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Right side Face/eye/ear pain?? & "lump" feeling under jaw...
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Right side Face/eye/ear pain?? & "lump" feeling under jaw


I'm hoping for some help with the following problem, as having just finished a course of antibiotics ( Azithromycin 500) for a suspected "lymph node infection" which apparently is pressing on the Trigeminal nerve. I am still finding the pain unbearable, & feel its only subsided slightly.

My own GP is on holiday, & I had difficulty getting to see anyone for several days, so rang the NHS helpline (I'm in the UK) after lots of questions, & having me check myself with a mirror, they diagnosed & probable lymph node infection, which was swollen & pinching a nerve junction, & mentioned "Trigeminal nerve".... & advised I insist on an appointment, saying I'd had medical assessment & needed urgent treatment.........

the GP I did eventually get to see, I have little faith in, as he misdiagnosed my small Daughter Pneumonia as a "minor virus", so after 3 days of agony & little sleep, I was horrified to get exactly the same diagnoses & no treatment from him at all,  I only had pain on 1 side of my face, & lymph glands only swollen close to that area, I did also by this time have pain in my ankle, Knee, wrists & finger joints, which I know for me is a sign of infection.
I waited to see how it was by the next day, & as it was worse, I went to A&E, who agreed it did look likely to be a Lymph node infection, & precsribed the above antibiotics.

This was over a week & half ago, & though the joint pain has now gone, & feeling of a lump in neck behind voice box, & under right side corner of my jaw feels smaller, & some slight improvement in pain level in my face, & ear, I still have a feeling as if a rat is gnawing the back of my eye, & being drilled at inner corner of my right eyebrow, some numbness & pain along cheek bone too, but not as bad, & feeling of celusitis in my ear seems to have now gone.......also on laughing, burping, or moving my head in certain ways, I feel as if something "catches" under my jaw bone, this has me yelping, as iot hurts under my jaw/neck, & feels as if "tugs" something setting of eye.face etc pain more so again.

After speaking with a Microbiologist friend, who felt if their was any bone infection, the antibiotics might not work, I went to see my Dentist, & had my teeth Xrayed.......all fine.....also I had my regular check up with ENT specialist yesterday, who examined me thoroughly, & saw no sign of infection in my Sinuses etc.

I should add, I have over the last 6 years or so, had a sharp stabbing pain in the back of the eye, on this same side of my face, thankfully fleeting & usually only a few times a day, but initially very hard to bear, & would have me yelping, & grabbing my eye, but I've sort of got used to it.

I do have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Sinus Disease, & Cluster Headache, so I am very used to dealing with pain, & neither soft, nor a complainer, but this pain is wearing me down like nothing else, & I am worried as even after treatment it doesn't seem to be easing up as much as I'd hoped, so I am looking for answers & reassurance,

Thank You

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Can anyone please suggest a better place to post this???..........
some improvement, but still having a lot of pain, etc
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Just as an update, in case anyone else needs answers on this same problem....

I went back to see my own GP, & she was explained that lymph glands if infected, can take up to 6 weeks for the swelling to go afterwards, & as I have FM & ME, that would possibly slow it down furthered that in the first place, I mistakenly presumed, that once the antibiotics had done there job, the swelling would go too

I'm pleased to say, it seems shes right, as its gradually easing, & getting less & less of the nerve pain.............I just wish the other Doctors had explained this in the begginning,  I would of known what to expect
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I feel for you as I also have Fybro and know what it's like.

It looks like I've got some nerve damage too after a widom tooth was removed.....and that face pain is bad isn't it...
Ang x
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