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constipation ( HASHIMOTOS )
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constipation ( HASHIMOTOS )

Does anyone on here that has Hashis with Hyper/ Hypo symptoms have any advice on what to do to help aliviate the bloating from gas and constipation from the hypo/Hashis? I have tried warm prune juice and drank a bottle over a 3 day period, but did not do a whole lot. I am in search of any tips anyone has from personal experiances...ANY ADVICE IS SO APPRECIATED! WILL BE POSTING ALOT THIS NEXT WEEK DUE TO MY SYMPTOMS GETTING SO BAD, WAITING FOR UPTAKE SCAN.Thank You
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734073 tn?1278899925
Magnesium has made the difference here! We use Orthomolecular brand. (pharmasutical) (2 per night)! My daughter has no thyroid gland and has suffered with constipation (blood in stool) her whole life! She goes 1 to 2 times per day with no struggles now!
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Yes I agree.  Magnesium, at least 500mg taken at night will help.  It helps for me.  I also take epsom(magnesium) baths.  This will also help with muscle soreness.  I workout a lot and this is very helpful.  I take a liquid form of magnesium can be found at  it helps with sleep too.
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I started doing a more natural consistent approach because i've had to use laxatives due to being 2 weeks between bowel movements.. I even did the activia challenge and it didn't work for me. so,
I started to include  double fiber wheat bread and a handful of raisins,walnuts and almonds daily, an apple every other day and increased my overall water consumption, and with those things combined it has FINALLY made me regular and i am one that had severe chronic constipation.. ALSO.. those things that i mention adding to your diet helps in a lot of other ways that assist in common deficiencies that people with hypothyroid usually experience... I've done a lot of research on it and you can find more information about it on one of my posts about diet/exercise and vitamins...

1043913 tn?1279685292
Thanks a bunch...only thing is can I take these things while on a low iodine diet? I would imagine the epsom bath would be out of the question at this time provided it is iodine based. I have alreay been on hole with my Dr. office to get info on what I can take for my headache...I am in so much pain.Also the lady that called me today to set a date for my uptake scan said I did not need a low iodine diet unless I had cancer, so again no response from my dr.s office to give me any true answers. This is so horrible, consitpation as well as low iodine and all the other terrible symptoms.
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double fiber wheat bread and a handful of raisins,walnuts and almonds daily, an apple every other day and increased my overall water consumption..

You can eat these things even on a low iodine diet, they are all part of a healthy diet.. The only exception would be if you are allergic to nuts...
1043913 tn?1279685292
I am not allergic to nuts...but can not find a bread that does not have soy, salt or dairy in it which is not allowed on the low iodine diet. If you know of the names of any breads that would be so great : )
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yeah i didn't think about bread having salt and salt having iodine "why do they make things so complicated for us"? haha..

there is a list online of high fiber foods with a chart of how much fiber is included in each, you can pick things off the list that are high in fiber and "iodine" friendly.. The top 3 highest in fiber in order of fiber amount are:

Bran Cereal
black beans
Avatar f tn
The list:

Apples with skin 1 medium 5.00
Apricot 3 medium 0.98
Apricots, dried 5 pieces 2.89
Banana 1 medium 3.92
Blueberries 1 cup 4.18
Cantaloupe, cubes 1 cup 1.28
Figs, dried 2 medium 3.74
Grapefruit 1/2 medium 6.12
Orange, navel 1 medium 3.40
Peach 1 medium 2.00
Peaches, dried 3 pieces 3.18
Pear 1 medium 5.08
Plum 1 medium 1.00
Raisins 1.5 oz box 1.60
Raspberries 1 cup 8.34
Strawberries 1 cup 3.98

Avocado (fruit) 1 medium 11.84
Beets, cooked 1 cup 2.85
Beet greens 1 cup 4.20
Bok choy, cooked 1 cup 2.76
Broccoli, cooked 1 cup 4.5
Brussels sprouts 1 cup 2.84
Cabbage, cooked 1 cup 4.20
Carrot 1 medium 2.00
Carrot, cooked 1 cup 5.22
Cauliflower, cooked 1 cup 3.43
Cole slaw 1 cup 4.00
Collard greens, cooked 1 cup 2.58
Corn, sweet 1 cup 4.66
Green beans 1 cup 3.95
Celery 1 stalk 1.02
Kale, cooked 1 cup 7.20
Onions, raw 1 cup 2.88
Peas, cooked 1 cup 8.84
Peppers, sweet 1 cup 2.62
Pop corn, air-popped 3 cups 3.60
Potato, baked w/skin 1 medium 4.80
Spinach, cooked 1 cup 4.32
Summer squash, cooked 1 cup 2.52
Sweet potato, cooked 1 cup 5.94
Swiss chard, cooked 1 cup 3.68
Tomato 1 medium 1.00
Winter squash, cooked 1 cup 5.74
Zucchini, cooked 1 cup 2.63

