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Dentist today. Any advice?
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Dentist today. Any advice?

Ok, the dreaded day is here. I am going to the dentist. Haven't been there since the TN started, delayed appointments but now I must. Just a cleaning but still I am worried about it sending me into TN orbit and not being able to come back down for some time. And then, I am supposed to get my invisalign braces on that were made for me about a month before the TN started. I have delayed that too, but can't wait any longer or the molds won't fit.
Any advice, what to do/not do for my visit today? I have read too many horror stories about the dentist visit being a major trigger.
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Hi, Thank you for your question. I can understand your reason of worry but visiting the dentist is the only advice here. Trigeminal neuralgia presents the symptoms of typical one sided facial pain extending to temple and eye( ophthalmic branch of trigeminal nerve may be involved) and sore gums of the teeth of same side (maxillary branch of 5th nerve). This may have a triggering factor like recent history of tooth extraction, touch, cold breeze or hot sensation etc. which you need to evaluate and avoid. Drug of choice for trigeminal neuralgia is carbamazepine but as the dose may vary according to severity therefore I would advice an oral medicine specialist consultation or at least a physician to confirm this diagnosis and get you treated accordingly. Take care.
Hi J,  
How was your visit to the dentist? Did you end up witha flare up?  Maybe you have seen my last post  about this same issue. In Nov. (2009) I had a simple filling donw and was left with 6 weeks of intense pain.   I still need more work down on that tooth and I am dreading the aftermath of pain.    

WHAT I found out is to ask for NO EPI withthe novacane injection, EPT is a vaso constricter and can canue/trigger a pain recponce for TN.

I also have checked with the Tufts Crainal Facial Pain Dental School  and have since been certified as "vulnerable paitient with medical necessity for general anesthesisa" for ALL of my future dental work.   Having GA does not preclude there wil be no flare up POST the dental work,  But it will make the procedure more tolerable.   I am not talking about SEDATION DENTISTRY.... but general anesthesia given by a PAIN MD, Anesthesia specialist .

The bad part of all of this now is While I have a treatment date for 5 hours of dental work ( getting most of it done in one session)  I no longer have dental insurance and even at a Dental school/clinic the total cost is just about 15,000.00.  

SO I began with great fear of getting more dental work done as you were,  I then had some hope  the treatment could happen in a TN friendly enviorment, but now I am once again feeling hopless because of the Cost.  

I have done extensive research both on TN, Dental problems as well as now researching grants and othe funding.   THERE IS NOTHING out there for me as a less than 60 yr old white lady. I am a square peg tryimg to find a triangle hole to plug into.  

I hope your last dental visit went well.  In this whoe process I had to go back to my general dentist, he of course wanted to see the "tooth in question" and began poking at it....!  Just this simple exam set of 4 days of pain and headaches.

Let me know how you did.
Hi Denise,
Thanks for checking back on me. I did read your last post and I will avoid the nov.injections at all costs, from your experience and other past ones. Also the thought of a needle in my gum and any major work is enough to put me over the edge. They suggested sedation dentistry when the time comes but want to leave me and my teeth alone as much as possible. They were very cautious, informed and worried almost more than I was. The exam set me off somewhat that night, more so from having my mouth open than anything I think. I've had worse nights with less triggers so I cannot complain.
I am sorry that you are having such a hard time with your dental work, it is already an expensive thing to deal with and now we have the added expense also. Don't give up hope, find a dentist who is compassionate and willing to do some homework on their end to help you have a successful procedure. Good luck and thanks again,
I had a longer post for you but the TN ate it!  

I am glad your dentist was so concerned about you and did not take the attitude of lets just get ths done.   I am also glad you did not have a major flare up. We both know that the daily pains are somewhat livable... but the flareups can be a killer.  

I agree that sedation dentistry is necessary for those with TN.  I was told that by simply short circuting the pain and memory responce ( for the dental treamtent) then there is less likelyhood of a flare up a day or so latter.  

I do have an oral surgeon/dentist that I will be seeing later after I get this extensive dental stuff done.   I am fortunate to have one of the Worlds leading Dentals School and Medical Centers close by  so I am going to get this chunck of work down in Boston.  There I will have the work done by a professor  of the dental school, and the head professor of anesthesia, and then be admitted to the Pain Management Center for a few days for IV meds and pain eval.  

The bad part if that this will be a three stage process with each appointment set up the same way, GOOD to know I will be well taken care of and in the event of the worst case senerio, I can be treated ASAP, and not have to wait till an office opens the next day!  The bad thing is the cost.   Health insurance will only cover some of this.  Dental insurance or at least the one I am eligable for has a 6 months waiting period before being active, and then would consider this to be pre-existing... all at a cost of 40.oo a month and then they only cover up to the MAX of 1500.00 and it does not cover all of the work I need to have done! So do the math .. this insurance is worthless!  

OH and Obamma new health care Plan not only ignores dental issues, but outright denied having this as a part of the new healthcare reform.   How do I know cause I called the state rep. senetor and even Obama's office on health care.!

Getting qualified for disability is a pain, but it may open up some other help and insurance for us.  Unfortunately Dental issues are not considered.  

Good Luck with your dentist stuff.

Oh I was also told to take some asiprin, and a small dose of Lorazapam, before an appointment( it helps dialate the nerves rather than constricts.)

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