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what can i do
in '94 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia... nasty condition but nothing I could do to make it go way so got on with life
2004 a blood test showed my TSH was 5.9 with thyroid antibodies at 1297.. a little up on the <60 its meant to be
put on thyroxine  in the following 7 years does has gone from 50mg to 75 then 100 then 125mg.  In 2004 I was also told that my B12 was low and get injections ever 12 weeks

in February I had severe chest pain which following testing was said to be angina, but I believe it is more down to whats going on in my body right now

My pain levels were increasing and i was so tired, visited doc again in may and asked for my levels to be checked

TSH level was 7.1 thyroxine was increased to 150mg but i was still feeling dreadful and my pain was escalating rapidly so back to the docs and another TSH test and this came back at 10.7 so my thyroxine is now at 200mg. I am still in pain and still shattered, my legs are weak

What can I do?

I am at the end of my tether... I have had enough of feeling so ill and in so much pain. my life consists of work and home to lay down. would like to say sleep but that's poor. I want my life back. the doc says it will get better as my body adjusts to the new dose

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