Bran cereal 1 cup 19.94
Bread, whole wheat 1 slice 2.00
Oats, rolled dry 1 cup 12.00
Pasta, whole wheat 1 cup 6.34
Rice, dry brown 1 cup 7.98

FIBER (grams)
Almonds 1 oz 4.22
Black beans, cooked 1 cup 14.92
Cashews 1 oz 1.00
Flax seeds 3 tbs 6.97
Garbanzo beans, cooked 1 cup 5.80
Kidney beans, cooked 1 cup 13.33
Lentils, red cooked 1 cup 15.64
Lima beans, cooked 1 cup 13.16
Peanuts 1 oz 2.30
Pistachio nuts 1 oz 3.10
Pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup 4.12
Soybeans, cooked 1 cup 7.62
Sunflower seeds 1/4 cup 3.00
Walnuts 1 oz 3.08
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Loads of walking helped me.
Lots of water
Lactulose (prescription)

:) Tamra
649848 tn?1424570775
Make sure those fruits and veggies are either fresh or frozen -- canned most likely has SOME salt, even if it states "low sodium".......Also make sure any nuts and seeds are not salted.

Exercise and drinking a lot of water should help.  Magnesium doesn't help me.  
1043913 tn?1279685292
Thank you so much everyone !! Alot of things are very hard for me to do right now, walking is one of them being I am non functional for 10 weeks almost. I am in the nasty stages of hypo and not doing well with it. I drink pretty much nothing but water,, so I know I get plenty of that as well as prune juice as of lately. I am at the point of feeling like death has hit me, well have felt like that a while now.The saying when it rains it pours is way too true for me.It is bad enough I am so sick and non functional but then let's add some constipation in the mix as well, talk about painful! As well as saliva glands that barely want to work...GRRRRR I did have some whole wheat pasta today and even ate a pice of double fiber bread, do not care if it has salt or not. I am on a low iodine not a no iodine as someone told me, so I had to do it. My body is enough of a mess to allow this to cause me more problems. I do hope that tomorrow will allow for a better stomach!
773755 tn?1328123377
bran is known to decrease absorption of hypo medication, so keep them separate (if/ when you're on medication) - an hour apart.
i also had trouble drinking enough cause though my mouth felt dry, i didn't feel thirsty!
393685 tn?1425816122
Who placed you on a low iodine diet? Why are you following that for an uptake scan?

In Hashimoto you will swing up and down on stages of hyper to hypo. It a process of the antibodies raging up and down.

When you "crash" or "slow" with Hashi the digestive system is affected very soon. This will hang in the gut and the intestinal functions slow down.

