Don't you hate touretts
by casdfkjw123, Dec 15, 2009
It's so hard living with tourette for me... I have become overly depressed (possibly bipolar) and sometimes suicidal. I'm only 13... And i get bullied... Especially cyber bullying alot. My mom wouldn't let me get medications because of side affects. However it seems to get worse. Teachers hate me although I'm smart. How about you? Similar experiances?
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by heyjude1, Jan 29, 2010
I had tourette as a teen and it is very hard at that age or any age.  I know kids are so cruel.  My tourettd went away in about a year.  I blinked my eys nonstop, what about you?  As far as your teachers hating you, I think every kid thinks their teacher hates them...I think it is okay.  Oh, I am bipolar too.  
by casdfkjw123, Jan 30, 2010
i know this was one month ago, but, it's actually gotten better over the last month. Yeah i used to blink non-stop for 3 years (Grade 4-7) and now i do minor neck ticks. And now i have a gf who's loving anyways, so yeah, its becoming better, i think. And im sorry you're bipolar... :( Hope everything slowly becomes better for you.
by heyjude1, Jan 30, 2010
Thanks benmoon, hey if you ever need someone to talk to about any problems or issues with gf, cyber bulling and suicide thoughts, (I have those too from time to time), please email me at '***@****'.  I am glad you are doing so much better, best too you!  Hey Jude
by gorillagrits, Feb 01, 2010
Look up pyroluria on the internet.   The pyroluria sites mention Tourette's and bipolar disorder.  Ask your parents to help you look this up.  
by Angel711, Feb 27, 2010
To start I am so sorry you have to go thru that. I had a lot of bullies when I was little because of Tourettes also, it is very hard. But keep your chin up, your not any diff than anyone in anyway! it will get easier as you get older i'm sure, it did for me, I grew out of my ts I still have it but no were near as bad as I did when I was younger. Just relax and do your very best to ignore and be happy. Good luck :)
by casdfkjw123, Mar 04, 2010
A couple days ago i started to develop shoulder ticks... it's not affecting my social life at all but holy f***... it is annoying
by 21687, Mar 07, 2010
have you guys been offered medication for this? cos i never have been!
by casdfkjw123, Mar 14, 2010
no. and before I didn't want to. now I do so bad, this is making me go INSANE