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Endometriosis and in vitro procedure - pregnancy?
Hello everyone!

I had endometriosis, chocolate cysts and tumor on my right ovary, also blood thickening, and my right ovary was removed during laparoscopy almost 8 years ago. I have problems with my left ovary too, endometriosis and cysts. I've done a lot of treatments (herbal, Yasmin pills, Zoladex shots etc.) and a punctuation. My husband and I decided to start TTC 1 year and a half ago but that didn't gave any positive results, so now we decided to make the in vitro procedure. Before that I must go on a laparothomy, so that the doctors can remove one endometriotic cyst.
My question is: Is it possible to get pregnant with in vitro considering my situation? My gyno and other doctors had never told me that I can't get pregnant, but still, I need some real experiences... Does anybody had similar experience and if yes, please write if there are any chances for me to get pregnant or I should give up?
Thank you in advance!
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