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Current symptoms I've been having:
- lightheadedness and losing balance at night time
-sensitivity to light
- nausea that lasts for about 2 days but I get this randomly.. 3 times in about 4 weeks.
-palpitation (only have gotten it once)
- left arm numbess
-neck pain
-sharp pain in the right parietal lobe
-when i exercise, upon finishing, i get cold sweats and feel extremely dizzy.. so I've stopped exercising but 2 days ago, at night time, I went walking and I was getting dizzy and cold sweats and tingly feeling all over.

- i have been getting throat pain lately (3-4 days), i don't have a flu or a cold
- weight gain (around 15 -20 pounds in 4 months. i did quit smoking 8 weeks ago and i've cut down on food but i still have trouble losing the weight)

-my vitals are normal - i take my bp everyday and it's just around my baseline
-thyroid problems run in my family. mY mother had hyperthyroidism and my aunt and cousins have hypothyroidism..

Can you please give me any ideas on the possible causes? I've researched it a lot and with all the symptoms I've been getting there is NO one disorder/disease... it could be a combination..... I just want an idea as I'm still in the process of finding a new family doctor and I don't think I'll find one anytime soon. I realize that with the symptoms it could be neurological or cardiovascular even...

Thank you.
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