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Anyone else been through this?
I am 26, and my husband and I have only been trying for a baby for about a year. But have already came across a few issues.

First, we weren't getting pregnant on our own. I saw a doctor last spring and they tried to perform a hysterosalpingogram, but a blockage in my uterus prevented them from being able to do so. They scheduled a surgery to look deeper into the issue, but then we discovered my hemoglobin count was low so they weren't able to do that until I got my count up. That lead to me learning I was anemic. So, I got it up to a 10, where it's suppose to be an 11, or 12. I stopped taking my iron supplements once my count got up because I assumed I would be alright now. I just had labs done Tuesday though, and my count is down to a 5. I plan on getting it back obviously by starting to take the supplements again. I was just curious to see if anyone else had gone through anything similar? I would be interested in hearing how it turned out for you. (: You can also ask me questions if you'd like.
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