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I want to thank so many of you that have been offering me support.  (Thyroid Disorders Medical Community) has become my favorite website)  I visit it many times daily and have learned so much from you already!  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful community of volunteers.  I coudn't do it without you all!  So, THANK YOU.  Thank you for all your selfless, timeconsuming hours, days, weeks, years that you have given and continue to give.  In the end, God will certainly reward you 10 fold!

I am currently being for thyroxicosis due to Acute Thyroiditis.  I have suffered for over 5 weeks now, and finally my "hyper" symptoms have improved and I am able to get out of bed,  Yah!  Yet just a small amount of activity still exhausts me.  I was on Naproxen for the excruciating pain that radiated to my ears, but still, with that addition, nothing was calming my symptoms down.  

I had such breathing problems and thought that it just went along with my illness.  My endo saw me at my worst, and didn't comment on my fast, labored breathing.  Still not doing any better a few days later, she added a quick burst of Methlprednisolone (21 pk.). I finished the pack, but wasn't any better, so, on my own, I stopped the Naproxen, cut down on the dosage of Propanolol.  I started on 40 mg. Propanolol, now at 10 and also started on 40 mg.of Methimazole for 4 days, now the doctor has me on 20 mg, after being on 30 mg. for 2 weeks.  After all these adjustments were made, my breathing greatly improved.  I have a history of asthma and believe that all of those meds aggravated a flare up, because I researched  the side effects. None of the prescribing doctors even thought to ask me if I have a history of asthma.  Go figure!
Just a few days ago, I started feeling better. Then, I developed a sore throat.  I have read that if a sore throat occurs while on Methimazole, it should be reported to the doctor because it can lower the white blood count.  As I was researching the other drugs, I found that Naproxen and Methlprednisolone also lowers the WBC.  So, I called my primary care and spoke to the nurse to see if I can get a CBC done, but was told that I needed to be seen in the office, because of all my complications all month long.  While being examined, I showed the doctor a lump on my left gland that moves up and down when I swallow, which wasn't there before,  The doctor didn't eliminate Methimazole nor did he order a CBC to check the WBC. He thinks the sore throat is viral and the lump is an enlarged lymph node.  Do lymph nodes move up and down while swallowing?  I don't feel on on my right side.

A month ago, I had an ultrasound done, and two nodules were found on my right thyroid gland, but weren't biopsied.  The endo thinks they might have been formed due to thyroiditis.  They are both over 1 cm.  The dominant on is 2.4 x 2.1 x 1.5. However, no nodules were seen on the left gland. Do you think that I should get a repeat ultrasound to see if they have resolved and if the lump on the left gland is a nodule?  What about a biopsy?  My goiter has decreased in size and my thyroid pain has improved, so what should I do next, and when?  Do I have to wait until my thyroid levels are normal?  I am waiting for the results of the repeat TSH, FT4 and CMP.  
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Watch you dont go hypo with the Methimazole as this has to be monitored closely but the lab tests will show if you need an increase/decrease.
I would be asking for an antibodies test for Graves to be done (TSI) as I think you possibly may fall into that category.
You dont get nodules for no reason and they do need to be treated especially if you was hyper.
Demand answers and ask your Doc what treatments are available and what he/she is going to do?
But first of all....antibody testing.
Good luck and good to hear you are finally starting to feel better.
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I think you will find this one of the best places to meet people and get the support we all need from time to time

I am happy you are feeling better.

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WELCOME to our Community .. we're so glad you found us!
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I had the antibodies testing done after my I-123 Scan on Aug. 26.  I wish I had the copy of that lab.  The ENT said that it was negative for antibodies, and that I don''t have Graves or an autoimmune disease.   Since I had that test done during my severe state of thyroiditis, should I have the test repeated again?

As I look back on all of my posts to you, I see that I didn't provide you with my detailed ultrasound, which I am trying to make sense of.  

There is a very inhomogeneous echotexture to the thyroid gland.  Within the rright thyroid lobe there are two nodules.  One in the superior pole measuring
1.3 x 1.1 x 1.0 cm with ill-defined borders and is hypoechoic in the remainder of the thyroid gland.  In the right lower quadrant there is a 2.4 x 2.1 x 2.5 cm nodule also hypoechoic with central flow.  The borders are also ill-defined.  There is no evidence of microcalcification.  The left gland is very heterogeneous, but there is no definite nodule.

1.  There are two nodules within the right thyroid lobe measuring greater than 1 cm.  The dominant nodule is in the inferior pole measuring 2.4 x 2.1 x 1.5 cm with hypoechoic echotexture and ill=defined borders with central flow.  These nodules could be either followed up with additional ultrasound in six months to ensure stability verses fine needle aspiration to evaluate for neoplastic disease.
2.  Overall enlargement of the thyroid gland with diffuse inhomogeneous echotexture, can be seen in thyroiditis.

  I have an appt. with the ENDO in 10 days and wonder if she plans on ordering a biopsy soon.  I definitely will demand answers and ask about treatment options and the action plan.  I have to say that I am very impressed with my ENT.  He called me a few days ago to see how I am feeling and inquired about the endo's treatment plan.  So far, I told him that she is treating me with anti-thyroid meds and will monitor my levels and make adjustments as needed.  

Can you please help me make sense of the ultrasound?
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