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"protective lens" not dissolving
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"protective lens" not dissolving

It has been 4 months since my last surgery (had both eyes done) and the halos during the day and especially
at night are extremely bright.  It seems they have about 3 halos and can be very annoying.  Know they are
suppose to go away eventually but these are very bright and don't seem to be fading in any way.  Anyone
else with this problem?  I did not have this with the first eye.
  Did have some problem with the right eye as when I went in the following day to have the bandage removed the nurse had to rub considerably and then showed me on the tip of her finger a folded up "lens".  
Was told by the Doctor that a "protective" lens is put over the eye after surgery and should dissolve in about
six hours.  He had no idea why this one did not.  This really has frightened me and wonder if anyone else
has had this happen.  The Doctor did not seem concerned about this at all and treated it as if nothing had
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Hi Jad, need much more info than provided. Which surgery, etc.
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Had Acrysof ReSTOR Lens put in both eyes. 1st(lt) July 7, 2nd (rt) July 27.
First surgery, no problem..could see clearer,etc. 2nd had problem as
written above.  Seeing the folded up lens on the nurse's fingertip was very
disturbing.  Still wonder if it did damage to eye. Eye was blood red for
about a week.  As I said Dr. was not informative and unconcerned. Since
then went in to same Dr. and was given same tests that were given before
surgeries and last Thursday had Posterior Capsulotomy on Rt eye and am
scheduled next Thursday (Dec.8) for Left). Why would "protective" lens
not dissolve? (Still see bright halos).Told they could last up to a year.
Thanks for your feedback.  JAD824
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