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Will it get worse? Meds?
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Will it get worse? Meds?

I am new to the forum! My husband has TS... he has not been diagnosed by a doctor but it is quite obvious. I am just wondering if his tourrets will keep getting worse as he gets older? It has already gotten worse since we have been together the last two years.

When my husband and I got together two years ago- age 20: (Though I may have not not notice every symptom since I wasn't too aware of TS when we got together)
Excessive blinking
Occasional grunting noise

Two years later, it has gotten worse- age 22:
Still excessive blinking
Grunting noises almost all the time... and it is really bad/loud when he eats
Head movement (like looking over his shoulder or looking up- sometimes with his eyes closed)
Finger tapping (He wore out a spot on his mouse where he taps on it)
Snorting/clearing his throat
And when he talks a lot/gets excited, he sniffs almost every other sentence (like he has a runny nose)

I am starting to get concerned, I am worried that he may have a long tic while driving and crash. He went to the doctor and got refered to a neurologist but he has to wait until we move to Texas in Jan to make that apt.

My question is... since it has gotten worse in the last two years... do you think it could get worse as he gets older?

Are there any meds that could decrease his tics?

Thank you!
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ok, first off, calm down everything will be just fine :) i am 31 and am in the top 3% of worst cases of tourettes syndrome...i am NOT a professional but know almost everything there is to know about it as ive lived with it for over 21 yrs... i was young when i showed signs of TS and wasnt diagnosed till i was 10 yrs old... whats going on w/ yur hubby could be a nervous tic/tics...or it could be tourettes! (as to me thats what it sounds like) BUT you wont know for sure till a group of tests are done on him...
normally people are diagnosed with tourettes at a younger age...alot of people who have TS either change tics,add tics,get worse but some do get better to the point its not noticeable. as for me mine have only gotten worse and worse every year that passes...THATS NOT saying your husband(if he has it)will get worse...
i have no problem giving you my number to talk to you about this and medications...ive been on over 175 diff meds for the tourettes...and alot of them can be more harmful then helpful!! i am looking forward to helping you and being a shoulder for you and your family:) as we speak i am waiting for brain surgery for my tourettes!!! :)
lemme know if ud like to talk, i can give you my cell # but i do have alot of vocal tics including the cussing tics which are called copralalia..

god bless and good nite
Awesome, thanks so much for the response! That would be awesome to talk with you! My husbands seems to be getting worse and I am worried for him. I am not making a big deal out of it... it's just that I wish he didn't have to live with it. I don't mind it, I will love him no matter what... I just know that it bothers him.
I have seen a special on TV where a man had brain surgery to help his tourrettes. When is your surgery?
I will have to send you a private message so we can chat, thanks so much for the response!
your sooooo very welcome :)
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