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What should a patient expect after a total thyroidectomy?
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What should a patient expect after a total thyroidectomy?

For at least 10-12 years I knew that I had not only hyperparathyroidism but also multiple nodules im the L lobe of my thyroid.  As a true RN, I prograstinated until I became osteoporatic (trimalleolar fx 11/08) and a new nodule found in the R lobe of the thyroid.  
I underwent removal of the L lower parathyroid and a total thyroidectomy on 10/1/8.  I have been very witchy, had insomnia, feeling at "loose ends", headaches, etc.  I was placed on Synthroid .125mcg which is being held for three days due to the sx.  I will begin again tomorrow on 100 mcg until I see the endocrinologist early next week.  The labs done on 10/10/8 are great.  CA now 9 (not 12), intace PTH 15.1 (not 390) TSH 1250, Free T41.5 & Free T3 3.5.   Despite all my education and experience, I don't know alot about this post op process.  What should I expect??

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Congratulations on getting through the surgeries!

Within twenty-two days of an experience that mirrored the one you had, I was still very much, like you say, at "loose ends."  It took several months to feel settled down and many more months to feel stable.

I think it’s wonderful that your labs are looking great, especially the calcium.   That’s a big plus in your favor.  Now keep up the good work!

I am sure your education will come in handy at many points as you go along this journey.  Having absolutely no medical education at all, I’m curious as to what you mean when you say, “…is being held for three days due to the sx?”  What does ‘sx’ mean?

Good luck with, and keep us posted on, your next endo appt.

Welcome here and keep sharing ☺.
Is there a decimal missing in your TSH levels?  1250????   Seriously????    Wow, no wonder you are emotional - I'd be dead!

Getting the levels right is the biggest hurdle.  What side effects are you having with the Synthroid?

Depression is also common when the thyroid is removed - the hormone imbalance created by the thyroid removal often messes with the brain chemistry.  Many of us on this forum are also on antidepressants.

Yeah Missy-RN; I'm hearing more and more about you medical types procrastinating.  Tisk, tisk.  At least you got it taken care of.  My endo told me last week he has a cold, complex nodule on this thyroid the size of a golf ball that he has been avoiding for years.  I'm ready to kick him in the butt.   I'm glad that you took the first major step in getting on top of your problem.   Want to call my endo and pass along some medical professional to medical professional chastising?  :-)

You didn't mention if your nodules were benign or malignant so I'm assuming benign.  You will probably feel best at the low end of the TSH range (around 1.0) but that will be up to you, your body, and your endo to determine.   It will take time.  Checking dosage can take 6-8 weeks for your TSH to stabilize so be patient (I know, easier said that done).

Make sure you are taking your calcium and vitamin D (4 hours before or after your Synthroid) and getting your regular bone density scans.

Anything specific you want to know?

papillary carcinoma '03, second surgery '04
  three sisters with papillary carcinoma; daughter and sister with atypical nodules
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