protection) he steered me to a *wonderful* surgeon that I call St. Theresa.  I decided to skip the FNA and just get the lobe out.   Down side was that they didn't discover the cancer (papillary carcinoma) until I was in the recovery room so I only had one lobe out.

A few months after that, my youngest sister was in a minor car accident.  They found a thyroid nodule while taking her chest x-rays.   She had a FNA which was benign but decided that it "didn't feel right" so she had the surgery anyway.  She had papillary carcinoma in both lobes and in her lymph nodes.  After that the other three sisters all ran out and had ultrasounds - all had nodules.  One opted for an FNA (also benign) but opted for the surgery anyway - hers was also papillary carcinoma.  All had surgery (with St. Theresa)

That is four sisters and me:  four of us with papillary carcinoma and the other had atypical (precancerous) nodules - all within about 9 months.

I *ran* out and had ultrasounds performed on my two children's thyroids.  Son was fine but daughter had some very large nodules.  Hers ended up also being precancerous and one was compressing her jugular.

Because of all of this I opted to have the other lobe removed just 12 months after the first surgery.  It was benign but I'm glad that I did it because two years later I had a recurrence (in my thyroid bed) and had RAI.

As of last fall, I have a small spot in my head and some uptake in my liver (which scarred the bile ducts but that's another story).

My youngest sister had three recurrences and doses of RAI (one showed spread to her breasts).   She also had a beautiful daughter after her last treatment.

I've also had some complications including arthritis (RA and osteo), ovarian cysts, bone thinning, and scarring in the liver (to name a few) but I'm alive!

Yeah, we are the family with the "non-hereditary" form of thyroid cancer.  Lucky us.

So, if you have any thyroid cancer questions, I'm no medical expert - just becoming an expert patient.   :-(

Oh.  One word of advice:  don't take any cr@p from doctors (something that many, many of us have to learn along this journey).

Feel free to ask away and huge HUGS to all who are here.

papillary carcinoma '03
recurrence and RAI '06 and probably '08
three sisters with papillary carcinoma (one with three recurrences/RAI)
one sister and a daughter with precancer
Avatar f tn
This forum has been so supportive and comforting in my darkest hours.  I love to drop by when I can and put my 2 cents worth in and replace the good that has been given.  Its also good to stay connected as a reminder.  Its so easy to slip back into an unhealthy lifestyle.

4/07 - Physical finds nodule
7/07 - Got into see an Endo (wait and see 3 months)
10/07 - New ultrasound (6 months after last one) finds significant growth.
11/05/07 - Biopsy
11/9/07 - Received call with diagnosis (Cancer).
11/29/07 - TT (diseased on both sides, nodule attached to trach and one of 5 lymph nodes involved).
1/3/08 - RAI
1/10/07 - Whole Body Scan (shows only lightup in neck ~ WOO HOO). Could be worse!
3/17/08 - Post Endo appt with blood test results (tsh is .044). T4 i elevated at 1.84. Meds lowered from 150 to 137.
7/2008 - TSH is .03, T4 is 1.62.  All good now for Cancer suppression.
Avatar m tn
Ran across this info, which provides a lot of details about the the poor correlation of patients' symptoms and need for medication, to their TSH levels.

Thought this might make a good addition to the Health Pages.
635433 tn?1223047917
Hi all just learning how to work this site am i doing it right?
536139 tn?1273189552
Hi Blonde!

Yes, you are doing it right!  You can also post on an existing thread, or start your own!  Welcome to MedHelp!
519035 tn?1348279373
Hi you guys, I just wanted to thank you all for helping me get as far as you have. I try and talk to family members about this brain fog, and they just laugh at me. I was talking to one of my best friends tonight and she doesn't think I am so crazy. I am aa believer that we will all get better. My fog is definately on its way to lifting now, so I am having some clear clear moments, and then back. I have my endo appointment soon. Hopefully he won't base how I feel on numbers, but by looking at me. I know my anxiety will calm down once I am on the right dose. So thanks again.
Avatar f tn
Welcome Twinny!
Great site, great people,...heaps of understanding and different vies on ALL treatments.
Great to have you here at long last !


Debs xxx
Avatar f tn
Can't believe i found this site been looking for a site for people like myself to talk too people who understand what it feels like ! thanks hopefully i'll meet some new friends too x
667016 tn?1238895504
Hi ChitChatNIne & all other 'thyroidians'!!!

So glad I've found this forum.........need likeminded ppl who fully understand what I'm going thru!!!! Friends & family are great till they've heard enough & start rolling their eyes. Hmmm, time to share/vent/scream/cry somewhere else! Lol.