I guess I need to know first why you are on a LID diet first before moving forward.
1043913 tn?1279685292
well to start I have been hypo since 1993, off and on meds for many years...finally this past April after demanding to see and endo for some slight issues, I was told I was being treated improperly and placed on a T3 ( generic Cytomel ) still sluggish but started to feelsomewhat okay. All of a sudden first week of Sept, could have been sooner looking back at symptoms I just hit bottom, thought I was losing my mind, intestional problems ( endoscopy found nothing of course ) TSH up and down and antiblobulin at 1000 then down to 380 not sure of all other labs at that time did not know what to watch for, high cholesterol and so much more. Constipation, then run through me like a faucet, then almost 20 lbs off, which is not common for me.Endo quit taking my INs so was forced to find a new one in the mist of feeling like I was losing my mind, Did not sleep heart palps BP up and down. Finally found new endo who did an ultrasound and found 2 masses. Eno back in April found to goiters and said it was nothing. Anyways, did a biopsy, said it was good but lots of inflamation (inflammation), took me off my T3 said this could cause inflamation (inflammation).So just on T4 for a while then as symptoms were getting worse, almost like storming but not enough to be hospitalized from my research. Took me off my meds for 10 days...Dr. went on vacation and Nurses put me back on meds, at that point tried to see an naturalpathic Dr. she put me on a compounded T3-T4 that made me feel really bad also. Now after the first few days off of my T4 I felt somewhat okay, not as hyper of symptoms, but then got very sluggish and sick again, never felt good just not as anxious.Although constipation started again.So after a few days was put back on meds and got really bad again.So this time Dr. said lets do an iodine scan, your FT3 and FT4 are up and down, TSh up and down,said it was just not making sense to him why I am not adjusting to meds at all. If I take hypo meds I go into hyper which by the way tested negative for once again was taken off T4 for 28 days to prep for scan, was told to just take my T3 for 3 weeks before test and the last week off. As of Monday was taken off cause all the bad anxiety symptoms were back again, high BP and HR. I was taking the generic Cytomel for about 2 1/2 weeks and was helping me a little with symptoms but just stopped working.Would have been taken off them this week anyway, but just a few days early.I am at a loss as to whay the Dr. does what he does, after reading others stories.I am stuck with a Dr. whom does not answer my questions and leaves me feeling helpless. If I ask a question he leaves the room with me thinking he will be back, which he never does.( I know , look for another DR. ) and I have but last endo I went to crying called my PC and told them I have psychological issues...typical huh! At that point I was having horrible shakes,hot and cold, depending on the day as well as just lost 20 lbs very rapidly and heart rate in the low 100's for the most part but would elevate.I am in such need of help guys! PLEASE??????????????
1043913 tn?1279685292
By the way, my endocrinologist told me non of my GI problems has anything to do with my thyroid.I got to a point where I was eating but nothing was digesting, it could be 6 hrs later and all my food would come back up, almost like it was storing itself in my throat or chest.After my endoscopy that DR said I need to talk to my ENDO cause he does not know any other reason this would be happening, and of course endo says, NOPE!! NOT RELATED. Funny after reading so many stories on here as well as other thyroide sites, that seems to be a very common symptom. Why am I being made to feel like a FREAK? I know my body, this is not normal to be down for almost 11 weeks now and as I was right about my thyroid being bad I know my GI system is being ruined by this as well.
393685 tn?1425816122
Think about this non sense. You go through all these tests... and everything comes back NORMAL - BUT!!! - its not your thyroid - BUT!!!! - they dont know what it is.. That's absolutely foolish on their part and sorry to say - I was in exactly the same thing you are in.

Well.... except the fact the keep dumping your thyroid hormones and then expect you to recover  in WEEKS!!!

Personally i feel you are being handled very inappropriately. It seems that no one  you have is able to look at the antibodies correctly and help you there to stop this redulcious treatment plan.

You are not stabilizing on just a T3 medication - you won't ever in your situation. Eventually the thyroid could lose all function and you could somewhat stabilize on just T3 - but it would be stupid to put you through T3 ONLY treatment for that when it comes.

What possibly do they think doing another scan is going to help? You are massed and you have goiters - what are they saying about that?

I believe wholeheartedly that goiters can be shrunk but I hate to put that into someones mind with what you are going though. Are they looking at surgery? I just had a cousin go through exactly what sounds like you. I just was torn if therapy or surgery would be best in his situation and couldn't decided for him. He opted to have it removed. The FNA was inconclusive so if there was cancer only surgery could dectect it. It turned out that it was not cancer.

Your endo can go back to real thyroid school and then make that false statement. The GI IS effected with the slow process of thyroid die off and WILL cause many issues. IBS - acid reflex - and a host of others.

Your not a freak - You know when something is wrong. You need much better care before you put your faith in what's being told to you.
1043913 tn?1279685292
Yes, He said he needs to do this test to see if Surgery or RAI is needed. I thought okay take the RAI...NO BIGGIE, my Dad had Graves and did it with no problems.I have now researched it and am truly scared cause I read ALOT of horror stories of RAI . Honestly, I just want to feel better and I know that is not just going to happen no matter what I do. I know I do not want to wait years for this thing to die off, I do not have the strength to do this much longer. I have a 3-10 year old and not only has it messed with my quality of life, but theirs as well. I want my life back, and PRAY THAT GOD GIVES ME THE STRENGTH TO DO IT!!
Avatar f tn
Funny thing that one of the common links with Medullary thyroid cancer is that alot of people with it have symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have had chronic constipation and all the symptoms my whole life. I was diagnosed with Medullary thyroid cancer in September and then got to talking to some enlightened people and they mentioned this helpful info. Medullary patients usually have the opposite problem but everyone is different. Just passing it on.  
Avatar f tn

Stella is right. These doctors have been handling you all wrong from the start. What a juggling act! It's insane. I have awful GI problems when my levels are low (heartburn, GERD, uncontrollable hiccups, marathon constipation). This doctor obviously doesn't know SQUAT about thyroid.

Find a new one!

Here's a list of recommended endos.

This is not a perfect list. I took my mom to a clueless endo that is on this site. Call the endo's office and ask how many thyroid patients this endo sees. My WONDERFUL endo, who would not have put you through this roller coaster, sees 75 percent thyroid. He's not just another diabetes doc.

