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Seven Year old daughter
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Seven Year old daughter

I have a seven year old daughter with PDD-NOS (autism spectrum). When she was diagnosised the only thing missing was lack of speech.  She has always talked ALOT!  Hence the PDD-NOS diagnosis.  So she is having a lot of problems in school and at home.  I am hoping that someone will be able to give me some advice.

1. Chews her nail and clothes to rags. She will chew on anything (rubber bands, Barbies, etc.).  I got her a chew necklace, bracelet and doll but it must not be what she likes.  Her clothes are pretty much ruined.
2. She has no friends because she is socially unacceptable (to put it how her teachers explain it). She is mean and spiteful. Sad... I gave her a 7th birthday party and no one from her class came.  She is a small child but the kids consider her a bully.
3. She has terrible anxiety.
4. She has trouble sleeping at night.
5. She cannot listen or focus at all.
6. She is defiant.
7. We got rid of our dog because she was sneakily mean to the puppy.
8. Teacher said that she starts to laugh when they scold her but I think it's just that she cannot handle the information that coming into her body. For me it takes too sentences before she is overloaded from me talking to her.
9. When she was a baby she has terrible colic but the screaming did not stop. She still has unbelievable fits of rage. When she was 3 years old, she would scream until she literally passed out.
10. She has been in a total of 10 education settings (schools/daycares).
11. She randomly yells out mean stuff.
12. I have signed her up for cheerleading, swim lessons, etc and her behavior had her dropping out early.
She has seen a neurologist but it was really helpful. He just took a history and prescribed Tenex. It made her even more emotional and aggressive.
13. Even with the bad behavior she makes honor roll every quarter. Very smart. But she is socially failing.

My questions is what should I do? I don't know what medicines to try or what to do? Suggestions.
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Hi, I have come across Autism, ADD, Tourette syndrome, Seizures and other difficult diagnoses and what I have read is that they all can be traced to Magnesium Deficiency.
Here is a very informative website on one of the many. I truly hope Mg could help your child. Mg takes time 6 to 12 months to get built up to normal levels in the body cells, so if you chose to follow this path, be patient. You will see improvement in time.
I would also encourage you to read Dr Mark Sircus book "Transdermal Magnesium" He also is on You Tube and google on Autism ,

Please do further search : Autism and Magnesium

Here is one Title for Search:
"Studies confirm benefits of vitamin B6/magnesium therapy for autism, PDD, and ADHD"

In a new report, French researchers confirm that megadose vitamin B6 and magnesium therapy markedly improves
communication and behavior and aids in normalizing biochemistry in children with autism spectrum disorders. A related report, this one from Japan, indicates that the benefits of B6 therapy are long-lasting.

Here is the link for the Study:,d.aWc
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