Here's my journey so far - Dx'ed with toxic multi nodular goitre (hyperT) Oct/Nov 06 (huh, what's a thyroid?? Lol). Had bloodtests, ultrasound, scans & FNB. Found 2 nodules, 1 hot, 1 cold - 1 of them quite large - had trouble swallowing. GP referred me to surgeon asap. Got put on semi urgent surgery waiting list & in Jan 07 I had a TT, in hospital 4 days & back at work 1.5 wks later. Had a rough time - went hypo, back working 5 days a week & coping with a toddler (sole parent). Started off on 50mcgs thyroxine & over the past 2 yrs have done the hypo/hyper yo yo, had 7 dose changes, upped it myself to 200mcgs 4 months ago. Felt like the walking dead ever since surgery, have put on 20kgs, suffer really bad fluid retention (legs, arms, face, eyelids), have had an on going period for many yrs, extreme brain fog & could sleep for days on end. Battled with GPs - got Rx antidepressants & Reductil (what the?), Endo says levels are fine & I'm depressed & need to exercise more!, Gyno Rx 'the pill'  - had internal pelvic ultrasound & pap smear - all clear. Ditched the antidepressants after 2 days (was a zombie) then the pill after 5 months - made no difference. Did research & found a GP who Rx Natural Thyroid Extract. Sacked my GP, Endo & Gyno. Am on week 3 of TE, upping the dose 30mgs a week while weaning off the Thyroxine (synthetic T4).  Since I've been on TE my period has stopped (1st time in 5 yrs!!!!) & I'm starting to feel better already, fingers xed the weight starts to come off!

Anyhoo, sorry this was soooooo long, but thanks for letting me share my story - looking forward to meeting you all & making new friends.

Rach xx
470630 tn?1235664141
hi, i havent posted here in a while. i am a 32yr old female, and have been hypothyroid for 7yrs. it was first diagnossed when i went for routine bloods for a niggling back pain i had for some time. although i was always feeling tired,cold,slow in general, i never imagined there was a medical reason for my 'symptoms'. up until then i just assumed it was the way i was!! so it was a blessing in disguise when my dr told me i had this condition. not long after starting treatment i became pregnant with my first daughter, now 6, and stupidley my dr decided that it was best to not start meds until i gave birth. my bloods throughout pregnancy were good but at the lower end of 'normal'. i sailed through my pregnancy and felt fine, although tired (but also just thought this was part and parcel of being pregnant!).  when my daughter was born by cs  my routine bloods were done. i received a call from my dr to go see her urgently. she said that my thyroid levels were dangerously low and she had never seen numbers like it! i cant quite remember what they were but she said that she was surprised that i was even standing upright and not horizontal! so since then (2002) i have been on thyroxine. i started on 300 and gradually reduced to 150, which i have more or less stayed. i went on to have another daughter in 2006, but continued my medication throughout and felt really well. my daughter came 4wks early and shocked even my gyny!!. nowadays im very stable and still remain on 150mcgs of eltroxin thyroxine. i continue to have bloods done every 6mths and always keep up to date. thanks for 'listening' to my story and i cherise the knowledge of others who understand us thyroidodians!   xxxxxxxxx lisa
Avatar f tn
I have been on a rotating wheel having various test done since last May.  Somehow, I feel all these things must be connected and no one is connecting the dots.  I had a CT Scan to rule out possible pulmonary embolism.  It ruled this out but showed an enlarged thyroid with multiple nodules.  I was sent to an Endocrinologist.  I had previously had a THS which was normal.  He order antibody testing and an ultrasound. When I called the office I was told the labs were normal and he would see me again in a year.  So my internist yesterday and obtained a copy of the ultrasound report.  It showed a diffusely enlarged thyroid.  Rt Lobe had a 5mm cyst and 6mm hypoechoic nodule.
Left Lobe a 3mm cyt at the upper pole with multiple small hypoechoic nodules ranging in size from 4 to 11mm as wellas a 4mm complex cyst.  

Should further testing be done at this time?  I also wander what its connection might be to the fatty liver I have been diagnosised with.  I don't drink, as my doctor said, "I am not that overweight", and my tryglyerides are only slightly above 180.  Hormones all are related in some way.

Avatar n tn
I am to have a right thyroid lobectomy on Dec. 5th.  But in the last couple of weeks. My voice is going and I am a little problems with a cough and maybe asthma.  Has anyone else had these kind of problems.  I am on inhalers and so far they aren't doing much.  My ENT says it has nothing to do with the thyroid nodule that he will remove.  
Is there one out there that can tell me if they had surgery, how long it took to recover.  My doctor says all I need is a week.  In my position, is talk all day and I am having a terrible time now.  Any advise would be helpful.
Avatar f tn