:) Tamra
1043913 tn?1279685292
You guys are so wonderful!! Sincerely : ) I went to see a cardiologist today who by the way was absolutely WONDERFUL!! He was disgusted when we discussed what I have gone through. He knew more about Hashis and Graves then my Endo seems to know. I actually cried due to him just being anice human being and actually listening, not that I made him, he wanted to know EVERYTHING! I did not find myself trying to hang on to him in the room to try and ask him as many question before he disappeared on me, he stayed on his own and listened and when I was not asking him questions. He just held his head and shook it is disbelief at how Dr.s have treated my situation and in his words said is was a shame Dr.s are not educated enough in the thyroid Dept. He made me realize I am not CRAZY! I am in need of help. He is running a couple of test. Says not to worry to much but is concerned that due to the heart palps and irratic HR that it could have done damage to the heart muscles...told me not to get to worried but we will be pro-active and check. Rather be safe then sorry. So doing an echo the same day of my iodine scan naxt Thursday and will also wear a halter monitor. Does not want me to do a stress test at this pint, said my thyroid is #1 priority at the moment and wants to do some sort of stress test as soon as we can. Thanks again to all of you for being so kind to give advice/support, SO DESPERATELY NEEDED!!
393685 tn?1425816122
Having cardiac tests is very common for a person with thyroid disease. I remember many times at my worst getting hooked up to those machines and checking things out for my heart palps. It is very scarey but looking back I am glad I had a doctor willing to be safe then sorry for me.

I believe the heart is a very strong muscle. It can endure alot and we must always keep our mind into keeping things in check on that for our health.

My personal opinion here is not to move forward on anything until you really understand what's making your thyroid ill. RAI is not a cure for thyroid disease as we are lead to believe. It can alter alot in a person and if you don't have quality care - as your cardo Dr. seems to think - you certainly don't want to move forward on a permanent ablation until you are guarenteed you will recover with proper care.

I went from the most horrible hyper situation in a storm before I chose RAI. My doctor that I have now 7 years after ablation (which unbelievably was the SAME doctor who had her PA ablate me) knows now RAI was probably the last thing we should have looked at)

Note: At the time I first went to her office - her medical knowledge was traditional med. At that time she was going to classes in Intergrative med and now holds that license. She believes- and has learned - new ( old)  things that she was taught years ago)  I have a brief journal in my profile on my first visit back to her - 7 years after I had RAI.

I am not trying to talk you out of this RAI procedure at all. It is a life saver for some. It may have saved my life too - We just can't go back in time to really know. None of us have those answers. I had to move forward with the ablation and alter my body into wellness after removing that gland.

What I can tell you is what I experienced. I was "gifted" ( for a better word) to be in such terrible shape with Graves that I was just horrible. Then after RAI - I spiraled into horrible "autoimmune" Hashi/hypothyroid with those antibodies that were never detected - or even tested for with the Graves. I lost my oldest son's - all 4 years in highschool and was a "body with no life" for my whole family for many years. My husband suffered without his wife he married - My children had no mother to help them. I lost my job that provided for them. For those 4 years at my worst after RAI - I think they could have understood more if I would have just passed away. Then there would have been "a reason" for my absence with them.

By the grace of God - I dug myself out of the black hole of this disease. I started studying things from the very beginning on me. Really I went back 15 years prior to the Graves and learned I was probably failing thyroid wise - way before the actual Dx. I am a true anyalizer and did this on every aspect of thyroid disease. Now, after almost an "internet" masters degree LOL I know what's right for me. I have seen first hand the sabatoge some doctors can inflict on thyroid patients. I saw many GI's on my issues and went for all the tests with nothing coming up and being told the relation of my GI aliments are not associated with my thyroid. That;s funny to me now, because after I got thyroid well - I haven't seen one GI doctor and my issues are all gone away. Lord - how thankful I am. I remember my gut blowing up to the point that I seriously couldn't drive the car. My gut was too big from the bloating that it hit the steering wheel and I couldn't nagivate it. I literally on a few occassions had to pull over and call my husband to figure out how the he// to get the car home. I am not a big girl. Take a look at my photos - and you can see.

Not thyroid disease? - sorry I disagree with them. It was for me... there's proof out there thyroid disease can cause this - the specialists need to reconize it and learn as I did. - and how to fix so many things is right in front of them. It's easy to fix this and I suffered needlessly for many years.

393685 tn?1425816122
Here Sheila I just posted this under the journal you responded to also.

I will paste it here.

