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What do you tell your 5 year old?
Half the people in my family have Tourrette's or some other problem...so it was no big suprise when my 5 year old was diagnosed last month.
The problem I'm having is with his newest tic. He tends to pull his privates out of his pants.
He just had is Christmas concert at school, and we videotaped it. When he watched it he became VERY embarrased and started to cry..." mommy, I didn't know I was doing that! I don't wanna have Tourette's no more!!"
What would you do?
I gently told him that it wasn't his fault. I told him that Tourette's wasn't like a cold, it wouldn't go away...ever.
I told him that we could try other things to do with our hands when we feel the tic coming on.
I've already taught him how to say frick instead of the Fbomb.
To make matters worse, he has TS+. To those of you who are new to this Syndrome, TS+ means he also has one or more of the following: ADHD ( yes ) OCD (yes) ODD ( NO, thank God !) Panic disorder ( no...so far ) memory deficits ( no...the kid can memorize entire movies...songs included!! ) social skills deficits ( yes...sadly) visiual/perceptual motor disabilities ( this was his first "symptom" can't hold forks, spoons, crayons, etc) mood disorders ( yes, but slightly so far )dysfunction in sensory integration ( yes ) executive dysfunction ( won't know until he's older really ) learning disabilities ( NO! and that, says his psychiatrist and pediatrician, is his downfall. He's actually going to be tested as they believe he's a genius! Scary...) panic disorder ( only when he has to go to the washroom ).
Anyway, those are some of the things that go hand in hand with TS+.
I have ADD/ADHD, and mild(how can it be mild ? lol) OCD... and I know how terrible it can be, but to have the rest of those problems? I feel so bad for my baby! It breaks my heart as I think back on MY lonely childhood.
Of course, nowadays, most kids have at least one of the above problems, so I think he'll fit in quite well.
   Another little boy in his class has a few of the above, plus he has Autism...which can also be likened to TS+.
The other little boy's entire family almost had heart attacks when they're son/brother came running towards my son, calling his name, and then sat there for an hour talking to him and playing with him. It was his FIRST TIME to do any of that!!
How excited they must have been! I could see it in their faces! We are planning many playdates with him. lol!
But I digress...what would any of you tell your son when he starts to feel that way about his condition?
If he were older, I think I would know what to say, but at this age? I know he understands me, but...it's his heart, not his brain that I worry about. I don't want to break it.
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