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yo-yo aldosterone levels
I was officially diagnosed with hypothyroid about 18 months ago but couldn't tolerate the natural dessicated meds (Armour). I found out about 6 1/2 months ago the reason I couldn't handle the thyroid meds was due to severe adrenal fatigue:
I had very low aldosterone and very low cortisol levels (24-hour saliva test results from 6 1/2 months ago.)

Of course I had high blood pressure for about 5 yers prior to this, and had been in an ACE inhibitor for 15 months. (ACE inhibitor Lisinopril---reduces aldosterone levels and spares potassium and causes body to expel sodium.)
When I found out that I had low aldosterone and no longer had hypertension 6+ months ago, I quit the Lisinopril.

I then followed an adrenal fatigue protocol---which included using celtic sea salt.This worked fine until 3 1/2 months ago when I began to take florinef. I discontinues the florinef after maybe 4-5 weeks becaise it made me temporarily salt sensitive and edematous while on the florinef.

I was then fine without florinef and extra sea salt. But the past 2-3 weeks I seem to be fluid retentive all the time---like I am right back to having high aldosterone again. Eating high potassium foods helps for a few hours or so, then the "puffiness" comes right back. My fingers/hands/ feet go through so much up-and-down with the fluid retention and then no fluid retention I'm starting to feel like an accordion!

The only  lasting relief now (relief from chronic fluid fluctuations throughout the day/evening) is I took one of my left over Lisinopril tabs yesterday. I finally lost all puffiness...until it was time to take another lisinopril.

I will be starting on Naturethroid shortly---since my adrenal fatiuge is now under control.

Is there some kind of direct correlation between untreated hypothyroidism (mine has been pretty much untreated for years) and high or fluctuating aldosterone levels? How can a person have low cortisol levels (which I am being treated for with low dose Rx hydrocortisone) and high aldosterone levels? I know that hypo-t can cause edema.

Low corts and high aldosterone---is that due to being long-term hypothyroid? I am also post-menopausal and have been on super low dose hrt.

this chronic fluid fluctuation situation has me concerned.

Any input would be welcome,
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