like to say tht this is a gr8 community
doing gr8 work and we get a lot of help from all the
community leaders and the members.
so plz keep up the good work
691224 tn?1227402500
Im here.  about to get a full thyroidectomy.  really scared about what its gonna do to my body.  im trying to remain calm, but i just can't.  hoping to find help here.. hope to meet some new friends here..
324691 tn?1302555442
Hi guys, I am back again. I am headed for surgery for the second time this year after my total T last january. After being on 3 grains of Armour for 7 months, they found a parathyroid tumor. Seems this is why I have never been able to stay steady on any of my meds like synthyroid, or levothyroxine alone. My calcium is 9.5 and my Vit D crashed at 10. Normal is .32-100. My kidney labs are >39 Thank God I got on CQ10 months ago, so my cholesterol is 145. My HDL is at 37. It should be at 60. My TSH is 0.67 which is perfect on Armour. The lab here cites 0.42-4.34 as normal. So I am good. I still have high blood pressure because of the low vit D issue but now I take 4,000 units a day of D3. I woill keep you posted. Missed you all! God Bless...PS I am open for suggestions here......
786881 tn?1236560228
I am really excited to have found this forum.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's when I turned 30 with just a regular physical and no symptoms and refused medication.  A year later the symptoms were hitting and getting worse and I finally went on medication.
   Symptoms change and get worse, my meds keep going up, and now I've changed doctors.  It's really interesting to see all the different types of Thyroid issues there are and how they differ from each other.  A friend of mine was just diagnosed with Graves disease.  It's too funny because you put us together and it's looking at night and day.  I'm dead on my feet and she can't keep still.
   This forum is going to be a great help, since it looks like things will continue to change and there are some symptoms I have that I have not read elsewhere and I've had a Doctor tell me it's unrelated.  To hear other's here say, no they have the same issues, makes me feel better.
785921 tn?1236382311
I am so happy to be here.
Avatar m tn
It's nice to know others are out there too!!!
823431 tn?1238599286
Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I am new to the community and have been doing some research on my own.
Glad to see I am not alone :)

Avatar n tn
Hi to the forum and im so glad i am not alone in this as i often do.
874705 tn?1243843327
Hello and a great big THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and stories.  I thought maybe it was just me - all in my head (now supported by recent lab results - so HA!)- that all these crazy symptoms were just an added bonus from having gone through breast cancer treatment.

So here I am, on a new forum learning from the real experts (having/going through it) what to do and most importantly what NOT to do.

Anyone develop thyroid problems post chemo and/or radiation?

Blessings to all for improved and continued health.

Avatar f tn
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's a year ago and put on levothyroxine. I've gained a lot of weight and am always exhausted. Is it the meds or the thyroiditis? Also, I have a couple of nodules but the diagnosing doctor said he was just going to monitor them for a while. My secondary problem seems to be getting his office staff to take my questions, and the timely refills of my meds seriously. I ordered the refill a week ago, I am completely out, and the office still hasn't okayed the refill. Is it a problem if I go without the levothyroxine that long? Any suggestions?
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I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  My TSH third generation results were  9.234 back on March 5, 2009.  I started synthroid a few days laters @ 50mcg a day.  On April 22, 2009 I had more blood work done and the TSH third generation results are 0.903.  My sister was diagnosed about 7 years ago with Graves Disease and the Doctor's used radiation on her thyroid.  It's been a long battle of changing the dose of her meds to keep her hormones in a normal range.  Which of course worries me.  I know it takes a while to start feeling better, but how can the blood work show my thyroid went from HIGH to almost LOW in little over a month and half...will I eventually level out?

Enough of my It is past my bedtime!  So, I will close for now with a thank you for having a community filled with people just like me!  :)

Thanks again,
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Dear All,

I posted my question for few days, but no reply at all.....can anyone pls help?

My test results
TSH----------2.14 mU/L
T3, Free-----0.35 ng/dl
T-4, Free----1.2 ng/dl

is tat normal....i hv been taking OCP for a year time, will it affect the test result?

I am a bit seems like i got the symptoms that shown i m havin hypothyroidism....

cold intolerance
weight gain, hard to lose weight even though i went through slimming program
abnormal menstrual cycle, heavy menstrual
muscle cramps sometimes
easily feel upset, mood swing easily...kind of depression
itchy, dry, sensitive skin
paleness sometimes

pls give me some advices...

thanks alot.


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Hi, all! I'm new this past week. I just love this site and the trackers. I have been diagnosed with 'mild' parathyroid disease, even though my body would complain that my symptoms are not mild.

Also, the doc just did a biopsy of three nodules in my thyroid area. I'm waiting for those results and trying to stay positive. I am also waiting for my doc to refer me to have parathyroid surgery.

