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accu pressure points for inducing ovulation
Ear Triangular Fossa- This area is located in the upper portion of the ear underneath the ridge at the top. By using both hands and pinching with your fore finger and your thumb; begin massaging the fossa area. This stimulates the uterus and the fallopian tubes, not to mention relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.
Intertragic Notch- This is the portion of the ear that is the crevice above the ear lobe. The dip in your ear should be massaged lightly with your finger nail in an upward motion. These points affect ovarian production.
Eyebrows-Where your eyebrows begin at the center of your forehead use your thumb and begin massaging with slight pressure in a gentle circular motion. This helps promote many different functions and allows blood to flow freely.
Scalp- Your scalp has pressure points located at the hair line or slightly above. Above your forehead in the corners you can feel tender areas when you apply a small amount of pressure. By massaging these areas you are regulating reproductive and pelvic function.
Uterus and ovarian Pressure Points- There are several pressure points in these regions. I will go through them with you. Approximately 4 inches below your belly button push in slightly with your index, middle, and ring finger and begin to rub with a gentle yet firm force. This is your uterus and you are stimulating normal uterine function.

Five inches beneath the navel place your ruler to measure two inches across and this pressure point is at the center of the two inches. By using a circular massage and perhaps a little heat, this pressure point, when stimulated will treat disorders of infertility, menstruation problems and pain of child birth.

Ovarian pressure points would be at this uterus location but using a ruler measure three inches with the uterus pressure point being exactly in the middle. Using both hands, one on each side of the three inch measurement apply pressure and begin massaging in a circular motion. By stimulating these pressure points you can heal cases of cervical stenosis, infertility and menstrual problems.

· Conception Meridian- This is located two inches below your belly button. In Chinese it is referred to as the "source of life". By massaging this point you will aid in conception by reinforcing kidney function and usually it is only to be done during menstruation and ovulation.

· There are more pressure points on your back. These will obviously have to be done with the help of a partner. In the center of your back there are two pressure points on either side of your spine between each shoulder blade. At the end of your shoulder blade on the side of your spine is again another pressure point. In the small of your back there are four pressure points lined up laterally approximately an inch or so apart and your spine being the fifth pressure point exactly in the middle of the four. If your husband gives you a massage, be sure they are deep massages and they cover all of these pressure points. This will stimulate blood flow to the important organs that control your reproductive health.
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