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HELP! this is my LAST resource
Hello, thanks to everyone taking the time to read.

Well, I am 23, married and we don't have any kids. We have been together for 8 years now and my husband got his sperm tested he is fine, obviously I am the problem. I feel like a failure, I was diagnosed with PCOS Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome and also have very irregular periods. I could go 3,4,6 months without  a menstrual flow therefore I don't know when I am ovulating, went to the OBG and prescribed me Phentermine -progesterone (hormonal replacement) to bring my period back from wherever it was...(Vacation lol) the dose was 2 pills for 6 consecutive days. The thing is that on day #2 I was already menstruating and today is day # 8 and I have not stopped bleeding. I called my doctor and since its a Sunday, he just ordered Norethindrone Acetate Oral tablet to stop my period I guess, but I am terrified on the side effects of this medication, I've also read here that this medication is used as a BIRTH CONTROL, -__- we are trying to have a baby here DOC! Im confused, I don't even know what to ask or tell my doctor anymore. He said he wants to put me on Clomid, but with my periods all over the place I don't know how that is going to work....so any Ideas on where to even start, and how is this new medication going to help Stop or regulate me...????/

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First things first, you are not a failure. I know the feeling because I am also 23, married and ttc. It is really frustrating to find out that having children isn't going to be as easy as you originally thought.  You might want to go see and endocrinologist about the PCOS.

My husband and I are trying and I learned last year I have PCOS and I had been put on BC pills to try and stop a bleeding issue and after that stopped they tried to regulate my periods which caused me to have like you excessive bleeding. Well to fix that they gave me meds to stop it all together. Needless to say I also found this frustrating because I want more than anything to be a mommy. I was only on the meds to stop the excessive period. Since then I have been on Metformin and vitamin D.

I am not sure about how well clomid works yet because I haven't tried it myself. As for asking the doctor questions I know it is hard because you aren't sure of what to ask but everytime the doctors tell me something I do my own research before I agree to something. I want to have as much information as possible. Oh and make sure to get any questions your husband has answered too. I take my husband with me because this isn't a road you have to take alone. My husband goes to support me and make sure I don't forget to ask something or forget something the doctor told me.  

I hope this helps and please don't feel like you failed. you didn't it is just taking longer and good things come to those who wait.
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