Thanks, moderators, for a great place to share.
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I'm a so many things going on for the past 2-3 months.  First, I had noticed that my lymph gland on rt side just under my jaw was swollen...went to Dr, she felt it and said yes it is swollen...gave me an antibiotic...took all the meds and it still felt swollen...called Dr and told her, she gave me another script for antibiotics!!  I was just about done with the second round of meds when out of the blue, my Parotid gland blew up, with pain in my neck, ear and jaw.  Went to the Dr, my doc's  associate and he said I may have a stone in my salivary duct!! I didn't even know that that could happen.  He ordered a CT w/contrast of the rt side of my face...the CT found an aneurysm on the left side of my brain behind the eye, an enlarged lingual tonsil, a nodule in the Parotid gland, a hypodense mass in my thyroid and chronic sinusitis!!  I made appt with a neurosurgeon for the aneurysm, he says, it's small (4mm) have a different CT and we will watch it closely, surgery would be very complex and since it's small and smooth...we just watch it...WHEW!!  Went to ENT for the other things found on the original CT, lingual tonsils looked large but, healthy to her...she said we'll put the parotid thing on hold cuz, it's most likely an enlarged lymph gland, but, you need a Fine Needle Biopsy of the mass in your thyroid...had that done and no cancer...Whew again!!  Had a TSH and it was normal at .98.  Of course, I have read on here that normal isn't always normal, plus, I have almost every single symptom of Hypothyroidism...except one...I am not cold...I have to have the air conditioner on when it's 50 outside and I sweat like crazy!!  I also have dry eyes and extremely dry mouth, and many symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome!!  Also, I have tingling in my hands and sometimes my feet too...and my hands and fingers are very swollen, painful, and on the first joint past the fingernail on my index fingers I have these nodules that are hard and very painful...possibly rheumatoid arthritis!!!  Believe it or not, I have kept my spirit up and I have not cried.....yet!!  But, I am going crazy waiting to see an Endo and a Rheumy...I just want to know what is going on and get some help with all these hands hurt so bad that it's painful just to hold the vacuum handle and wash the dishes...Oh, I'm also Diabetic, Type 2 on insulin...I won't even go into all the other stuff that is wrong with me, I have been on disability since 2000 and I'm only 56...

Is it possible to have hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism at the same time??
I have also joined the autoimmune forum, as I have learned that thyroid, Sjogren's, and Rheumatoid Arthritis are all autoimmune anyone else out there that is having any or all of these health issues??? Thanks so much for reading this very long post and if you have any ideas, suggestions, or advice, or even a good joke...lay it on me...
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You should have started an entirely new thread with that many interesting things in it.

I wish I would have found this place back when I was going through my initial thyroid issues.  I spent numerous hours looking up information on hyperT, RAI, hypoT, medications, symptoms, symptoms of medications, etc.  So much information out there by doctors, but couldn't find much from actual sufferers.  This forum would have been so helpful to me while I was going through my roller coaster see how others handled the issues and such.  I'm lucky at this point that my roller coaster ride is slowing way way down, and I have an endo who's caring and open to MY suggestions for medications and changes.

Interesting thing I did find when I was doing my hours of Googling was a site run by an endocrinologist who stated that hypoT DOES NOT CAUSE WEIGHT GAIN.  He had to be joking or out of his mind.  Just about everything I read from sufferers were RAPID WEIGHT GAIN after RAI.  I just thank God that the endo who runs that site is not my endo.
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You're probably right, I should have started a new thread...still kinda new here and learning the ropes...;)
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LOL, you're a day newer than I am.

Hope I didn't come across as bossy...I was truly interested in all that you had to say, and seeing others' comments.

And here I thought I had it bad!  I feel for ya.
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This is my first experience on this website. I didn't even know that these kinds of websites exsisted, I sure could have used this 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had no one to talk to. I am still learning new things everyday about my disease and am completely amazed at how much it affects my body and my emotions. I am pretty sure that during the first couple of years I was a lunatic, just ask my   I am excited to be a part of this and I hope I can help others understand what they are going through.
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Are you per chance on Yaz? I had mock hypo symptoms on Yaz. They were so bad, I was in and out of the dr. for about 3mo. She did test my thyroid and TSH was only 2.7. But she did say that Yaz can affect your adrenals. I don't know how that relates to thyroid symptoms but that's what happened to me. Perhaps switching OCP's will help.

Maybe it was just a quirk with me though since now I really am having thyroid problems 3-years later...?
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Hi, I am Patty I was diagosed with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism Autoimmune in March of this year. I was told nothing was wrong by one Dr and I found differrent sites like this one with lots of information and others like me. On a link from one web site I found this bill on Capitol Hill at the Thomas Library of Congress, HR 2084, Prevention, Awareness, and Research of Autoimmune Diseases Act of 2009.

I was very upset to find that I suffered needlessly and had to find a specialist on the web to take me without a referal. I found only one in this big city. The one Lab 84443 TSH is seriously out dated. I have backed tracked the disease with some of my symptoms to at least 3 years of suffering. I had to up the meds on my 90 day follow up visit and noticed a change for the good after two pills.

Please read the bill, I don't want others to suffer as much as I did. My brother is showing symptoms of Grave's disease and still suffering cause their labs have not been updated.
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I just found this board after doing a few searches of low calcium after a TT (which I just had last Thursday, July 23rd).

I've had a roller coaster of a ride with my thyroid and now that it's gone I'm hoping things will start to improve or not. We shall see.

