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hashimotos/ accupuncture
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hashimotos/ accupuncture

Hi all!
I am hypothyroid, after surgery of 1/2 thyroid for benign/multinodular lobe. Never had health issuses in any way prior to thyroid surgery.
Now I have on low dose of synthyroid, normal TSH, low normal Free T3, free T4.
My PCP has sent me to accupuncturist for some help. My symptoms are heart palps, insomnia, tachycardia, PSVT, anxiety, fatigue, neck feeling sore/swollen at times, extreme intolerance to heat/cold temps.
I had negative antibodies test 2 1/2 years ago.

Is it possible to have hashimotos disease and negative antibodies test?
And has anyone here used accupuncture??

The accupuncturist wants me to have another antibodies test now and yearly with my other thyroid labs. He showed my a list of my symptoms ( which I assumed were all perimenopause) and says it is possibly also connected to thyroid issues.
Thank you for any advice/input.
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If your antibodies showed NEGATIVE then a diagnosis of Hashi;s should never have been given....only a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism

Your Acupuncturist seems to know better than your Doctor.

All your symptoms can be from Hypo but can also be from hyper too (med induced).
You dont say what your last labs showed and what dose med you are on.
If you could post these, others can answers your questions more accurately.

love - Love - LOVE acupuncture!! - is was an awesome experience and helped me alot.
I have a question: What were your exact thyroid lab results? You can have an array of symptoms from low normal range free t3 levels, even though your TSH and free t4 levels are within a good range.
Optimal ranges are mid to high normal range for free t3, mid normal range for free t4.

Now on another note: yes sometimes you can test negative for antibodies for a while before they start to show up.....some people are diagnosed only by biopsy.
Yes I agree that you should be tested annually to see if they show up.
Regardless.....with proper treatment you will get better, but you have to make sure you are at a proper ratio of T4 to T3.

Yes I too go to acupuncture....and LOVE IT!
Thanks all!  I am optimistic this will help me.

I had a negative antibodies test 3 years ago... no antibodies test since.
The acupuncturist says I have Hashimoto's symptoms BUT I have not been diagnosed with hashimotos disease..
Acupuncturist wants Dr. to repeat antibodies test yearly
He is saying it is possible to have hashimotos but test negative ( says 10-15 % never test positive).?????
I was sent to acupuncturist by dr to help manage  symptoms.
Lastest labs done in Dec. 09-
I am on 37.5 of synthyroid daily.

TSH .95
Free T4- 1.1  ( range ..8- 1.8)
Total T3  96 ( range 76- 181)

To those who used acupuncture??
Did you also use chinese herbals??
And how did it help you feel better?
Thanks again.
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