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dizzy, no appetite, nausea, exhausted, hair loss, fatigue
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dizzy, no appetite, nausea, exhausted, hair loss, fatigue

ive been feeling drained for the past 3/4 weeks. at first i thought it was just because i had a cold but as i got better, my symptoms seemed to get worse. it didn't start hitting me until i started losing chunks of my hair about 2 weeks ago. it was as if it were breaking off in the middle and not at the root. i've been taking vit B12 to help but i'm still losing my hair. i also found i just had no appetite, which made me nauseous so it was a vicious cycle of not being hungry enough to eat yet not being able to keep anything down without throwing up. sometimes i find i have to force feed myself small little portions. i had a 6 inch sub yesterday. i ate half no problem, feeling fine, but when i triede to go for the next bite, i couldn't swallow it.

i do have IBS, lactose intolerance and a weak immune system. i looked up online my symptoms online and found that most the answers lead to me to hypothyroidism. but i'm also wondering if its just simply a lack of energy or if its a real serious thing? please help me!

• Less stamina/energy than others
• Often feeling cold
• Dry Hair
• No hair growth, breaks faster than it grows
• Inability to lose/gain weight
• Moody periods
• Nausea
• Aching bones/muscles/joints
• Exhaustion in every dimension–physical, mental, spiritual, emotional
• Extremely crabby, irritable, intolerant of others
• Internal itching of ears
• Lactose Intolerance
• Inability to eat in the mornings
• Lack of motivation
• No Appetite
• Headaches and Migraines
• Sore feet, painful soles of feet
• colitis
• irritable bowel syndrome
• Fatigue
• Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up
• Irritability or lightheadedness between meals
• Dizziness when moving from sitting or lying to standing
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was also wondering if it could be anemia? symptoms sounded similar.
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hello..j read you symtoms (symptoms) and thought ..sound hypothyroid..also fybromalgia has alot of those symtoms (symptoms) as far as the losing weight??hypo usually puts on weight...have you gone to your doctor ask to run blood work for t3s and t4s  also tsh...good luck and hope you get to the bottom of it all...b
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