I'm just glad to have found somewhere to come to ask questions to people who are going or have gone through what I'm going through.
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hi all--new as of today to the community and forum. i was recently diagnosed with graves and after research and a lot of soul searching and talking with my awesome fiance decided on RAI. i'm at peace with my decision, but am trying not to be scared about what's going to come for me in terms of dealing with the treatment and hypo to come. i'm so happy to have stumbled upon your supportive community, it is what i need for sure!
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hi everyone!

i've had an underactive thyroid for many years; it was discovered when i was about 5 yrs old while i was in hospital for heart surgery; i just take the pills!
touch wood no problems, the odd change in dose but that's about it

i have just posted about the possible links between soya intake and effectiveness of thyroid medication as i've only learnt about this lately, this week in fact!
still doing my own research!
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Thank you for such a warm welcome..Was dx Hashi and Hypo in June, also have a goiter with 11mm nodual waiting biopsy...Started 100mg a day thyroxine.   3/6/09
free T4- 7.9pmol/L Ref. Range (10.0-19.0)
TSH-144 mIU/L (0.50-4.00)
Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase > 1300 ( 286 (<60)
100mcg Thyroxine
dx Hashimoto
dx Hypo
11mm Nodual  Dawn.
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Please help me to understand the following test results:
TSH: <.10
T4, Free 1.7
Thyroid Scan:  Utilizing 253 micorcuries of the I-123 uptakes we 3.2% at 6 hours and negligible at 24 hours.  I do not see any significant in either lobe.  There is abnormal uptake very low and no sufficient acitivity seen in either lobe of the gland, indication hypothyroidism presumably from previous treatment for hyperthyrodism.  
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Hi I am new to hypothyroidism. I found a lot of information on Mary Shomon's web site and She has written a few books which answered many of my questions. My labs are listed under new members, New to Hashimoto's/menopause disorder by me, Patty. Check it out
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Hello, I am new here and am really researching on this thyroidism or Hypothyrodism sounds more like me...just @exactly what u wrote even being colder in the house....everyone else is freezing when I am still warm. I don't know if I have it how can I get a list of symptoms. I am just trying the process of elimination. I have been dx w/carpel tunnel in both hands and haven't worked since Feb.'04.How is that possible?My feet have some edema and right is totally numb. My left does weird things when I get out of tub..feels like a sharpened stick w/a spounge on the end.Hands and feet have both been numb since an ESI went wrong and I jumped so hard on table like being paddled(revived). I have severe pain in my back and neck(my neck does feel and look bigger on right than left,of course that could be my surgery of C5-C6 disectomy Feb.'06 and of course that was bc of ruptured petrusion and had another bone spur removed in my jaw around my ear), behind knees I suffer emmensly,and my Neuro. has found this venous angioma in my head(kind of creepy since I have my own disc and have seen it and it looks like a miniture snake in there...ohh) I am at my wits end...really have energy...can't slow down ...don't sleep but 2-4 hrs. a day..I think it would have to be hypo...instead of hyper...I don't know..I do need to say that I am numb in my upper is so weird that it was one good thing that came out of it...I had an abcessed tooth and didn't even feel it(the nurse couldn't believe it since it was so bad) I had let my teeth go because of being in so much pain that I couldn't see straight.I woke up the other night w/so much pain in my neck and jaw and ear...what is that?I have gained 50+lbs since starting Lyrica for Fibro and nerve damage,chronic pain...maybe I am overwhelming u....sawy..just moving today had to take a zanax to bring down spasm/tremor..just get bk w/me to see if I have any of the symptoms or could u just give me a list..if u don't mind or send me somewhere that would......Thank u so much..I would appreciate it so much..
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Thyroid community thank you very much for everything !!!! you are geat !!!! I am a member from ovreseas where Endos are not good but  Labs are good and avaliable .....Thanks to this community i have learned a lot ....God bless you all .
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what does it mean when your TSH on a blood test is high at 6.13 when the normal range is up to 4.5?  Is it hyper or hypo?  What to do for it?  other than mormal menopause symptons i have no other issues.  thanks in advance.
i have had blood tests in the past and TSH was high... then i repeat the test and it is normal.  Again it is high.  what is causing this and what to do?

