by medmed, Jan 06, 2010
when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid three years ago my symptoms were hair loss, unclear thinking and tiredness. Since being on synthroid I have been great until december and my new symptom is hand, feet and lip tremors. Is this a sometimes a symptom of thryoid being out of balance.  I also have an internal tremor that started at the same time.
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by gimel, Jan 06, 2010
What were the results and reference ranges for the last thyroid tests done for you?  How much medication are you taking  currently?  You probably need to reduce your meds and have new tests done.  Have you discussed this with doctor?
by floridagirl11, Dec 27, 2011
he electrical current / internal tremors you are experiencing is because of a drop in your hormone levels. It is not directly caused by your thyroid hormone levels, but abnormal thyroid hormones can cause a drop in your other hormones, when then leads to the internal tremor. It is NOT fatal, but it can be very scary. The tremors can be more noticable with added stress or upoon waking, going to sleep or resting.

Women make progesterone in their ovaries until peri-menopause which occurs around age 40 to 45. Men and women make progesterone in their adrenal glands. Progesterone converts to another hormone, allopregnanolone which activates the brain’s Xanax receptor, the GABA receptor.

Progesterone deficiency causes increased electrical current throughout the brain and body – thus any electrical pain signal, for example, a pinched sciatic nerve, will be amplified before it comes into the brain and after it enters the brain.

Hormone levels in the body can be affected by all sorts of things from stress, to disease to menopause. When your hormone levels are disrupted, these tremors can appear in both women and men.

You need to go see a doctor who specializes in BIO-IDENTICAL hormone replacement (or HRT). You don't want to mess with anything else besides the bio-identical hormones. Once I got on progesterone and got my levels up, the internal shaking and tremors completely stopped. I have talked to many other women and men who have had the same results once their hormone levels are under control.

I am actually a 34 year-old woman and not menopausal yet but I do have other health issues that have caused my pituiatry not send out the right signals for correct hormone production. I have no more issues with the internal tremors though now that I am doing HRT.

Also, consider switching to Armour for your thyroid.