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I have been quite sick for the past 9 months my previous docs messed me about saying i was boderline hyper in Dec 2011:  tsh: 0.2 & FT4 : 23
after been told i had pericarditis put on naproxen then steriods then told maybe i didnt have it after all after having a normal stress test, then maybe a stomach issue sent for endoscopy everything was fine!  retested thyroid again  May: TSH: 0.5, FT4:17 doc said all ok! I went back to the docs again as all the way through i was having stabbing sternum pain couldnt breath, weight loss, anxiety,rapid pulse been to A&E 7 times but could not find anything wrong! I litrally felt like i was dying.....:(
I decided enough was enough and swapped docs, who said they thought it was my thyroid, they ran another test
July: TSH: 0.4    FT4: 16
TPA antibodies 69  (positive)
I was told I have had some sort of thyroiditis as beginning of dec i had had a cold which this may have come from,
I was then put on beta blockers which have really helped with my breathing but i am still soooo tierd, still got stomach issues, go dizzy, palpatations, right twitchy eye and puffy right face, twitchy limbs,intolerant to cold/heat etc...
I had my new test yesterday : October TSH 0.6 , FT4 16
still got all the above symptoms though?, what i dont quite understand is with thyroidits I thought
you went through a hypo stage and I  thought by now i would be in it? , can it take a while this is the 10th month i am in , or is it possible
i might be lucky and just stabilise back to normal eventually?and is it normal to still have symptoms with my recent labs?
many thanks
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