thanks to all in advance.
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Hi! I am wondering why I have to go through blood work every 6 weeks (I have ONE viable vein left! In the back of my hand. It hurts more and it leaves an UGLY bruise!!) My endo said it would take 9-12 months of treatment before he would know if the gland would need to be destroid. If it is responding to the meds what will keep the hormone levels in check when the meds are stopped? If I am going to have to take meds forever anyway, why not just "kill" it and put me on the pill a day routine? By the way, I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.The diagnosis was made about 7 months ago.
Just getting tired of the whole thing and want an EASY stop to all of it if there is one.
Thanks in advance if you can explain things a little better.
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Hi all. I am a 47 year old woman that was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 17 years ago. After years of adjusting my meds we finally got it right. I feel fine. I have to tell you tho, if you forget to take you medication you can turn into a mess fast. It is just one small pill a day. For the rest of your life. Accept it and do it. It is worth it. Tell your doctor if you start felling down or tired. Your body is always changing. Boy, have I learned that the hard way.  But I learned... On to better days.   I am glad that I am not the only one felling all this.  Thanks
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I have been on tyroid treatment since March 2009 I feel alot better but not back to normal yet.  The endo. tells me my levels are good but I still have the brain fog some days.  I have pressure behind my eyes and the bridge of my nose this makes me feel dizzy alot.  I have also had the feeling of drainage in my throat for about a year now and I have been on several rounds of antibotics.  I would just like to know if the above mention could be linked to hypothriodism.  Any comments would be greatly apperciated.
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hi there,

i found my way to this board due to a recent visit with a rheumatologist/autoimmune specialist who is testing me for autoimmune thyroid disease--which one exactly, i'm not sure, but i suspect hashimoto's.

during the past year, i have experienced the most bizarre constellation of symptoms with the most worrisome being fatigue, vision problems, neurological symptoms and crippling headaches.  i have had 5 MRIs, an MRA, a lumbar puncture, a ton of blood tests--except thyroid--and the only thing that has come up abnormal is my vitamin D level.  it was also discovered that i have a herniated c5-6 disc which my neurologist told me was the cause of all my problems, so i went through 6 months of physical therapy to help correct that problem.  it was pretty much a waste of my time.

i went to see a neuro-ophthalmologist in october to have my eyes checked since i was having abnormal pupil dilation and severe eye pain, and he noted optic nerve artery inflammation and referred me to the above-mentioned rheumatologist.  she talked to and examined me, felt my thyroid and has sent me for a battery of blood tests and a thyroid ultrasound which i had last week.  i just posted the results on the main board which revealed some heterogeneity and 2mm cyst and another 4mm lesion or cyst.

at any rate, i am almost afraid to allow myself to believe that we may finally be on the right track after being led all over the map since january 2009.  i know treating thyroid disease isn't an easy road, but i will be so grateful to actually be in treatment as opposed to dying on the vine in my reclining chair with my little girl asking me "when is mama going to get better."

thanks for "listening" to my story.

best wishes,
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I am new here.  I have had a very tender area on my neck when I press on it.  It is on the right side I suppose in the thyroid area.  I believed it was a lymp node - but not swollen.  My doctor sent me to ultrasound and waiting for results.  Has anyone had the same symptom of tenderness on the side below the Adams applemwhen they press on it?
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     I am still trying to find out what is wrong w/me. It's been a while. I posted back in Sept. and I know have noticed this defined lump on the right side of my neck and it is right under my ear, but seems to extend downward. It is sore and tender. I feel like it is a lymph node, but it feels like a round stone in there or something. It is hard and it makes my throat feel kinda sore. The back of my neck has hurt for quite some time and always felt it was the surgery I had on my C5-C6, so never thought @ it being connected w/my thyroid. I used to be so thin until I started taking Lyrica and down the road a bit to 2 yrs. later I have began to wonder if I don't have a thyroid problem. Now, as I have read there are so many different kinds. Which am I? I have gained, but am sure or I thought I was sure it was the Lyrica now it seems it might be something else. I hurt in my legs...all the time and you can't touch them bc I will make a sound of pain. It is terrible when your son snuggles w/u and u have pain.
     OMG...I just read where u posted @ pressing up under ur adams apple and if it was sore. I pressed there and jumped...omg..I have a definate thyroid problem..don't I? What should I do? I suppose to go to the Internist again and have bloodwork next wk. and maybe he'll see me. Only thing is he is so busy since he is the only one around for 100 miles..hmm? Well, I just have to ask him and get this going. I have been down for some time now and in the bed tooo much. I am so tired of it. I want to get some of my life back. As u can see by my little pic. I used to perform on stage...and loved every minute of it. I worked in Nashville, TN at Opryland..a show callled Country Music USA..OH,I miss being there sometimes. I love having a family and especially a mother. I really love is so rewarding. My son,my youngest 12,we watch a lot of movies. I love that time...have a lot of fun and laughter. I need that and so does he. My hands are giving out for now. I will be back. My throat feels icky and a bit swollen on the right. I will be so glad when my life gets back to normal. You take care and I will be back to check on ur progress...and always..GOD BLESS.. Karen
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hi i was diagnose with hypothyroid after my subtotal thyroidectomy last 2 years ago. I have been taking levothyoxine for a couple of months now and still not working for me, i often feel depressed, low in energy and ofcourse over weight. I went from 100 to 50 mcg, then my FT4 results was high and my endo suggested to stop the medication, after a month of no medication, my endo req for another FT4 it showed normal, i was surprise because i felt far from normal even worst, now with no medication!
It is a struggle for me everyday since i often feel tired, and there's mood swings and fatigue. I don't know how my blood test (FT4) can be normal when i'm not really feeling ok.
Please help out i feel really lost and i'm losing faith with my doctor, I know there are some really helpful people here that could give some advice, i would be very much appreciated.