An underactive thyroid gland or “hypothyroidism” causes a decrease in bodily metabolism which affects the rate at which digestion occurs, resulting in symptoms related to slowed bowel movements and digestion. With overactive thyroid conditions or “hyperthyroidism” metabolism is sped-up, causing an abnormal increase in the rate of digestion and bowel activity. The goal of treatment for both types of thyroid disorders is to correct the metabolism back to a normal level by either replacing low levels of thyroid hormones or by slowing down the over-production of them.

With hypothyroidism, foods are converted into fuels for energy in the body at a slower rate than in people with normal metabolisms. This can cause bowel movements to be less-frequent and can cause them to become hardened and dryer than normal. A build up in the bowels can also occur causing discomfort, bloating and pain in the stomach and painful bowel movements. In some cases of autoimmune hypothyroidism called “Hashimoto’s thyroiditis”, when intermittent phases of hyperthyroidism also occur (Hashitoxicosis), a person can alternate between spells of constipation and diarrhea. If thyroid disease is not diagnosed, the person may believe the condition is caused by IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

People with hyperthyroid conditions, will commonly experience chronic diarrhea (ongoing and severe). This is due to the body rapidly converting foods into fuel or what is also referred to as “metabolic energy”, faster than with normal metabolism. Foods will quickly move through the digestive tract, causing frequent, loose or runny bowel movements. In addition to symptoms of stomach cramping and the need to make emergency trips to the bathroom, frequent diarrhea can also cause dehydration and essential nutrients to not be fully absorbed into the body, which can lead to malnutrition if treatment for hyperthyroidism is delayed.

Medical sources state that both underproduction and overproduction of stomach acid can cause symptoms of heartburn, sour stomach and acid reflux. With hyperthyroid conditions when stomach acid levels rise to abnormally high levels (hyperchlorhydria) due to increased digestion, heartburn symptoms can occur commonly. Patients who have not received a diagnosis of thyroid disorder may instead be diagnosed with common acid reflux or with the more severe digestive disorder called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The same is true of hypothyroid conditions, in which there can be a lack of stomach acid available to digest foods at a normal rate (hypochlorhydria).

In most cases of digestive problems caused by thyroid disorders, bringing thyroid hormone levels back into normal range will significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms. If symptoms persist following treatment, over-the-counter or prescription medications for indigestion symptoms or irregular bowel movements may be needed.

1043913 tn?1279685292

Thanks for posting that for me. How do I get my meds on the right track when they make me sick? How do I do this? Any adeas? I am to sick to store all the info. I take in. It is like, I read so much of it and then POOF, GONE! I can not remember what I just read. I wish I could be like so many of you I have read about who have taken their lives into their own hands.How did you do it being so sick, I mentally feel retarded and have no way to store this all in my memory. I go to the DR. thinking I have so much more info and want to battle with him what I have learned but can never remember anything and I end up looking like some crazy lady. I do not have much of what many people have "FAMILY SUPPORT"...My husband is tired of me and I know my kids are so sik of this, poor things have no life because of me and my illness. I truly am on my own at this point. I do not even have anyone to help with my 3 year old if I do have husband is our only financial means of support, and jobs are so rocky , can not take off even if we could afford it. I am scared for so many different aspects of my life. I have treid to journal, but the Dr. will never read what I write. I am so clueless, if you could pass some of you how to's I would kindly try to take your advice. I do want to live and be with my kids. I do not want to go through years of this.
393685 tn?1425816122
I sent you a message Sheila.
1043913 tn?1279685292
Well everyone aing fiber back into my diet has helped...DEFINITELY! I have been eating some all wheat pasta made with egg whites and no that worked out for me as well as had my Husband go out to get me some dbl fiber bread. I spoke to the person doing my scan next week and told me I need not deprive myself of everything for this low iodine diet. I was informed just do the best I can and eat when I want and basically what I want, she said it is more common on the coast to be more strict due to sea food and the iodine in it. So I ate me some bread and boy was it good, and again I feel like It has helped me some. Who knows what tomorrow will bring , I could be miserable again,, as I have said before I feel like everytime I say I feel a little bit better I should knock on some wood, cause then I end up sick again. I am not feeling by any means like myself, but not having as bad of a day as I have been albeit I have had no sleep again due to heart palps...Grrrrrr wish that would just stop. Anyway Thank You all for all the advice and kind words. I will definitely ask my Dr. if magnesium will work for me in the future.
734073 tn?1278899925
I also sent you a message!
Avatar f tn
I have Hashimoto's and the ONLY thing that has cured my cronic (chronic) constipation is WHOLY TEA. Innotec Solutions makes it. highly suggest you get it! It's been a life changer for me.
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