thanks and god bless
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Hi and welcome!  If you wouldn't mind, could you please post this post on your own thread so we everyone can see and give their opinions to you? That way it will be easier for everyone to see and answer!
AGain welcome!!!  :)
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Really good and informative post,as per implementing new strategies and sharing views regarding health disorders.Thanks for the recommendation.
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I am new here, and just read through all the post everyone put on this thread. I am excited to become a member of what seems to be an amazing community. I am a paramedic, so I have a some medical knowledge, but all this hypothyroid stuff and lab values is neww to me, but I would be glad to help out and answer any other questions if I am able. And I would appreciate any help and advice with the lab values and hypothyroidism that I can get. I also found out I have a vitamin D defiecency. I have gained lots of weight recently and just felt like crap. I work 3 24 hour shifts a week in my job, so being tired is part of that, but here lately-its been hard to jsut make it through the day.I've been depressed and can even though I'm so tired I have a hard time sleeping.
I have a good new doctor now, so Ihope things straighten out.
I hope I am able to make some new friends here and look forward to chatting and getitng to know everyone and hearing advice and everyones personal stories.
Thanks for sharing and offering all the advice.
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I am new to this site, but I feel this community will help me learn to deal with my recently diagnosed hypothyroidism.  I am a college professor with a husband and six children.  I was diagnosed with this disorder 2 weeks ago so it's pretty new.  I expected to be all better after a couple of weeks of meds, but I am slowly figuring out that this will take time and I must be patient.

The muscle pain, the sleep irregularities, the mood swings, etc... are all obviously a part of this problem.  I am so glad that the pain and emotions I am having are not abnormal.

Thanks all.

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i had my RAI two weeks ago.. and now i haven't any blood test done yet? i never took my hormone medication also? is it ok? i have lots of unusual feeling after then,, and so i know im having hypothyroidism.. the feeling of sleepiness, groggy all the time.. i always hunger for food doing nothing but to eat and eat, do less! what should be the things done or monitored  after the RAI? blood test or what?  do i supposed to follow up my doctor,, i went through whole body scan,, and my result is this FUNCTIONING THYROID TISSUE REMNANTS IN THE ANTERIOR NECK... somebody gave the comment its cool,, still i welcome your great opinions either.. thanks  
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Wow, I have just read many of your posts and I feel so much better just to know there are so many people who are going through the same things as me.  I have some sort of mass on the left side of my thyroid and it makes swallowing hard and feels just like you all mention that someone is pushing on my throat.  I am taking thyroid meds and it has been increased twice in the last year.  I am super scared, I am going for an ultrasound but I dont know when yet.  Of course the first thing that enters my mind is cancer and I am a single mom to one great son so I just can't be sick!, But from reading some posts I am comforted a bit although still worried.  I hope it will be something that can be fixed!  
with hope from Susan
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Hello I am new too - I felt like I am the only person who feels so rough but I can see that there are a lot of us and I would love to help anyone if I can - thank you for this wonderful site. :))))
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I am new to this forum...just a few weeks.  But since exchanging emails with smilerdeb:)
I have made the decision to go forward with RAI.  Just exchanging thoughts with someone who 'gets it' -- understanding what you're going through is most helpful.  
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Hello everyone,
I'm new to this page, and was just diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer yesterday. I'm 17, and scared out of my mind. Reading your posts has made me feel better to know I'm not the only one going through this!
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Hi I just joined you all today. I was on another forum and lori575 mentioned you may have some input on the new formulated Armour. I just switched from Synthroid 3 weeks TSH went down to .23 and my free t3s are a little high. I feel awful. spent a week in bed barely moving .....I thought i was getting hypo.again. and it turned out to be the opposite. Help. Is this new formulation bad? I would not know ......should i go back to synthroid and cytomel. Help. I will not meet my Endo until the end of the month. and my primary pretty much got offended i switched meds in the first place, and that i was too informed an obsessed with the thyroid......"you may come across as a problematic patient" he said. I didn't know being educated and trying to feel better was so bad. Wow. I see this is going to be a ride. I do not plan on returning to that office. Can you help.
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I am the menber of this community since many yrears. I hardly visit this forum as fing and feel that the issue of hypothyrodism is insignificant. when i was diagnosed hype, my doctor told me that you have the simplest disease. easu to treat. I am 79 and i think I I was dignosed at the age of 45. In fact i dignosed the disease mysef. My mother was hypothyrodic. shw was diagnoses at the age of 75. For all her life she was ill. At that time awareness of thyroid was nil. Test t4, and tsh were not available . we had to depend on basal metabolic test.This test was also not confirmative. thyroxin sodium was not available. thyroid extract was avaiable  which was not of standard qulity.That time to diagnose and treat hypothyrodism was difficult.
Now you get t4,t3, TSH, and you know whether you need thyroxin sodium. You tirrate the dose and continue taking the drug throut your life. I am taking 100microgram of thyroxin sodium since i was diagnosed. My daughter whi is now 50 is also taking this dose since20 years She is oncologist in USA. I wrote this long post just assure new patient that once correct dignosis is done and you go adjust the dose of thyroxine sodium and take the drug every day. get the test done every year. It is a replacement therapy. the drug should be taken for life time. Most of the patients will not have any complications.  On rare cases, your test results are normal but you have symptoms of hypo. I think there is no harm to try the drug for a mont or so to find out whther you have thyroid deficiency or not. I am sorry for this lengthy post.
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is something wrong with email system?

I got email to say someone had replied to my post but when I looked there was nothing there!  

this was my post
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Is it common to get numbness and tingling (pins and needles) in the hands and feet and sore muscles ALL of the time with a thyroid condition?  
1445110 tn?1388213311
Just a quick hello again and god bless all of us as we struggle with this disease of the thyroid. I have had trouble since the age of 21 and am now 48 and am still a mess even after having a thyroidectomy. My whole family is so tired of hearing my troubles that it is nice to be able to vent to people who understand. I pray every night that the good lord will just heal me of this. I so want to feel good and live a productive life but right now I am a mess.....Bless you all
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everyone, i know how bad the bad days can feel. there are days when i cry and am unable to stop. same goes with smiling at times. im so tired of the ups and downs...the constant adjustment of meds, the endo's thinking i just need depression meds...which i take. the lack of empathy or compassion from others and the "your always sick" from those around me. im greatful there are others that understand. im soooo tired...
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I am 10 days post op for totatl thyroidectomy, and feel dreaful.
I cannot sleep, cannot swallow without gaagging cannot drink water without gagging and although I am on the calcium tabs I have tingling and pins and needles in hands and crampy feelibgs in feet and calfs. Did have a prob with a swollen voice box that affected the airway, and maybe that is why I have not setlled down. Have been taking thyroxine for 18months alraedy so that should not be the cause. When I get the tinglings my veins become really sore as well (I came out without a single unused vein and was black and blue but again if that was what was needed at the time -ok).Please do not say this will take months , if not forever, to get sorted as some seem to be suggesting.
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Hi, I would like to know if anyone can tell me info on HASHITOXOCIS?
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I'm a mother of a 19 year old, male (AJ) who was just recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  I am a very patient, understanding and loving mom who only wants the best for AJ.  I am a firm believer in natural holistic medicine and that is the approach we are currently using.  He is currently taking Thyroid USP Powder (porcine) 30 mg capsules and even though there has been a improvement in his memory, his mood swings are still quite difficult to handle.   We love him and we understand that this is not normal behavior, but I just wanted to find out if his anger outbursts and paranoia are normal for this disease.  Also, he does have giggling episodes occasionally during the day and we wanted feedback to see if this is normal reaction to the underactive thyroid or could it possibly be another disease masked by the thyroid?  AJ has only been taking this medication for approximately 3 weeks and we have seen noticeable improvements in other areas, but we are concerned that it could be something else .  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share the little info I have concerning Tirosint and Synthroid.
In the last year I had called the company twice.I have dye/filler allergies and  Tirosint doesn't work as well as the Synthroid did for me. Tirosint is made out of the country.The gel capsule is made from beef and pork and  contains 4 different oils. I'm sorry I don't have the list I was given in front of me, put I remember coconut oil is at least one of the oils.I also had an allergic reaction to Armour, which is also made with pork and fillers.
Although Synthroid is white, it is made with tartrazine which many people are allergic to. I don't have any answers, but hope this may shed a little light for someone else that is having problems. Thank you.
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I beg to differ with you regarding the ingredients of Tirosint.  There are only 4 ingredients; no beef or pork....... nor do they contain 4 different oils.

The gelcaps contain only 4 ingredients; those are T4 (levothyroxin (levothyroxine) sodium), glycerin, gelatin and water.  Nothing beef or pork there; no coconut oil.

Being a gelcap, Tirosint has no fillers/binders and is dissolved/absorbed better than pill forms.  

I've been on Tirosint since shortly after it came on the market in 2009 and have done great on it.  

Armour IS made from porcine thyroid, which is the active ingredient, not the fillers/binders.  

By the same token, not all Synthroid is white; different dosages are different colors.

Maybe you need to go back and study the medications a bit closer, as it seems you might be a bit confused.
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Hypothyroidism(under active thyroid gland) requires a replacement therapy.He has to receive enough thyroxine. Glaxo Smithkline pharmaceuticals( a multinational firm) have thyroxine sodium tab as Eltroxin in 50 and 100 Micrograms strength. It would be better if you use a stanndard treatment for this problem..
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